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e1000 driver commited (em, igb)

From: Michael Neumann <michaelneuma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2010 23:56:36 +0100

Hi guys,

At first sorry for breaking buildkernel!!!

I just commited the e1000 driver ported from FreeBSD. It contains the em and igb drivers of which only 
em is currently working. We now have three versions of em(4), but it's not recommended to use my ported
version even so it seems to work well.

The igb driver compiles, attaches correctly but once I do "ifconfig igb0 inet" it 
puts itself into an infinite loop and I couldn't figure out why, as debugging via IPMI is more than
terrible and I haven't ordered the network card yet. Anyone with driver skills and Intel 82575 or 82576
Gigbit network controllers is welcome to try to fix it while I am on holidays for the next weeks.

Best regards,


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