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DragonFly commits List (threaded) for 2010-03
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git: annotated tag v2.7.0 created

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 16:07:02 -0700 (PDT)

        at  6f225a8a127ce09ae81e8abb552a228fd6633568 (tag)
   tagging  40eb8ea19b693896ea576efc59b28ff35ea3466f (commit)
  replaces  v2.5.1
 tagged by  Matthew Dillon
        on  Sun Mar 28 16:06:44 2010 -0700

DragonFly 2.7.0
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (DragonFly)


Aggelos Economopoulos (21):
      Update OpenSSL version number and regenerate the manual pages.
      Import OpenSSL 0.9.8l
      Update OpenSSL version number and regenerate the manual pages.
      Import OpenSSL 0.9.8l
      Update OpenSSL version number and regenerate the manual pages.
      Remove README.DRAGONFLY from vendor branch
      Unbreak ptrace on x86_64
      Kill T/TCP
      Bring in a simple event tracing library and POC utility
      evtranalyze: correct a couple of filtering bugs
      libevtr: fix thinko
      evtr: dump core frequencies and use them to print timestamps in usecs
      ktrdump: always sort entries when dumping
      evtranalyze: fix sloppy format strings
      libevtr: fix warnings
      libevtr: handle eof properly
      evtranalyze: add summary command and refactor interval code
      evtr: modularize debug output
      evtranalyze: correct allocation size
      evtranalyze: share debugging declarations
      pmap: Warning -> Debug

Alex Hornung (59):
      wdog - Watchdog framework, initial commit
      gpio - gpio framework, initial commit
      nsclpcsio - Initial import from OpenBSD
      nsclpcsio - make it work for us
      options/files - Add support for wdog, gpio, nsclpcsio
      pc32 bios - Add bios_oem_strings from FreeBSD
      pc32 identcpu - Detect Geode LX
      geode/cs5536 - Add support for wdog/gpio/timers/identfication
      kern_shutdown - Add led and wdog magic
      glxsb - Initial import from FreeBSD
      glxsb - Make it work for us
      glxsb/nsclpcsio - cleanup
      pc32 files/options - Update glxsb, geode
      watchdogd - Import from OpenBSD
      watchdogd - Adapt to our needs
      config - Add new SOEKRIS config, add options to LINT
      scsi_sg - cmd is now ap->a_cmd
      boot - Improve lsdev
      devfs - Remove old debug
      atomic - fix inline assembly
      boot - Improve lsdev (2)
      pmap - Change pmap_map syntaxis
      dump - Bring in FreeBSD's dumping (new dumps & minidumps)
      dump - Make use of the new dumping
      savecore - Update savecore to work with new dumps/minidumps
      libkvm - Update for new dumps & minidumps
      dump - Unbreak VKERNELs
      savecore(8) - Update manpage
      LINT - clear a bunch of warnings
      devfs - Populate getattr va_size for disks properly
      dump - rename md dumpsys to md_dumpsys
      CONFIG - add NULLFS
      CONFIG - untangle whitespace mess
      signal - Introduce si_code codes
      devfs - Introduce MPSAFE read/write/ioctl support
      kern_memio - mark dev_ops READ and WRITE MPSAFE
      crypto - Mark cryptodev ioctl as MPSAFE
      hifn - Update and unbreak
      talk - unbreak for unix98 ptys
      linux emu - peripheral changes
      procfs - Use newly introduced textnch
      linux emulation - Major update
      linprocfs - Introduce /proc/mounts
      nlookup - introduce nlookup_init_root
      vfs_synth - rewrite
      nlookup.9 - document nlookup_init_root
      fetch.9 - document casuword
      linux emu - iron out bugs
      linprocfs - fix multi-CPU stat & cpuinfo
      linux emu - fix MP bug related to TLS
      kern_synch - unbreak UP build
      linux emu - fix bug in futex
      linux emu - fix exit status on exit_group
      linux emu - fix some signalling mess
      kern_{get,set}sockopt - invalid value check
      cache_fullpath - Guess mountpoints if requested
      linprocfs - further fix /proc/{pid}/maps
      vn_fullpath.9 - Document new guess feature
      remove several leftover debug kprintfs

Alexander Polakov (33):
      Remove machdep.msgbuf, machdep.msgbuf_clear.
      Root fallback support.
      ACPI: add ACPI_SERIAL_* functions.
      sys/sbuf.h: add sbuf_new_auto macro
      resource manager: add optional resource id.
      Sync ACPI with FreeBSD 7.2
      Sync acpiconf with FreeBSD 7.2.
      Add acpi_{fujitsu, hp, panasonic, sony} modules.
      Add ACPI_ENABLE_PCI option.
      atkbd: fix resume from ACPI S3
      BUS_CONFIG_INTR takes 2 devices now: parent and child
      ACPI: use APIC model if APIC_IO enabled.
      acpi_pcib: Remove APIC case, moving into nexus.
      Revert "IO APIC: Assign pins dedicated to PCI in the early stage."
      Unhide debug message while trying to make it work.
      ACPI: Faking interrupt routing.
      ACPI: disable acpi_pci_* by default
      Use lockmgr locks for ACPI_SERIAL_*
      Expand the support for PCI-e memory mapped configuration space access.
      ACPI: comment-out not-yet-ready code and remove extra debug
      Remove traces of ACPI_QUIRK_VMWARE, should be no longer needed.
      Fix LINT building, broken by ACPI update.
      undo: fix hanging on fake transaction ids.
      Attempt to fix "ACPI Warning: Cannot release the ACPI Global Lock"
      driver.9: improve code example
      Detect FPU by checking CPUID features.
      Import hotplug(4) pseudo-device.
      Import hotplugd(8) from OpenBSD.
      i386: sync identcpu with FreeBSD
      identcpu.c: add PLCMULDQ, AES and VMM feature strings
      i386: sync i686_mem with FreeBSD
      i386: sync k6_mem.c with FreeBSD

Antonio Huete (4):
      securelevel - Fix disk accessing with high secure level.
      loader(8): Add multi-root selection documentation.
      hammer: Reverse logic in MOPT_HAMMEROPTS
      devfs - Rework write-opening cases for disk devices.

