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Re: pkg_add -r

From: Steve Mynott <steve.mynott@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 09:31:42 +0000

On Thu, 6 Jan 2005 22:31:32 -0700, cnash <menator@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Just installed dfly using the goBSD preview iso dfly.iso and pkg_add -r
> returns -r as an invalid option. Did I miss something?

This isn't a GoBSD mailing list and I haven't used it  but I believe
it uses a different pkg_add command (the one from "pkgsrc") which
doesn't use the -r flag.

The equivalent command on pkgsrc is to set  the PKG_PATH environment
variable to a URL which is like the directory of the binary source and
then just run " pkg_add foo.tgz".

It's possible GoBSD predefines this environment variable so try
% echo $PKG_PATH

If this isn't set then my guess is there is no binary source of
DragonFlyBSD pkgsrc binary packages right now.

Unless someone reading this from GoBSD knows differently :-)

As regards DragonFly "pkgsrc" Q4 itself installs on it with some
minimal hacking and generally I have been impressed with it, although
not all pkgs work without hacking.  Still I had more success with it
than the similar cross platform RPM system "openpkg"

The "pkg_view" command looks particularly interesting since it allows
multiple versions of the same package to be installed at the same time
in different views.

Cheers Steve

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