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Re: Is there a way to install DragonFly via network (w/o CD) ?

From: "Simon 'corecode' Schubert" <corecode@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 15:17:30 +0200

On 13.10.2004, at 12:56, Adrian Bocaniciu wrote:
In the existing DragonFly snapshots, at least in 20040913, I have not seen any equivalent of the FreeBSD mfsroot, so I presume that someone who wants to do a network installation must build a mfs image file by reading the instructions for the manual installation and copying all the files listed there as required (boot0cfg, fdisk, disklabel, newfs, dd, mount etc.) together with a shell in which to boot and ftp and tar in order to substitute the copying from CD with copying of archives from an FTP server and extracting them on the target computer.

We're no longer using mfs images for installation. Installing just via network is considerably easy - you only need a tftpd and nfsd. You might argue that nfs is too much to set up; still tftp isn't capable of more than transferring files from one directory.

So installation should look like:

Have a box that runs tftp, dhcp and nfs (okay, could be split into three boxes, too). If you don't want to change an existing setup, just boot a DragonFly live cd and set up stuff there. Have a DragonFly live cd mounted at $CDROOT:

cat <__EOF >> /etc/inetd.conf
tftp dgram udp wait root /usr/libexec/tftpd tftpd -l -s $CDROOT"
rcrestart inetd
cat <__EOF >> /etc/dhcpd.conf
filename "/boot/pxeboot";
next-server $MYIP;
option root-path "$CDROOT";
killall dhcpd; dhcpd
cat <__EOF >> /etc/exports
$CDROOT -alldirs -ro -maproot=0 $INSTALLIP
rcrestart nfsserver
rcrestart rpcbind
rcrestart mountd

That should do about the deal I guess. Maybe we could/should add this setup to the live cd so that it can be easily switched on (in the installer?). Then the remote system could even be controlled by the local running installer, no?


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