Antonio Huete Jimenez (11):
      _timespec.h: Fix a comment
      md(4) - Several fixes to make the module loading/unloading work properly.
      signal.h - Rename 'union sigval' members to fit requirements in SuSv2 and POSIX.
      vinum(8) - Fix error when compiling with -DVINUMDEBUG
      gdtoa - Allocate more entries on freelist to better handle large fields.
      hammer.8 - Adjust info section to match current hammer(8) output.
      hammer - A small set of adjustments to the info directive.
      kmalloc(9) - Document M_INTWAIT flag.
      hammer - Take in account edition preferences.
      usr.sbin - Include some missing programs in x86_64.

Constantine A. Murenin (38):
      aibs(4): use ACPI_INTEGER and PRIx64; suggested by Jukka Ruohonen
      aibs(4): s/misformed/malformed/; suggested by Paul Goyette
      acpi.4: Xr aibs(4)
      syslog: introduce /var/log/daemon
      it(4): it3 at port 0x228
      kernel: print memory amount in MB instead of KB
      kernel: print the amount of ignored memory above 4GB in MB, too
      aibs.4: sprinkle a few markup tags
      acpi_tz(4): zero temperature in acpi refers to -273,2degC -- convert to uK appropriately
      man4: MLINK acpi_thermal.4 acpi_tz.4
      sysctl(8): acpi temperature support for hw.acpi.thermal
      sysctl(8): support setting acpi temperature in K, C and F
      acpi_thermal(4): temperature support updates
      pcidevs: unbreak a75ee873 from 2009-10-04 (geode/cs5536)
      kate(4) and km(4): temperature sensors for AMD Family 0Fh, 10h and 11h AMD64 processors
      test commit
      kate(4): put missing \n into device_printf(9) calls
      kate.4 && km.4: improve synopsis
      acpi_thinkpad(4): make acpi_thinkpad sensors actually work
      aps(4): raw sys/dev/isa/aps.c#rev1.19 and share/man/man4/aps.4#rev1.8 from OpenBSD
      aps(4): changes for DragonFly -- welcome aps(4)!
      acpi_thinkpad(4): revert the half-done rename of acpi_thinkpad to acpi_ibm
      acpi_thinkpad(4): bring back relevant changes from 20b3fb for acpi_thinkpad_refresh
      acpi_thinkpad(4): the refresh function should be declarared as per prototype
      aps(4): use more c99
      device_add_child.9: spelling and grammar
      aps(4): use DRIVERSLEEP instead of tsleep
      wbsio(4): raw wbsio.c#rev1.1 and wbsio.4#rev1.1 from NetBSD
      wbsio(4): convert to Newbus and DragonFly -- welcome wbsio(4)!
      wbsio(4): don't reuse a child that has already been attached
      wbsio(4): support W83667HG (0xa5); its hw mon is already supported by lm(4) as W83627DHG (0xc1)
      aps(4): make the aps module, aps.ko, work as well as the in-kernel device
      wbsio(4) && lm(4): add support for `kldload lm.ko wbsio.ko`
      wbsio(4): be more verbose for unsupported devices if loaded as a module or if bootverbose
      wbsio(4): be less verbose if the device doesn't look like a wbsio device
      wbsio(4): support W83687THF (0x85); hw mon is already supported by lm(4) as W83627THF (0x90)
      wbsio(4): support W83627DHG-P (0xb0); hw mon supported by lm(4) as W83627DHG (0xc1)
      wbsio: support W83627UHG (0xa2); supported by lm(4) as W83627DHG (0xc1)

Jan Lentfer (52):
      Import less-436.
      Import less-436.
      bind - restore lost resolv.h and revive weak entry points for res_*
      Deleted wrongly imported bind sources from base.
      Import bind 9.5.2 vendor sources.
      bind - Applied DragonFly specific patches for 9.5.2
      bind - Upgraded vendor branch to 9.5.2-P1
      top - Remove contrib/top from base in perparation of update.
      top - Import 3.8beta1 sources into new vendor/TOP branch.
      bind - Removed version tag from contrib directory and updated README.DRAGONFLY.
      bind - Changed bind dependend Makefiles to fit to new contrib/bind without version tag.
      top - Import DragonFly specific patches for 3.8beta1.
      top - style cleanup and removal of unnecessary code
      top - correctly prototype compare_* functions. Remove debug option from Makefile.
      lentferj - commit test.
      top - enable full command line display.
      make.conf and make.conf.5: Remove obsolete TOP_TABLE_SIZE option.
      top - bring in "pid" sort order from freebsd module (N-KEY and option -o "pid").
      kern/kern_kinfo.c: Fix incorrect population of kinfo_proc.kp_cru
      vendor/NCURSES: Remove version tag.
      ncurses: Update to work without version tag.
      vendor/NCURSES: Import v5.7 sources
      ncurses: Update master to work with v5.7 in contrib.
      top: Remove WCPU, implement CTIME.
      top: Describe new output "CTIME" in man page.
      openssl - enable cryptodev support.
      uchcom: Fix panic when accessing a ucom device based on uchcom
      BIND: enable DNSSEC support for named and related tools by default.
      BIND: update vendor tree to 9.5.2-P2
      BIND: Updated BIND to release 9.5.2-P2
      named: conditionally copy files to chroot (rc-script)
      periodic/security: Add check for pkgsrc vulnerabilities
      periodic/security: remove signature check
      periodic/security: minor fixes to 670.pkgsraudit
      sendmail: Update vendor branch to v8.14.4
      sendmail: Update master to work with v8.14.4
      file: update vendor branch to v5.04
      file: updated master to v5.04
      groff: remove version tag from directory
      groff: Update master to work without version tag
      groff: update vendor branch to v1.20.1
      groff: Update master to work with v1.20.1
      groff: Fixup after new version import
      wpa-supplicant: remove version tag from directory
      wpa_supplicant: Update to work without verision tag
      hostapd: remove version tag from directory
      hostpad: Update to work without version tag
      wpa_supplicant: update vendor branch to 0.6.10
      hostapd: Update vendor branch to 0.6.10
      wpa_supplicant/hostapd: Update to 0.6.10
      wpa_supplicant/hostapd: Added some missing patches.
      top: Fix man page

