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Re: X.org-6.8.1_1 now works without LD_PRELOAD

From: Andreas Hauser <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 22 Jan 2005 10:01:57 -0000

jcm wrote @ Fri, 21 Jan 2005 23:34:12 +0000:
> On Fri, Jan 21, 2005 at 11:40:30PM +0100, Simon 'corecode' Schubert wrote:
> : On Friday, 21. January 2005 23:27, Andreas Hauser wrote:
> : > thanks to Joerg, who finally find out why even with the libc exporting
> : > pthread stubs threaded applications (like firefox) segfaulted, the new
> : > _1 version of the monolithic port/pkg does not need LD_PRELOAD anymore.
> : 
> : !!! i did !!! my cake !!! :)

Sorry, i left out the first more important step.
This was only possible because corecode made a stubs file for our libc:

> Ok, *whoever* did it, could you please explain it to us neophytes? ;-)

X.org dropped their XThrStubs. That meant we had a Problem (same as
freebsd 4.x) cause our libc did not have pthread stubs, nor did we
have a -lpthread (only -pthread). Thus threaded programms (gtk based etc.)
had a loader Problem, which could be worked around by

After corecode's stubs were committed it somehow still did not work.
Joerg found a hack in X.org source which patched in X.org's own stubs if
FreeBSDArchitecture was defined ignoring the configuration not todo that.
(I guess they patched that in to continue FreeBSD 4.x support though
i still have to look that up).

Hope that clears it up a bit,

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