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bus_alloc_resource fails for AVM ISDN B1 card

From: Joerg Anslik <joerg@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 20:47:08 +0100


I just installed an AVM ISDN B1 (active) ISDN adapter, changed kernel
conf, etc.pp. and get this during reboot:

iavc0: <AVM B1 PCI> port 0x9400-0x941f,0x9000-0x903f irq 10 at device
6.0 on pci1
iavc0: can't allocate memory region
device_probe_and_attach: iavc0 attach returned 6

So the card itself is recognized, but the "bus_alloc_resource()" call
following the detection fails (from net/i4b/capi/iavc_pci.c):

    /* use the memory mapped DMA controller */

    sc->sc_resources.mem_rid = 0x10;

    if (!(sc->sc_resources.mem =
         bus_alloc_resource(dev, SYS_RES_MEMORY,
                            0UL, ~0UL, 1, RF_ACTIVE))) {
        printf("iavc%d: can't allocate memory region\n", unit);

I can't see what's wrong here, since the call looks like similar calls
I found in other PCI sources I looked at when I tried to track this

I someone could give me a hint on this topic, I'd really appreciate



cd /pub
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