Joe Talbott (4):
      periodic - Don't include timestamps in e-mail output by default.
      examples/kld - Fix for devfs.
      VOP_CLOSE(9) - Remove ucred and proc arguments to VOP_CLOSE().
      initdiskless - Handle cpio archives in accordance with the comments.

Jordan Gordeev (12):
      Revert "rename amd64 architecture to x86_64"
      amd64: Move some kernel files.
      Add platform vkernel64.
      amd64: Update some header files for the vkernel.
      amd64: Move declaration of npxdna().
      amd64: Add kernel support for 64-bit virtual page tables.
      vkernel64: Add bug workaround.
      vkernel64: Fix the way syscalls are passed to the vkernel.
      vkernel64: Add a warning when KERNBASE is used.
      /dev/klog: Ensure correct results in computation.
      amd64: Pass correct address to signal handlers.
      amd64: Fixes for the vkernel.

Justin C. Sherrill (1):
      Sprinkle in some commas to break out dependent clauses, and spelling fixes.

Matthew Dillon (339):
      kernel - Major performance changes to VM page management.
      kernel - Fix TCP MSS calculation
      NFS - Change NFS root mount default from udp to tcp
      NFS - Fix numerous issues with NFS root mounts, primarily for vkernels
      kernel - Improve code documentation for vnode->v_token
      boot - tftp - Fix bzero() with wild length field.
      HAMMER - Add version 3 meta-data features
      HAMMER - Correct bug in last commit.  hammer cleanup snapshot command.
      HAMMER - Enhance cleanup utility for HAMMER v3
      HAMMER - Add upgrade instructions to the manual page, fix bug in snaprm
      HAMMER - Add additional warnings for v2/v3 upgrades, fix bug in snaprm
      HAMMER - Fix 64-bit compile-time error.
      HAMMER - Fix 'snapq' directive - softlink constructed improperly
      HAMMER - more fixes to snapshot softlink generation
      HAMMER - Fix bug in 'hammer cleanup' when deleting snapshots
      HAMMER - Fix cursor tracking bugs and a few other issues
      HAMMER VFS - Version 4 part 1/many - UNDO FIFO layout work.
      HAMMER UTIL - Version 4 part 2/many - UNDO FIFO layout work.
      VM - Adjust inactive_target and pageout code.
      HAMMER - Verbosity patch for mount_hammer.
      HAMMER VFS - The backend flusher now sorts inodes
      HAMMER VFS - Add sysctl vfs.hammer.debug_critical
      HAMMER VFS - Handle critical I/O errors without panicing
      AHCI/SILI - Send dummy SETXFER mode even though it is SATA
      AHCI/SILI - More adjustments to last commit
      BIND - Update BIND to 9.5.2
      HAMMER Utility - Enhance the info command
      ACPI - Fix type-o which caused clock interrupts to stop working properly in C3.
      SSHD - Change default security
      HAMMER VFS - Remove some debug kprintfs from the rebalance code
      SSHD - Do not attempt to free environ or its contents
      cpdup - Add -F<ssh-opt>, add code to remove need for FreeBSD ports patch
      cpdup - Fix the sense of a uid check when files are otherwise identical
      cpdup - Multiple additions, fixes, and one removal
      hammer utility - minor adjustment to snaprm
      vkernel test - Add a NFS root / boot feature to the vkernel test environment
      sysperf /call-loop test - Ensure the nop() call is not optimized out
      HAMMER VFS - Fix bug in statvfs()
      kernel - Fix recursive lockmgr lock panic when creating a hardlink
      HAMMER VFS - Change default from version 3 to version 4
      network - Move socket from netmsg ext to netmsg header, add port to socket
      network - Fix UP build
      HAMMER Utility - Add -p <ssh-port> option
      HAMMER Utility - Refuse to expand the root filesystem
      HAMMER VFS - Fix WIP
      HAMMER VFS - Fix incorrect hammer_cursor_removed_node() call in btree_remove()
      kernel - Move MP lock inward, plus misc other stuff
      HAMMER Utility - Fix seg-fault in hammer cleanup if blank lines in config
      HAMMER Utility - fix unfreeable pointer in 'hammer info'
      kernel - move proc->p_lock, add lwp ucred caching
      kernel - Make adjustments to the per-lwp ucred
      kernel - Third time's the charm - move lwp_ucred to td_ucred
      kernel - use new td_ucred in numerous places
      kernel - adjust falloc and arguments to dupfdopen, fsetfd, fdcheckstd
      busdma - Fix bouncebuffer operation for 64 bit builds / mountroot & boot issues
      ktrdump - Parse format string manually, implement %s
      kernel - Move mplock to machine-independent C
      kernel - misc MPSAFe work
      kernel - add hashinit_ext() and phashinit_ext()
      kgdb - Fix kernel trapframe backtraces for i386
      kernel - fine-grained namecache and partial vnode MPSAFE work
      kernel - MPSAFE stabilization
      kernel - remove FSMID support
      fsmid followup - fix compiler warning in ls
      kernel - jails - undo minor prisoncount atomic ops
      kernel - Refactor the lwkt_token code, making it faster
      kernel - lwkt_token code, minor fix to last commit
      kernel - Split an assertion in the sysref code to make it MPSAFE
      kernel - namecache MPSAFE work
      HAMMER Utility - Add ssh compression option
      kernel - Fix atomic ops for x86_64 kernel build
      kernel - Add per-mount token to replace mplock.
      kernel - fix improper VOP_*() calls on dead vnode
      kernel - Correct bug in cache_fullpath()
      kernel - fix fifofs kqueue broken on the 25th
      kernel - Fix improper vgone() in procfs and races in truss
      kernel - pmap (mainly i386) - fix TLB race and other issues
