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Re: Problems booting an SMP kernel

From: "Douglas S. Keester" <dkeester@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 20:07:38 -0700

On Tuesday 25 January 2005 02:17, Atte Peltomaki wrote:
> > 	My system has the following specs.
> > 		-VIA VT82C686A southbridge (UDMA33/66)
> This chipset is pure waste, and should not be used under any
> circumstances. There may be a possibility to disable the IDE channels it
> offers and use an external controller, but I cannot guarantee it will
> remove the unstableness it introduces. Your best bet is to demolish the
> motherboard carrying this wretched chip, and find a new one.
> Atte
I am overwhelmed by such a helpful response to my problem. Naturally, I
have but a single recourse as suggested by the author of the above
comment. I will go out straight away to purchase a new computer. I have
already purchased a sledgehammer with which to destroy my current one.
If only I had realized before the error of my ways. It pains me that I
have wasted someone's time with such a pointless problem.

Seriously now, can I get some decent help?

Does anyone have a clue as to why this is happening? Can someone at
least point me in the right direction? Tell me which source files to
look at? I just thought I would ask before diving in to the code to try
and fix this. I thought that maybe one of you guys might have seen this
before and I could save myself some work. I really would like to get
this working.

Can someone at least point me to instructions on how to configure
support for dumping core to swap directly into the kernel? I couldn't
find an option for this in the LINT file. The boot process is not
getting far enough for me to panic from DDB and get a dump using
dumpon(8) and savecore(8). (Swap never gets mounted.)

Also if there are problems with my chipset, please tell me what they
are. Point me to docs if you can. Maybe I can submit changes to the code
to work around them. After all there may be others with similar hardware
wanting to run DragonFly. It does not help me, or you, to be told that
my problem is my hardware and that I should destroy it. This is a
hand-me-down board that has proven stable for more than four years. It
has run several Linux distributions, FreeBSD 4.x, OpenBSD, NetBSD,
Win2K, and WinXP. It even runs DragonFly in single processor mode
without a glitch. I don't understand why it doesn't work with DragonFly
in SMP mode.

And, yes it is correct to guess that I am very unhappy that the only
response to my first post _ever_ to this list was the equivalent of
"fuck off and get a good system lamer." From reading archives of this
and the other DragonFly lists I had come to expect higher quality

Douglas S. Keester

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