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Batch/At (if it wasn't broken, no worries I broke it :-) )

From: nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Jamie)
Date: 04 Sep 2006 12:36:28 GMT

I don't know if batch was broken or not, but I couldn't get it to
work on my setup.

I patched it, removed the macros and replaced them with functions
(to make debugging easier) as well as set a mode flag, so that
entering priv_start() twice would return the second time without
doing anything.

It seems to work here now, the files in /var/at/jobs are owned by
the user who submitted them.

C isn't my first language and there is a chance I screwed something
up.. but.. in the event that it's actually useful for anyone..

I put my changes up here:


On my install, when I did this:

echo ls | batch

I'd get permission errors in /var/at/jobs (couldn't change the lockfile,

It it wasn't broken, I broke it for you. :-)

http://www.geniegate.com                    Custom web programming
guhzo_42@xxxxxxxxx (rot13)                User Management Solutions

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