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Re: ports question (and problem)

From: Scott Ullrich <geekgod@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 17:42:05 -0400

To remove the previous options for this port, cd to the directory of the port in question and issue a "make rmconfig".

Hope this helps!


Magnus Eriksson wrote:

  I tried building qt33 (well, it was a dependency really), was asked
about support for x, y and z (cups, nas, etc), accepted the defaults of
everything and off it went.

  After a while the build process returned to qt and I was told that the
library 'audio' did not exist.  Hmm.  OK, so a nas problem then.  But no
problem really since I don't care about nas anyway.

  So I tried 'make configure', but that apparently just used whatever I
had previously accepted.  OK.  I didn't expect it to be that easy.  Next
try 'make clean' followed by 'make configure'.  Same thing.  Hm.  After
reading the ports manpage I tried "INTERACTIVE='1' make configure" and got
the unhelpful message "qt-3.3.3 is not an interactive port.".  (So what
was that dialog then?  Something I dreamed?)

  I suppose it's easy enough to hack the makefile, but how are you
supposed to do this properly, that is, changing your mind about config


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