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BUF/BIO patch #3 - update

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 12:40:02 -0800 (PST)

    Here is an update of the testing reported for BUF/BIO patch #3 so far.

    I am slating it for commit by this coming Friday.  We need the ata-based
    RAID and native RAID drivers (like twe) tested.

    It would be nice to get vinum tested too, but I must warn people that
    vinum required a significant amount of work in the patch and there's a
    chance that I did not get it all right.

        cd              tested a bit more (Stefan, Matt)
        msdosfs         tested a little (Stefan)
        ext2fs          tested a little (Stefan)
        hpfs            tested a little (Stefan)
        mfs             tested a bit more (Stefan, Matt)
        nfs             tested a bit more (Stefan, Matt)
        ntfs            tested a little (Stefan - read only)
        nwfs            not tested
        scsi-cd         tested a little (Stefan)
	scsi-hd		tested (Stefan)
        smbfs           not tested
        floppy          tested indirectly w/msdos (Stefan)
        linprocfs       not tested
        coda            not tested
        specfs          not tested
        udf             not tested
        ufs             tested significantly (Stefan, Matt)

        swap            tested significantly (Stefan, Matt)
        physio          possibly tested by stress/fsx (Stefan, Matt)
        aio             not tested
        disklabel edit  not tested

        ata-nonraid     tested significantly (Stefan, Matt)
	ata-raid	not tested
        mcd             not tested
        md              not tested
        scd             not tested
        vn              tested w/stress2 (Stefan)
        aac             not tested
        amr             not tested
        ida             not tested
        ips             not tested
        mlx             not tested
        pst             not tested
        twe             not tested
        vinum           not tested

					Matthew Dillon 

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