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DragonflyBSD committers in/near the UK?

From: Sam Smith <S@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 21:48:04 +0100 (BST)

Hi all,

The UK Unix User Group SysAdmin conference in March has a
focus on the theme of clustering/virtualisation. Given the
focus of DFBSD, it would be good if someone in (or near) the
UK was interested in offering a talk about what DF is doing
in this area.




UKUUG's annual Large Installation Systems Administration
(LISA) conference will take place in Manchester from 19-21
March 2007 - www.ukuug.org/events/spring2007

This is the UK's only conference aimed specifically at
systems and network administrators. It attracts a large
number of professionals from sites of all shapes and sizes.
As well as the technical talks, the conference provides a
friendly environment for delegates to meet, learn, and enjoy
lively debate on a host of subjects. Tutorial

The conference will be preceded by a tutorial or extended
workshop. Recent past conferences have included sessions on:
Perl for Systems Administrators; IPv6; Linux HA; Perl 6;
Samba. If you would like to offer a tutorial that might
interest our target audience, please submit a proposal.

We already have talks lined up on migrating to and using
xen, using wmvare, and 2 talks from xensource - the authors
of xen. We also have talks about Perl 6, for those who use
Perl and those who have users who use Perl.

We're still accepting talks; so if you are a systems
administrator, we want to hear from you. We are seeking
papers covering all aspects of systems and network

    * operating systems
    * security and audit
    * ethics and legislative compliance
    * storage solutions
    * network file systems
    * databases and directory services
    * authentication and authorisation
    * nomadic and wireless computing
    * benchmarking and performance tuning
    * configuration management
    * scripting and task automation
    * cluster management

If you have a novel solution to a problem, experience of a
particular application or hardware platform, tips and tricks
for fellow systems administrators, or a favourite tool you
could talk about, please submit a paper for consideration by
the programme committee.

We are especially interested in talks which include some
aspect of "Virtualisation, large-scale resource management
and flexibility", and aim to have a stream covering many
aspects of this topic. Quoting Tim O'Reilly:

    I really think that everyone in IT is going to be
    dealing with virtualisation over the next few years.
    There's too many compelling resource and energy issues
    to ignore it.

Significant Dates

Initial closing date for abstracts: 5th November 2006

To offer a talk, or make enquiries about a partially formed
idea, email spring2007@xxxxxxxxx

For more information see www.ukuug.org/events/spring2007

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