      kernel - pmap (i386) - Refactor the foreign pmap mapping
      kernel - pmap - add additional logic for cpu_invltlb()
      kernel - pmap - more invltlb stuff
      kernel - namecache - fix deadlock
      kernel - adjust vnode reclamation
      kernel - pmap (i386) - fix bugs in gd_GDMAP1 and gd_GDADDR1 initialization
      kernel - kqueue - move kq_kev out of struct kqueue
      kernel - kqueue - major refactoring
      kernel - kqueue - refactor kqueue_scan(), rename tick to ustick
      kernel - poll/select - temporary fix for stalls
      kernel - poll/select - temporary fix for stalls
      kernel - kqueue - fix bug in marker handling
      network - VR driver - increase RX ring descriptors
      HAMMER VFS - Fix serious bug when downgrading (and later upgrading) a PFS
      HAMMER VFS - Fix volume ref count leak in fhtovp code.
      debug - Add kmapinfo to dump the kernel_map
      kernel - poll - Fix MP races
      HAMMER VFS - REDO/fsync precursor work
      HAMMER VFS - Add debugging for write I/O
      HAMMER VFS - REDO implementation base code part 1/many
      HAMMER VFS - Add workaround to HAMMERIOC_GET_SNAPSHOT for bad conversions
      HAMMER VFS - Add workaround to HAMMERIOC_GET_SNAPSHOT for bad conversions
      HAMMER utility - Fix bug in hammer cleanup which causes the utility to exit
      HAMMER utility - Fix bug in hammer cleanup which causes the utility to exit
      HAMMER VFS - REDO implementation base code part 2/many
      HAMMER VFS - REDO implementation base code part 3/many
      HAMMER VFS - REDO implementation base code part 3/many (addendum)
      HAMMER VFS - REDO implementation base code part 3/many (addendum2)
      HAMMER VFS - REDO implementation base code part 4/many
      kernel - fifofs - Fix missing token releases
      kernel - fifofs - Fix missing token releases
      kernel - Improve VM fault performance for sequential access
      kernel - Improve VM fault performance for sequential access
      kernel - Increase default kern.maxfiles from (maxproc * 2) to (maxproc * 16).
      kernel - Fix mislocated __vbusy()
      HAMMER VFS - hammer_inode / vp races
      HAMMER Utility - enhance show-undo
      kernel - Fix not-quite-nonblocking VX lock in allocfreevnode()
      kernel - Replace zalloc zones with kmalloc for PCBs
      kernel - linux emulation - fix linux socketcall MP mismatch
      HAMMER VFS - Fix umount panic related to volume flush
      kernel - add UP version for spin_trylock_wr()
      kernel - fix sctp build (LINT)
      kernel - fix MP lock mismatch in sys_lwp_rtprio()
      kernel - improve panic message on syscall MP mismatch
      kernel - do not wire user pages in sysctl
      vmstat - Allow sub-second intervals to be specified.
      kernel - add spinlock to syscons console write path
      kernel - simplify vm pager ops, add pre-faulting for zero-fill pages.
      kernel - Finish implementing PG_RAM / pipelined mmap operation
      kernel - Fix pager bug in vm_fault and UFS and have UFS use vop_stdgetpages
      kernel - Fix vkernel_trap
      kernel - Add new bufcache/VM consolidated API, fsx fixes for NFS
      kernel - Fix bug in recent defered-zap namecache code.
      kernel - ufs, ext2fs getpages/putpages cleanup
      kernel - reduces kern.maxvnodes on machines with less memory
      kernel - Add VM_ALLOC_QUICK feature to vm_page_alloc()
      kernel - Add burst reads back into swap_pager
      libmd - Improve performance when doing a MD5 of a file via read().
      md5 - Add subrange options
      kernel - NFS - fix another B_CLUSTEROK / B_NEEDCOMMIT races
      kernel - Fix bug in recent swap/paging work
      includes - Shift inclusion of sys/event.h from sys/file.h
      kernel - More buffer cache / VM coherency work
      HAMMER VFS - Disallow rebalancing on small-memory machines
      kernel - Even more buffer cache / VM coherency work
      kernel - Fix issue in UFS related to new nvtruncbuf() API use
      kernel - NFE - Align packet data payload
      kernel - SILI disk driver - Add support for Sil3124
      kernel - NFS - Document an issue with nfs_realign()
      kernel - IF_NFE - Continue work on word alignment support
      HAMMER VFS - Fix assertion when taking snapshot
      HAMMER Utility - Revise snaprm documentation
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 1/many - Convert swblock to a Red-Black tree
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 2/many - Remove VM pager lists
      sshd - Add safety measures to the default installed sshd_config
      AHCI - Improve warning messages when probing for a port multiplier
      kernel - jails - Fix NULL pointer deref in prison_remote_ip()
      kernel - syncache - Fix races due to struct syncache not being stable storage
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 3/many - Rearrange VM pagerops
      kernel - VM - fix vm_pages_needed race
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 4/many - Add PG_SWAPPED
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 5/many - Change vm_pindex_t to 64 bits on i386
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 6/many - Refactor swap_pager_freespace()
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 7/many - Add vm_swapcache.c core (write side)
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 8/many - Add the swap cache read intercept, rate ctl
      kernel - fix panic on reboot when swap populated
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 9/many - Fix excessive active->cache moves
