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Re: Keyboard: Problems with German Umlauts: ä. ö, ü ...

From: "Jonas Sundström" <jonas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 04:09:56 +0100 CET

Hi everyone,

I got a lot of input on this on the IRC channel tonight. Thanks to all 
of you! I was almost calling it quits and going to bed when I found out 
what I was missing. The LANG and MM_CHARSET environment variables 
appear to be essential. 

Additions to /etc/rc.conf:

Keymaps live in /usr/share/syscons/keymaps and 
fonts are described in /usr/share/syscons/fonts/INDEX.fonts
IIRC -- just turned off the dfly box.

Additions to ~/.cshrc:
setenv   LANG                sv_SE.ISO_8859-1
setenv   MM_CHARSET   ISO-8859-1

Additions to ~/.profile:
 (only for bash users)
export  LANG
export  MM_CHARSET

(all this works with a GENERIC kernel)

I also found out that while 'kbdmap' does change the lowlevel 
keymapping, 'kbdmap -s' merely reflects the LANG variable and does not 
show which lowlevel keymap is in effect.

BTW, what does 'lang_abk' mean?

/Jonas Sundström.              www.kirilla.com

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