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Re: Bug Tracking System [Was: Re: final thoughts - bug tracking system]

From: Emiel Kollof <coolvibe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 00:25:09 +0200

On Tuesday 20 September 2005 00:06, Hiten Pandya wrote:

[java is also good snip]

> I can totally understand this, given that I have done development in JAVA
> before, for commercial purposes.  It would be nice if more people can
> support the JDK patchkit producers in fixing JAVA support.
> Bill, since you were helping FreeBSD at one time with JAVA, it would be
> nice if *you* lent a hand to the JDK patchkit producers and us in
> strengthening JAVA on DragonFly. ;-)

Shouldn't we focus on mustang instead? FYI: Mustang is what is to become JDK 
1.6, and it's development is open (for all intents and purposes one can view 
it as open, it's at least a lot more open than we are accustomed from Sun in 
the past). Wouldn't it be cool to have 1.6 support DragonFlyBSD 

Look around on http://mustang.dev.java.net/

The license is a bit draconian for my taste, but it's better than absolutely 
nothing at all. :)

Things past redress and now with me past care.
  -- William Shakespeare, "Richard II"

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