      kernel - Use intmax_t when printing memory amounts
      vmstat - increase the maximum number of kmalloc types we can
      debug utilities - adjust vmpageinfo, add zallocinfo
      AHCI - Fix minor bug.  Also AHCI/SILI - use ATA_F_EXCLUSIVE for pass-thru
      kernel - slab allocator
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 10/many - Fix swap space usage calculation
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 11/many - Write improvements, fix backing store free
      kernel - usb keyboard - Fix polling issue on x86_64 when dropping into DDB
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 12/many - Add swapcache cleanup state
      kernel - Close MP race in vnode allocation code
      x86_64 kernel - Increase buffer cache and vnode resources, and more.
      kernel - Expand the x86_64 KVA to 8G
      kernel - Expand the x86_64 KVA to 8G part 2
      kernel - More conversions to size_t in struct malloc_type
      vmstat - Adjustments for kmalloc size_t changes
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 13/many - More vm_pindex_t work for vm_objects on i386
      kmapinfo - Adjustments to debug utility
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 14/many - Add more features, man page
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 15/many - Correct bug in vm.swapcache.maxfilesize
      kernel - Improve cluster_read()
      mount_nfs - Make rdirplus the default
      docs - Improve the swapcache.8 manual page
      docs - Improve the swapcache.8 manual page (followup)
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 16/many - Correct bug in kern_slaballoc.c
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 17/many - Add missing critical sections
      kernel - Remove further misuses of %ll* in kprintfs, use intmax_t
      docs - More adjustments to the swapcache manual page.
      kernel - nata - Fix bug in SET_MULTI command
      kernel - slab allocator - Refactor struct kmemusage
      kernel - Fix bug in cahce_fromdvp() as uesd by NFS's readdirplus
      kernel - struct vm_object - increase paging_in_progress from short to int
      HAMMER VFS - Improve initial B-Tree packing
      kernel - NFS - fix deadlock in NFS client-side readdirplus
      kernel - NFS - fix deadlock in NFS client-side readdirplus (part 2)
      kernel - NFS - fix additional problems with readdirplus
      kernel - SMP - "Fix AP #%d (PHY# %d) failed" issues
      NTFS VFS - Fix dangling vnode panic on umount
      HAMMER Utility - Refactor the histogram code for mirror-stream.
      HAMMER Utility - Clean up histogram code for mirror-stream, handle SKIPs
      HAMMER Utility - cleanup
      kernel - sysref - Fix vnode interlock for 1->0 transition
      kernel - Fix "cleaned vnode isn't" panic
      kernel NFS - Fix another deadlock in the readdirplus code
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 18/many - Minor enablement swapspace check
      utilities - Temporary map out libevtr, ktrdump, and evtranalyze from x86_64
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 19/many - distinguish bulk data in HAMMER block dev
      kernel - TMPFS - Initial port of NetBSD's tmpfs
      kernel - TMPFS - Add infrastructure to main kernel to help support TMPFS
      kernel - TMPFS - Bug fixing pass
      kernel - fix bug in objcache_destroy()
      kernel - TMPFS - Bug fixing pass - directory hierarchy
      kernel - TMPFS - Bug fixing pass - fsync, vnode locks
      kernel - TMPFS - Bug fixing pass - vinitvmio(), umount, readdir
      kernel - swapcache - vm_object_page_remove()
      kernel - TMPFS - Bug fixing pass - paging to/from swap, vnode recycling
      test utilities - eatmem.c - Change size parameter from int to size_t
      kernel - More readdirplus deadlock avoidance work
      kgdb - Fix kernel trapframe backtraces for x86_64
      kernel - Cleanup, add assertions in the vnode freeing path
      kernel - TMPFS - Stabilization pass, fix vnode list corruption
      kernel - VM PAGER part 1/2 - Remove vm_page_alloc()
      kernel - VM PAGER part 2/2 - Expand vinitvmio() and vnode_pager_alloc()
      kernel - disklabel64 - Adjust partition base to be physically aligned
      disklabel64 utility - Allow pbase/pstop to be slice-relative-unaligned
      disklabel[32,64] utilities - Change the default disklabel program
      netif - alc driver port - Initial work by Samuel J. Greear
      kernel - VM PAGER part 2/2 - addendum, fix compile time issue w/ext2
      netif - alc driver port - Finishing touches
      kernel - Add atomic_readandclear_int()
      kernel - Video - Add suppor for Intel IGD chipsets (netbook / N450 etc)
      kernel - acpi - fix thermal thread loop
      kernel - ACPI - Fix missing unlocks in error path in acpi_ec
      kernel - Fix issue w/ buffer ortation when doing non-blocking read from bpf
      boot2 - Fix ufs inode cache corruption when ESC'ing out of boot2
      kernel - tmpfs - Remove warning message on mount, update manual page
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 20/many - add 'cache' and 'noscache' chflags.
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 21/many - more manual page adjustments
      kernel - if_alc - Add to conf/files, GENERIC, X86_64_GENERIC, and LINT
      kernel - TMPFS - Stabilization pass, fix lockf()
      utilities - TMPFS - Pass tmpfs_args to mount()
      kernel - TMPFS - Parse tmpfs_args from mount()
      kernel - Fix bogus compiler warning
      boot - Switch boot2 loader path around
