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Re: twa driver and 3ware 9650SE Raid adapter

To: Damian Lubosch <dl@xxxxxxxx>
From: Sascha Wildner <saw@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 02:39:15 +0200

On 7/22/2010 16:39, Damian Lubosch wrote:

I am trying to install Dragonfly BSD 2.6.3 on a server with a 3ware 9650SE 2-port S-ATA2 RAID adapter but the installer does not recognize the RAID array.

On the boot prompt I tried to "load twe" as well as "load twa" as well as both, but in all cases the installer is not able to detect a suitable harddrive device and aborts the installation..

I have another, older Dragonfly 2.0 system running on an older version of the 3ware adapter 7000/8000 series with the twed driver, and because shinigsilence.com reported the 9500 series to work on Dragonfly BSD and because freebsd supports this adapter as well I hoped that it will work in 2.6.3 as well.

Could somebody take a look why it does not work? If you need any kind of information, do not hesitate to ask! I will try to provide any kind of information that will help to make the controller work :-)


the kernels used on the ISOs include twa(4) so no additional commands should be necessary to enable it.

Can you please do a verbose boot (select in the loader menu) of the CD and put up the /var/run/dmesg.boot somewhere? Also please put up the output of 'pciconf -lv' on the machine.


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