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On one hand we got shared memory plus locking for synchronization and
on the other hand message passing implemented in shared memory.
Shared memory is just a bulk of memory without any predivined structure.
Message passing is a protocol that defines the communication between
A protocol is alot more stricter than just a bulk of memory.
It limits the freedom but prevents chaos.
If everything would work perfect a protocol might be only overhead,
but if only one component is just not as perfect as the rest a protocol is
A protocol standardize things, that make it easier to debug and optimize
and most important, you can predict the behavior of system.
Any subsystem can communicate with an other subsystem.

What I miss in alot of plans is a distributed point of view.
It's always one cpu or more cpu's in one machine,
but what if we want to use a cluster of machines.
Message passing is the key.
It cannot be only implemented in shared memory but in for example network

The moral of the story is:
Messaging creates order in chaos.

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