      nvi - Work around problem with git
      kernel - TMPFS - Stabilization pass, fix accounting for rmdir
      kernel - TMPFS - Stabilization pass, fix rename, symlink issues
      HAMMER VFS - Reduce stalls during bulk file operations
      kernel - Fix (unused) SEGEX_IDX macro
      kernel - Add MNTK_NOMSYNC and OBJ_NOMSYNC
      kernel - TMPFS - Stabilization pass, fix VM object leak, msync
      kernel - disklabel64 - Increase partition start alignment to 1 megabyte.
      kernel - Update swapcache manual page
      kernel - TMPFS - Features, don't sync on umount, enforce snocache on root
      kernel - Update swapcache manual page, fix breakage in last commit
      kernel - Update swapcache manual page, document meta-data/inode ratios
      kernel - TMPFS - Stabilization pass, fix assertion in nrmdir
      kernel - TMPFS - Stabilization pass, fix assertion in nrmdir (again)
      kernel - Fix some rare pmap races in i386 and x86_64.
      kernel - SWAP CACHE part 22/many - Fix counter overflow introduced in part 21
      kernel - Fix some rare pmap races in i386 and x86_64 (followup)
      kernel - Remove some debug kprintf()s
      kernel - NFS - Add the 'cache' flag to enable swapcache on a NFS mount
      chflags, swapcache manual page updates - cache flag does not cross mounts
      kernel - swapcache - Fix snocache and cache flags propagation, fix PG_NOTMETA
      kernel - Refactor vnode_free_list, vnode reuse algorithm
      swapcache - documentation update (data caching, read/write concurrency)
      kernel - Fix some rare pmap races in i386 and x86_64 (followup)
      Import expat-2.0.1
      contrib/expat - Add README.DRAGONFLY
      contrib/expat - Apply two vendor fixes for CVE-2009-3720.
      libexpat - Bring in libexpat from contrib, name it libbsdxml
      libexpat - Fix buildworld
      libraries - Add missing LIBBSDXML line.
      tmpfs - Add support for setting the root uid/gid/mode for the tmpfs mount.
      kernel - VN - add missing disk_destroy() in module unload path
      kernel - Move grow_stack code in fault path to improve fault performance
      kernel - cleanup some unnecessary casts
      HAMMER Utility - Enhance the mirroring and show code
      HAMMER VFS - Correct seriuos bug in hammer rebalancing code
      cpdup - Add -VV to ignore mtime
      HAMMER VFS - Fix assertion in hammer_btree_mirror_propagate()
      HAMMER VFS - Do a better job with IO_DIRECT
      VN - Remove use of IO_DIRECT, Improve lock performance for reads
      kernel - pmap (i386) - Reduce kmem use for foreign pmap mapping
      kernel - vm - add vm_wait_nominal()
      HAMMER VFS - Ensure sufficient free memory is available before large allocation
      kernel - fix procfs vm_map scan.
      fstat - Fix path construction for "wd".
      kernel - AHCI - enable AHCI device initiated power management
      HAMMER VFS - Hack cursor iterator when unlocked cursor moved to parent
      HAMMER VFS - Major retooling of the refcount mechanics, and fix a deadlock
      HAMMER VFS - Hack cursor iterator when locked cursor moved to parent
      kernel - change tsleep related idents to const volatile void *
      build - Fix ordering to avoid -j  race
      HAMMER VFS - Fix an edge case in hammer_inode_waitreclaims()
      libdevstat - Add compute_stats_read() and compute_stats_write()
      kernel - rework struct nchstats for systat
      systat - break out read and write I/O activity, change namecache statistics
      kernel - Fix kernel memory leak in devfs disk_probe()
      vmstat - update for changes in nch structure
      HAMMER VFS - Cleanup recovery kprintfs a bit
      kernel - devfs - Fix memory leak in devfs_destroy_device_node()
      HAMMER VFS - frontload kmalloc()'s when rebalancing
      buildkernel - generate vers.txt file
      nrelease - Unconditionally rm -rf /usr/release/root
      nrelease - Add dummy fetch target for x86_64
      nrelease - Fix ordering dependency during parallel buildkernel
      kernel - Change the vfs.vm_cycle_point default from 23 to 40
      newvers - further shorten branch name in vers.txt
      nrelease - Fix ordering dependency during parallel buildkernel (try 2)
      vkernel64 - Cleanup, unbreak 32 bit
      vkernel - Fix the vfs.root.mountfrom for the vkernel test code
      vkernel64 - Ignore spurious trap during fast system call, enable some debugging
      vkernel64 - Add missing bits from later kernel work in the main tree
      HAMMER VFS - Fix another low memory deadlock issue
      NFS - Remove debugging kprintfs
      tools - Add scripts for snapshot generation.
      kernel - vm - Change inactive target to 1/4 memory instead of 1/2 memory.
      kernel - Turn on vfs.cache_mpsafe by default
      cpdup - Fix bug where cpdup sometimes does not remove files on target
      HAMMER VFS - Implement REDO recovery code
      HAMMER - Update hammer.8 documentation.  Document the fsync modes.
      HAMMER VFS - Remove some debugging
      HAMMER VFS - Conditionalize debugging kprintfs during recovery
      OpenSSL - Quickly patch openssl issue
      kernel - Move PANIC_REBOOT_WAIT_TIME to conf/options
      HAMMER VFS - Conditionalize more debugging kprintfs during recovery
      kernel - Fix shmat() for 64-bit
      kernel - Correct syscalls.master for shmat()
      kernel - Add debug.panic sysctl
      kernel - vinum - Fix volume number for 'vinum read'
      kernel - Fix cluster_read random I/O heuristic
      release - Master is now 2.7, adjust sys/sys/param.h and sys/conf/newvers.sh

