DragonFly kernel List (threaded) for 2007-06
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DragonFly kernel List (threaded) for 2007-06
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Re: Decision time.... should NATA become the default for this release?

From: "Steve O'Hara-Smith" <steve@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 09:31:00 +0100

On Sat, 2 Jun 2007 10:31:57 -0700 (PDT)
Matthew Dillon <dillon@apollo.backplane.com> wrote:

> :	OK updated and tried nata on my A8V based box with two opticals
> and :a SATA hard disk - I got a boot time trap (output and trace with
> arguments :elided below - if the trace arguments would help I can
> probably do it again :and type them up):
> :
> :kbd0 at atkbd0
> :kernel trap 12 with interrupts disabled

>     This is cockpit trouble somewhere, but I don't know where.  Also try

	Indeed it was cockpit error - sorry for the noise. I'm not sure
exactly what screwed up but it looks like having a make.conf setting for
KERNCONF with a list of kernel definitions and running 

	make kernel KERNCONF=...

don't mix well. Adding my NATA config to my list of kernels produced a
kernel that works with NATA except that the CD devices are not recognised
and show up as not configured. The hard disc is correctly recognised as
SATA 150 and I see no sign of the corruption problems being discussed

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