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Re: Dutch LinuxWorld

From: "Martin P. Hellwig" <mhellwig@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 16:41:17 +0200

Devon H. O'Dell wrote:
Douwe Kiela wrote:

"Devon H. O'Dell" <dodell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Well, I'm not Dutch, but I live in Holland. If we were to have a stand
there, I'd certainly go. I've got the tools to make artwork / flyers and
such. Any advocacy is good advocacy IMO :).

Hey, cool.. But like Martin already said.. it's a bit of a short notice.
Will you be able to do all that stuff before the event starts? How about
transport and such? I can go by train but if I have to take a PC with me
that isn't a good idea. The next event that I know of that we could go to in
Europe is EuroBSDCon in Karlruhe, Germany. 29 till 31 october. But that's so
far away :-)
We could also get someone to do a talk.. (not me, lol) about DragonFlyBSD

Well, my main problem with going to EuroBSDCon is the $. I don't have enough to make it, to be more precise (transportation/food/etc). I don't know what this LinuxWorld stuff will cost, because I hadn't been following the thread until now, but that's ok.

I work from home, so I'm pretty OK with setting times. Joerg also asked if I could get something together for a t-shirt for EBSDCon (*ahem, Joerg* still need details about that ;)).

Besides, it'd be a good excuse for all us Dutchies (there are 6 or 7 of us, I think) to all get together. Hell, we could even do monthly DFUG meetings ;)

Anyway, there's still 2 weeks for this stuff, so that should be doable.
Perhaps that for this expo reserving a table and bringing along hardware is a bit to much for now, maybe we could limit ourself to have a "walking" promo team spreading flyers/stickers/live-cd's.

Then where only limited to the entrance fee and don't need to bother about table-reservation and the such. Perhaps that next time we can hire a promo-table at the next NLUUG (The Netherlands Unix User Group) meeting?

How about that?


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