Matthias Schmidt (1):
      atc - Fix bug related to delayed command and altitude change

Michael Neumann (27):
      hammer expand: Move free bigblock accounting out of loop
      hammer expand: Fix "umount flushing...giving up!" problem.
      hammer expand: Refactor a bit
      Sync man page with code
      HAMMER - Implement multi-volume root mounts
      HAMMER Utility - Allow expanding root filesystems again
      Rename "hammer expand" to "hammer volume-add"
      HAMMER - Implement experimental volume removal
      HAMMER - Fix umount flushing issue for volume-add/del
      Fix typo
      HAMMER - Stabilize volume removal
      HAMMER - Fix panic when removing volume
      HAMMER - Fix reblocking operation of volume removal
      HAMMER - Stabilize and refactor volume removal
      Remove misleading comments
      Unbreak HAMMER root mounts
      Decrement prisoncount on error
      hammer volume - Serialize volume operations
      aac: Add PCI identifier for Adaptec RAID 5405
      HAMMER - Fix mirroring between 32 and 64-bit machines
      e1000 - Literally import e1000 driver from FreeBSD
      e1000 - Adapt OS-dependent part
      net - Add some #defines from FreeBSD
      e1000 - Complete port of if_em
      e1000 - Make igb driver compile on DragonFly
      Unbreak buildkernel / mxge(4)
      pci_alloc_msix: Fail if no MSI-X vectors available

