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Re: another logo idea

From: Emiel Kollof <coolvibe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 13:53:23 +0100

Op Thursday 6 January 2005 13:36, schreef Rahul Siddharthan:
> Matthew Dillon wrote:
> >:>     Also to Justin:  Could you track down and get a copyright release
> >:> for our official site logo?  We need to get that one squared away too.
> >:
> >:I will try - previous attempts to raise Joe Angerson, the creator, have
> >:not met with any success.
> He seems to be here: http://digisquid.com/about/index.html
> and there's contact info here: http://digisquid.com/contact/index.html

Maybe someone in the neighborhood of Avoca, PA could pay that studio a 
physical visit?

[From an announcement of a congress of the International Ontopsychology
Association, in Rome]:

The Ontopsychological school, availing itself of new research criteria
and of a new telematic epistemology, maintains that social modes do not
spring from dialectics of territory or of class, or of consumer goods,
or of means of power, but rather from dynamic latencies capillarized in
millions of individuals in system functions which, once they have
reached the event maturation, burst forth in catastrophic phenomenology
engaging a suitable stereotype protagonist or duty marionette (general,
president, political party, etc.) to consummate the act of social
schizophrenia in mass genocide.

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