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"new" nvidia driver

From: "Lucas Reddinger" <lucas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 06:30:18 -0000 (GMT)

Here is the complete story:

I have a Dell Inspiron 2650 with NVidia Go 2 integrated. FreeBSD and
the FreeBSD NVidia driver (version 3203) work well. The open-source xv
driver doesn't work at all with my laptop. When NVidia released the
4365 version driver, I tried it; and upon starting X with the driver
loaded, my computer would simply hang and reboot. Naturally, I stuck
with version 3203. Version 3203 is not available in the ports
collection for FreeBSD any longer; they upgraded to version 4365.
Also, the tarballs for 3203 on download.nvidia.com and
download1.nvidia.com are both corrupt. They will not untar
successfully. Fortunately I still have a copy of the tarball.

Of direct interest:

DragonFly BSD does not have 3203 ported. It does have 4365. On FreeBSD
I could just untar the 3203 driver and follow the instructions, and it
would work. I tried this under DragonFly. It did not work. So I
decided that it needed to be ported. So I carefully related the
patches that DragonFly has for 4365 back to the 3203 source. I make a
complete port named "nvidia-driver-old." I compiled it. It compiled. I
loaded the module. It loaded fine! I startx. It hangs. Just like 4365!

The question:

3203 works "out of the box" on FreeBSD in my situation. 4365 hangs on
FreeBSD in my situation. A patched 4365 hangs on DragonFly in my
situation. But a _patched_ 3203 hangs on DragonFly in my situation also!

Is there anything that I can possibly do in order to get X working in
DragonFly BSD on this laptop?

I attached my completed port, even though it hangs my system. But it
does compile and load! :-/ And since NVidia only offers corrupt
versions of 3203 for download, I have an uncorrupted version on the
web at:


Thanks for your time,
Lucas Reddinger

Attachment: nvidia-driver-old.tar.bz2
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