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Re: panic: kthread_create called too soon

To: Adrian Nida <nida@xxxxxxxx>
From: "Erik P. Skaalerud" <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 18:14:29 +0100

Adrian Nida wrote:
I know a lot of *ix people don't like to hear about Microsoft. However, I really do think they are (now) doing their error reporting right. If a crash (application or OS) occurs, their version of a core file is automatically saved, and the user is then prompted to upload the file directly to Microsoft. Now, the one thing I don't like is that this option defaults to no.

After transferring the file, the user is given an option to read more information about the crash, the error that caused it, possible solutions, its status in the bug fixing process, and whether an update that solves the issue (or "other issues that may/may not be related") is available.

I know the people doing this project are stretching themselves thin, but in my mind this is a really nice feature in the Operating System (hint, hint).

Yes, error reporting via the internet should be made easier.

One thing obfuscates me here though. Since when did windows support automatic error reporting of BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death/Kernel Crash)?

- Erik

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