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Re: release version numbers and estimate dates

From: "Simon 'corecode' Schubert" <corecode@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2005 03:03:38 +0200

I can't speak officially, but how I feel about it:

On 06.10.2005, at 00:06, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
Can someone point me to a webpage or doc that outlines the release
versions including upcoming release versions?

Last time I checked I didn't find it on the wiki and the webpage, so maybe it was just on the lists. I'll sum it up for you:

Many of you might recognize some similiarities to the version numbering of the linux kernel.

Development happens only on CVS trunk. This is called -DEVELOPMENT. The version numbers of -DEVELOPMENT are *always* odd: At the moment we're at 1.3. If we're far enough and feel that we should prepare a new release, we try and get the code extra-stable++ and make a CVS branch. This release branch gets a new version which is *always* even: The latest release is 1.2. The next release thus will be 1.4. -DEVELOPMENT of course will advance to 1.5.

Release branches of course get bugfixes committed. No new features, never! Every now and then, on both -RELEASE and -DEVELOPMENT branches, Matt will assign a new subversion to the branch (1.2.6, 1.3.7). This is just so that users can see if there are changes (security fixed) they should pull.

Then there are the sliptags: DragonFly_Preview lies somewhere on -DEVELOPMENT, it is some snapshot which will be updated now and then (like some hours ago). Every release also has a _Slip tag associated which is the same snapshot, just on a release branch. release_slips are the "official" release versions.

And what about estimated dates for releases?

ETA still is december I think, but we'll have to see how far we get till then. I think we can always stabilize the code for a release, the question is just if we want to use a semi-changed code base for release. But we'll care about this when we're there.

I am working on a BSD certification group for our "associate" (Junior
level) certification requirements document. We are defining versions of
DragonFly to cover. I am guessing that it should cover 1.3.x (or something
like that). Will there be a 1.4 official release before April? Before

I don't think it should cover a development version (which 1.3 is). Things can change a lot here. I think 1.2 or an upcoming 1.4 would be better targets, but that's my personal opinion.

Before April? I hope so. Before December? I doubt it.


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