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DragonFly users List (threaded) for 2004-12
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From: "Atte Peltomaki" <koston@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 07:50:02 +0200

With great amazement I have been observing the birth of GoBSD. I have to
admit, I do not understand all of their motives and objectives. Why do
people insist on splitting DragonFlyBSD?

This is from GoBSD.com: 

"Manage stable DragonFly releases"
Doesn't DragonFlyBSD manage their own stable releases? What sets GoBSD
apart, and why wouldn't GoBSD developers put their efforts directly into
dfly instead?

"We believe that DragonFly should be widely adopted." 
Personally, I do not believe this is true. DragonFlyBSD is still at 
early stage of development, many of it's features are unstable or 
incomplete, there's plenty of hassle still to the glue between dfly
and FreeBSD ports, and big changes are constantly pushed into the tree. 

"Add value to the DragonFly base system." 
I smell marketing droids.

"Build a strong community of users."
This objective I agree with, it is definetely worthwhile to have user
communitys, also outside these mailing lists. Is there a specific
problem with having the community emerge under dragonflybsd.org, instead
of a separate site?

"Encourage strong relations with software developers."
Very good, this is what the whole BSD community is graving for, 3rd
party software support. So, is GoBSD.com going to promote the GoBSD
distribution, or DragonFlyBSD, both, or all BSDs?

All in all, I feel rather uneasy about the whole GoBSD setup. I do not
seek to discourage users from contributing the system nor forming
communities, but now I feel these efforts do not work for the best of

I hope this is not taken as a rant - it's meant to be constructive 
criticism. Former experience from FreeBSD mailing lists shows people 
aren't very good at dealing with any kind of criticism, hopefully dfly
folk know better.


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