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Re: Estimated release time of version 1.1?

From: Weapon of Mass Deduction <blacklist@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 15:31:08 +0100

Thanks for your reply!

Well, I have got my hands on two quite uncommon ATM-devices here,
which are able to send media/multicast streams (video &
audio) and even have hardware encoding and/or decoding of this
(I think MPEG2 and WAV at least). They have UNIX-drivers with them,
but only for some very old version of SunOS. But quite good documentation, and (some) source code was also included I think.
Well, I know that sounds quite vague, but I do no have the manual(s)
/boxes here currently.

They make a couple of hundred dollars *each*, I learned using a quick
Google-search, and I think they would be very useful for testing
DragonFlyBSD under a heavy load. I got them for free, so I will consider
sending them to Mr Dillon or someone else involved in the DragonFlyBSD-project.

I (or my parents >:)) do not have a lot of computer hardware, but
when I find something useful for your networking plans I will also
consider donating it.

A Linux-fanatic friend of me read an article about DragonFlyBSD in
a Linux-magazine, he said it would have cool features and he now is
a convert. :)
He programs in C/C++ and I directed him to the cleanup-pages...

I am a student myself, so I do not cache a fortune. :P
When it is needed I will donate some money, as you said
it is not clear now if that is the case (though money is
always welcome of course ;)).

But I think I clearly outlined that there are potentially
quite a lot of funds, so that wouldn't be/become a problem.


Ad release-date:
Well, to be fair I expected the "when-it's-ready" response.
But I merely try to understand what the progress is and how
major the work is that still needs to be done. According to
the schedule on the official site, only two or three things
are to be resolved. However, these are planned somewhere in
the year 2003, and some of them still didn't start. So that
would imply that those form quite a daunting task...

My problem is that I would like to help around, but I only
have a Windows-system available at the moment. My FreeBSD 5.2.1
is messed up too much, and I do not want to fix it because of the
time-consuming updates and compilations that would involve.
So I would like to convert my FreeBSD-installation to a
DragonFlyBSD-installation. But as I wrote, it would be unwise
do this when DragonFlyBSD is either very unstable/unworkable
or only stable if you extensively configure/test it. And the
latter seems the case, at least for a bit, isn't it? ;)

But I think I will do the following: I will install NetBSD 2.0
(the stability itself :P), and use that for development/etc.
Okay, I could use Windows, but Emacs is quite crappy on Windows
I've felt... And so for the diffs, SGML-processing, et cetera...

Long story, is it not? :D
I think it representative for many new DragonFlyBSD-supporters. :)

Devon H. O'Dell wrote:
Weapon of Mass Deduction wrote:

Weapon of Mass Deduction wrote:

Hello everyone,

I am constantly following the DragonFlyBSD developments, and eagre to
install the OS on my workstation. I prefer to use a (recent) RELEASE,
instead of updating 1.0 to STABLE.

Of course, I understand exact dates will not be given, but isn't it
possible to estimate when the 1.1-release will be due?

Thanks in advance!

Of course I will try to help where I can, like donating money and cleaning up code. :)

Of all possible reactions, the last I'd expect is silence. :D

So, anyone has a clue?

Indeed, ``when it's ready'' is a good response. I'd imagine that Matt will have to finish his VFS work (at which point the games are going to begin porting all sorts of neat filesystems over to DragonFly, including my intention to port 9P2000). What can you do to help?

Well I think that donating money is less useful for some of us, and more useful for others. I know there are several college students among us who could use a few bucks (euros) to help fund their work, and others who would do better with other stuff.

I'd personally do better with donated hardware: I'm currently trying to round up a couple (2 or maybe 3) gigabit ethernet machines and some hard drives. So if you want to help out there, that'd certainly be muchly appreciated. What would I do with that? Network performance testing, profiling, and development (GigE machines) and storage for the many projects that we're (Simon, Sascha and I, since we seem to do stuff together) working on at the moment, in particular the CVS cross reference stuff.

If that doesn't look like much fun (parting with money / hardware never is, I know ;)): With regard to cleaning up code, there's a good article on that on the DFWiki: http://www.sitetronics.com/dfwiki/index.php/Cleanup_Base

I'm sorry that I didn't catch this the last time, and I know those who are ``in the know'' with these things are usually too busy to respond. Hope this response is of some use. I'll keep an eye out for other questions if you've got them :).

Kind regards,

Devon H. O'Dell

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