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Re: vinum?

From: Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai <asmodai@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 09:20:59 +0200

-On [20040915 07:22], Greg Lehey (grog@xxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>I was referring to FreeBSD above: there it seems that RAID should be a
>set of GEOM classes.  I don't know if RAIDframe is a better choice; if
>there's no GEOM, I see no reason not to continue to support RAID in

Yes sorry, I was assuming it was obvious I would continue the reasoning
along the lines of DragonFly.  Apologies if that was not clear.

I think Matt has decreed it before that the GEOM route is a no-no.

So basically we're open for the vinum RAID route or RAIDframe, I voice my
support for whichever one is most decently designed. ;)

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