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Re: malloc changes

From: "Kevin L. Kane" <kevin.kane@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 15:23:49 -0500

It didn't take all that much time, i did the bulk of it over a few
days.  I spent far more time compiling, testing and trying to figure
out why it wouldn't make buildworld after it was in place than I did
putting it together.

I've been running the patch for ~2 weeks now minus the weak reference
in err.c because that was the last gotcha that I had been working out.
 I don't run X on my dfly machines at all so I havent done any GUI


On 2/2/06, Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> :OpenBSD has alot of useful changes to its malloc.c so I decided to
> :pull over a bunch of that.
> :
> :fetch http://www.uberstyle.net/malloc.patch
> :
> :patch includes:
> :guard pages and chunk randomization
> :free page protection
> :malloc stats(dump)
> :pointer guard
> :no longer uses brk/sbrk
> :updated man page
> :
> :affects the following files:
> :lib/libc/stdlib/malloc.c
> :lib/libc/stdlib/malloc.3
> :lib/libc/gen/err.c
> :
> :in err.c i had to weak symbol warn.  if you dont do that after you
> :compile and install the patched libc it will fail make buildworld in
> :lex.
> :
> :-Kevin
>     That's a pretty significant patch, how long did it take you to
>     integrate the work?
>     The patch looks ok to my quick perusal.  I would like to get some
>     testing by other users, in particular with GUI programs like mozilla.
>     If that works out ok we can commit it.
>                                         -Matt
>                                         Matthew Dillon
>                                         <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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