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RE: dragonfly livecd

From: TIV <gtivey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2004 05:54:57 +0000

  Where can I find the document describes how to make a  customized
dragonfly livecd?

D Moon

Hi there D;

I've been working on a bootable DF CD only Firewall with Pf and BIND9 recently,
and haven't stumbled over any DragonFlyBSD Howto's yet, but...

For an overview there is___  http://freebie.miraclenet.co.th/server/fwCD/
 title: Building a FreeBSD bootable Firewall.

For a "Custom" DragonFly Live CD, [one] simple/easy & safe way is to >

1. Install a base system/kernel & apps on a separate partition and/or drive.

2. Configure your writable directories (etc,var,tmp) as mountable mfs file systems,
	and make the rest read ony. Test, adjust, retest your configuration.

3. Make an El-Torio boot ISO with your custom install directory tree and use the file "/boot/cdboot" as the bootfile, without 'boot emulation'.

Note: I usally end up making a few "coaster's", before I get it right!

Good luck,

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