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Device Classes

From: wgrim@xxxxxxxx
Date: 11 Mar 2006 08:33:58 GMT

Hello, friends.

For my user-space device driver thesis, I've been trying to figure out
how DFly assigns device classes since I'm curious if I need a separate
way to handle this (meaning I can't reuse any code found in the kernel).
I have only glanced at sys/dev/agp/agp.c so far, but it seems that bus
drivers define themselves to whatever they want.  I assume this true for
other bus drivers?

Also, does each device driver indicate to the kernel if it's a block or
character device (including IDE devices that I assume are all block
devices)?  Finally, where is the code that the kernel uses to
keep track of the devices in the system and to which bus they're registered?

Thanks in advance.  This will provide a lot of insight I can use in
preparing to propose to do the user-space device driver framework as a
thesis to do on DFly.

William Michael Grim
Master's Student, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
Unix Network Administrator, SIUE, Computer Science dept.
Phone: (217) 341-6552
Email: wgrim@xxxxxxxx

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