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DragonFly kernel List (threaded) for 2004-08
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Documentation To Do

From: "Justin C. Sherrill" <justin.sherrill@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 16:41:23 -0400

If you've got the itch to do some work, and don't feel like mucking with
source, there's a number of available documentation projects available.
(Liam J. Foy suggested posting this.)  

Handbook changes:
 - Changes made to the FreeBSD handbook since I converted it over need to be
evaluated and merged in; this will require some digging through CVS, and
reading through the Handbook.

HOWTO documents:
 - I'd like to build a collection of documents talking about dealing with
specific applications of DragonFly.  They do not have to be exhaustive. 
Giving potential readers a general direction, at the very least, would be

Potential topics include: setting up webmail, SMTP server(s), POP3, IMAP,
Apache 1.x vs 2.x, PHP flavors, LDAP authentication, mail archiving, adding
Java/Flash to Mozilla/Konqueror/Firepig etc.

I'm thinking in terms of some DragonFly user saying "I'd like to do (some
task)" and then find a document that describes at least starting this task.

 - If you have access to commercial Linux applications like Oracle or
Mathematica, it would be helpful to test out installation on a DragonFly
host following the converted directions from FreeBSD.  (Check the Handbook
at http://www.forknibbler.com/handbook/linuxemu.html )

Installation documents:
 - A writeup of the curses-based "terminal" installation, with screenshots.
 - A writeup of the web-based installation, with screenshots.

"Getting Started" documents: (could be for website, not just docs)
- A form of FAQ for initial installs - "How do I keep up to date?"  "What
mailing lists should I be reading?".  
- A good explanation of ports/dfports and how to use them.
- Documentation of the current status of the project, for people who have
just "wandered in" and don't wcare to read a year's worth of back email to
find out.
- Acronym explanations.  "Giant", "BGL", "LWTK", "SMP", "ACPI", etc.  The
FreeBSD Project has a Glossary that does something similar to this.

If you decide to tackle any of these, please let me know.  This is
effectively my own to-do list.

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