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DragonFly kernel List (threaded) for 2004-06
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HEADS UP! DragonFly 1.0-RC1 is going to happen tonight.

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 22:58:57 -0700 (PDT)

    I am tagging the tree and doing the final version cleanups and testing
    as we speak for RC1.  I was hoping to do the release rather then an RC,
    but there just hasn't been enough time for testing.

    But we probably will have only one RC, and I bet a bunch of things will
    come out of the woodwork at USENIX.  The release will occur either during
    or just after USENIX.

    One major issue that people need a heads up on is the ACPICA5 support.
    Because ACPICA5 is now built as part of the tree, a /modules/acpi.ko
    module will be installed.  The LOADER WILL AUTOMATICALLY TRY TO LOAD THIS
    MODULE WHEN YOU BOOT!  I've decided to make this the default to stay 
    consistent with FreeBSD, even though I may live to regret that decision :-)

    There are two ways to disable ACPI.  First, manually, by using menu option
    #2 instead of #1 when booting.  Second, automatically, by setting
    the variable hint.acpi.0.disable=1 in your /boot/loader.conf, which
    will cause acpi NOT to be loaded by default (when you don't select
    any boot menu options).

    If you want to disable ACPI permanently regardless of the menu option you
    select, you can put 'unset acpi_load' in your /boot/loader.conf.

				Last Minute Changes

    The following 11th hour work has gone into the tree:

    * acpica5 is now a part of the tree and generates the acpi.ko module.
      A huge thank you to YONETANI Tomokazu for doing this work!  It isn't
      completely finished, but we've run out of time.  Since most people 
      follow are going to treat this release as just another LIVE CD it 
      shouldn't be a big deal.

    * The CD, will dual-console boot.  You will see output on both the video
      screen and the serial port and you can use either to control boot2
      and the loader (but not boot1, yet, unless you compile it specifically
      for a serial console).  Also, the CD has the getty for ttyd0 enabled
      so once booting is complete there should be a login: prompt on the
      serial port as well as on the screen.

    * I implemented interrupt livelock detection to try to make systems
      more debuggable.  Interrupts are assumed to livelock when
      they pass 50,000 interrupts/sec and will be rate limited, hopefully
      preventing a system lockup.  These numbers may be a bit low.  For
      faster machines (> 1GHz) you probably should increase the sysctl
      variables (set new ones in /etc/sysctl.conf).  The sysctl's are
      kern.livelock_limit and kern.livelock_fallback.


    This coming week is the time to test!  We will be releasing 1.0 in about
    a week and while there are going to be issues that we know we won't be
    able to fix, such as (probably lots of) ACPI issues, we would like to make
    this as good a release as possible!

    I'll have the ISO for RC1 up tonight.  I will make a separate announcement
    when the ISO is ready.

					Matthew Dillon 

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