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Re: kernel work week of 3-Feb-2010 HEADS UP

From: Oliver Fromme <check+kxd9f100rsnt6tav@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 05 Feb 2010 11:49:18 GMT

Matthew Dillon wrote:
 > :All flash media (SSDs, CF cards, USB sticks) use wear-leveling
 > :techniques that aim to distribute the number of write cycles
 > :evenly over all cells.  Here are two nice papers from Corsair
 > :and Micron:
 > :
 > :http://www.corsair.com/_faq/FAQ_flash_drive_wear_leveling.pdf
 > :
 > :http://download.micron.com/pdf/technotes/nand/tn2942_nand_wear_leveling.pdf
 > :
 > :When you google for "flash wear leveling", you get a bunch of
 > :other interesting hits, including papers from Samsung, Kingston,
 > :Spansion and others.  Most wear-leveling implementatios are
 > :optimized for mostly linear writes, which is the reason that
 > :special flash file systems exist (e.g. in Linux and Solaris).
 >    Very very interesting.
 >    So now the question is whether OCZ and Intel implement
 >    static wear leveling or not.  My presumption is they
 >    must, but I can't find a definitive document on the
 >    issue.

OCZ has customer support forums, some of them dedicated to
their SSD productes.  It's probably worth a try to ask there:


intel has something similar (but my impression is that it's
less helpful).  Here's the link:


Just found two intersting threads there, discussing the
durability of intel SSDs:


Best regards

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