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VFS quota system now available in DragonFly 3.1

From: Francois Tigeot <ftigeot@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 09:17:57 +0200


DragonFly 3.1 now includes a filesystem-independent quota subsystem.

The VFS part in "VFS quota" means Virtual File System and is the cool
technology which allows modern Unix systems to use different sorts of file
systems in the same way.

Space limitations are mount-point specific and can be set per user, per group
or globally.

For example, the following command will stop /tmp from growing beyond ten

    # vquota limit /tmp 10K

and this one will further limit the user johndoe to a maximum of 1800 bytes 
on the same filesystem:

    # vquota ulim /tmp johndoe 1800

VFS quotas can be enabled for most local filesystems. The complete list is 
constituted of ext2fs, hammer, hpfs, mfs, ntfs, nullfs, tmpfs and ufs.
PFSes are really nullfs under the hood and are supported.

VFS quotas are not enabled by default; a vfs.quota_enabled="1" line has to
be put into /boot/loader.conf and the system rebooted for them to become

This code is still a bit rough; both limits and disk usage counters are reset 
to zero on every reboot. Limits can only be set one user or group at a time,
I plan to improve all that in the coming months.

Should you want to give this a try, the vquota(8) manpage should contain all
the information you need to get started.
It is available online at this URL:


Francois Tigeot

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