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Re: timed contains buffer overflows, and more

From: "Douwe Kiela" <virtus@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2004 20:32:14 +0200

"Matthew Dillon" <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>     Actually, I have another request... if other projects want to review
>     the functional changes we are making to cleanup the buffer overflows,
>     then our commits for those functional changes have to be ONLY those
>     functional changes.  Commits for other things, like removing #ifdef
>     and (void) and other junk, have to be separate.
>     So when you are making function changes, don't make any OTHER changes
>     in the patch set.
>     so, e.g. for timed.diff, I would much prefer JUST a patch that fixes
>     the strcpy/strlcpy and related functions, not one that fixes those
>     does a half dozen other classes of cleanup to the same source files.
I fully agree with you. However it seemed more applicable to put it all in
one large patch, because that takes relatively less time to check than
several seperate patches. I will do this in the future, but my main motive
is that no patches are lost (like has happened in the future with my
patches - rmdir is still not committed) and that they are committed as soon
as possible.. I think you'll catch my drift.

Thanks for the pointers anyway, will do in the future. And thanks for taking
the time to review my patches.


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