Peter Avalos (7):
      Fix paren usage in <sys/mutex.h>.
      Upgrade to OpenSSH-5.3p1.
      Add a EVP wrapper for SHA256.
      Add some more missing files from OpenBSD upgrades.
      Change Makefiles for OpenSSH to more closely match the distro.
      Add the HPN patch for OpenSSH.
      Import OpenSSL-0.9.8m.

Samuel J. Greear (10):
      Test commit
      kernel - Initialize xio->xio_bytes properly in xio_init_pages()
      kernel - Remove msf_buf dependency from VFS Journals
      kernel - Remove msf buffer code
      kernel - Restore ability to thaw checkpoints
      kernel - Introduce lightweight buffers
      kernel - lwbuf SLIST safety
      kernel - Include headers declaring vm_page_t in lwbuf headers
      linux - Add syscalls
      linux - Allow for maps to be read in chunks

Sascha Wildner (232):
      ubsec(4): Silence some 'unused variable' warnings.
      ipsec/esp: Move #include to silence 2 warnings.
      <crypto/rijndael.h> is now taken from sys/crypto/rijndael/.
      include/Makefile: Revert part of the previous commit. This doesn't work.
      bsd-family-tree: Update for DragonFly 2.4.
      md.4: Remove an unnecessary .Pp
      Add final newline.
      Add a glxsb(4) manual page.
      Make padlock(4) compileable into the kernel and add it to LINT.
      libexec/customcc: Set up the include paths a bit better.
      watchdogd.8: Minor cleanup.
      rogue(6): Fix broken aliasing for -O2 or higher.
      Add a watchdog(4) manual page (from OpenBSD).
      libexec/customcc: Ensure the -isysroot argument is not empty.
      libc: Do not link libgcc when building with clang.
      FreeBSD-supfile: Add 'projects'.
      LINT: Remove PAS_JOYSTICK_ENABLE option which doesn't exist.
      SOEKRIS: Adjust indent.
      usbhid.3: Use standard types.
      uuidgen.2: Include <sys/types.h> for <sys/uuid.h>.
      libutil: Miscellaneous cleanup.
      libcam: Remove dead assignment.
      message queue manpages: Fix section numbers (3 -> 2).
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009o from elsie.
      make.conf.5: Remove BUGS section.
      fortunes2: Fix typo
      apmd(8): Fix a warning and raise WARNS to 2.
      chio(1): cesr_flags needs to be initialized before we can |= later.
      cp(1): When continuing, badcp will be automatically set to 0.
      cpdup(1): Remove dead initialization.
      ls(1): Remove dead initialization.
      mkdir(1): Remove dead initialization.
      pax(1): Remove dead initialization.
      ps(1): Remove dead initialization.
      dc.1: Add missing .Os
      chpass.1: mdoc will care about multiple authors itself.
      Fix -offset -indent -> -offset indent in two manual pages.
      Fix some references in a couple of manual pages.
      Remove some useless tabs in two manual pages.
      mdoc: No '.' is needed for .Ud
      mdoc cleanup: Fix mangled NAME sections.
      nextboot.8: Remove duplicate DESCRIPTION section.
      mdoc cleanup: Fix some column lists (add .It).
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009p from elsie.
      Bring in OpenBSD's mandoc(1) tool for formatting manual pages.
      cpdup(1): trans is NULL here, so don't print trans->id.
      mandoc(1): Update to 1.9.11.
      make.conf.5: Add documentation for BINUTILSVER and DEBUG_FLAGS.
      mandoc(1): Adjust section titles.
      clang: Suppress 'argument unused during compilation' warnings.
      clang: -nostdclanginc was renamed -nobuiltininc.
      installer: Show the name of the interface to configure.
      installer: Join nrelease/root and nrelease/installer.
      Remove lib/libc/stdlib/malloc.c, as we're using nmalloc.c for some time now.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009q from elsie.
      installer: Finish incomplete commit to merge nrelease/{installer,root}.
      Fix xdm path in the Live{CD,DVD}'s /etc/ttys.
      Restrict -Werror to gcc41.
      mandoc(1): Update to 1.9.13.
      Restrict -Werror to gcc41.
      mandoc(1): Update to 1.9.13.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009r from elsie.
      Some mdoc fixes.
      acpi*.4: Update manual pages for the recent ACPI update.
      acpi.4: Add some missing references.
      acpi_thermal(4): Silence a warning.
      acpi(4) manpages: Some minor fixes.
      Remove nsupdate.8 via 'make upgrade'.
      Include pkgin(1) as part of the official distribution.
      Cover some of the recently added ACPI modules by the LINT build.
      undo.1: Add some words about the new fake transaction id warning.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009s from elsie.
      Fix some typos/wording in our manual pages.
      mandoc(1): Update to 1.9.14.
      Revert part of 34cbd93da4f67eb751b2b0cfaf0f268ac441c9ce.
      npx(4): Silence a warning in the SMP build.
      vga(4): Remove VGA_SLOW_IOACCESS option.
      syscons(4): Use 100x37 when the VESA800X600 flag is specified.
      Regenerate the pciconf(8) database
      cxm_extract_fw.8: Small mdoc correction.
      cxm_extract_fw(8): Fix indent.
      adventure(6): Fix saving games on x86_64.
      Clean up some Makefiles (let the user decide which options they want).
      Add a profile for indent(1) which matches our style quite well.
      Move tools/tools/editing/dragonfly.el to share/misc.
      development.7: Add style(9) xref and a pointer to dragonfly.el.
      network - Fix SMP build
      Clean up BIND upgrade.
      loader.8: Bump .Dd and fix a manlint warning.
      top(1): Remove top.x from CLEANFILES, since it's not generated.
      Fix LINT kernel build.
      Actually hook hotplug.4 into the build.
      Fix argument order for netmsg_init().
      hotplug.4 & hotplugd.8: Some mdoc cleanup.
      Add hotplugd options to the default rc.conf and rc.conf.5.
      Remove inclusion of <sys/cdefs.h> from kernel .c files.
      Sync libc's un-namespace.h with namespace.h.
      libc: Some warning fixes.
      sleep.9: Adjust for serialize_sleep() -> zsleep() rename.
      pthread_rwlock_timedwrlock.3: Correct function name.
      vcount.9: count_udev() no longer exists.
      rman.9: Comment out documentation for rman_await_resource().
      pnp.4: Comment out some docs (code either gone or #if 0'd).
      setlocale.3: Correct function name.
      vga(4): Simplify conditions for mode rejection somewhat.
      Fix warning in the UP build.
      mp_machdep.c: Fix some warnings of the SMP without APIC_IO build.
      Add -Werror to the kernel build.
      Fix the LINT build.
      Fix the SOEKRIS build (kernel without I686_CPU).
      Fix some warnings that creep up when compiling without INVARIANTS.
      Fix buildworld with -DNDEBUG in CFLAGS.
      development.7: Adjust targets.
      Install mandoc_char.7 because mandoc.1 references it.
      installer: Fix the manual configuration of lnc(4) in VMware.
      Fix UP kernel build.
      hash.9: Update the manual page for the *_ext() functions.
      hash.9: Improve wording.
      mbuf.9: We have neither the MFREE() nor M_COPY_PKTHDR() macros.
      Add a BUS_ADD_CHILD.9 manual page (adapted from FreeBSD).
      Fix acpi (loading it failed).
      Add some missing ACPI source files (for LINT).
      top(1): Merge top.x and top.local.1 into one manual page.
      make.conf.5: Note that NO_WERROR applies to the kernel build as well.
      Silence -Wold-style-definition in a number of places in the kernel.
      Misc. manpage cleanup for the recent T/TCP removal.
      Remove the JG64 kernel config (a subset of X86_64_GENERIC).
      Sync zoneinfo database with tz{code,data}2009t from elsie.
      acpi_hp.4 & mandoc.1: mdoc fluff
      hammer(8): Add -X to usage().
      Fix some x86_64 warnings in the kernel (and remove nowerror).
      acpi_thermal.4: Revert a bit (temperatures are still in 10ths of Kelvin).
      x86_64: Fix a warning.
      nrelease: Adjust a little for x86_64.
      mptable(1): Only suggest to try -grope when -grope wasn't used.
      vesa(4): Remove some old prototypes.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009u from elsie.
      In ACPI land, 0K is -273.2 degrees Celsius (instead of -273.15).
      Bump copyright years. Happy new year!
      development.7: Remove blank line.
      md.4: Adjust SYNOPSIS a bit.
      Enable the machdep.disable_rtc_set sysctl on x86_64.
      acpi(4): Fix some x86_64 warnings.
      Add some missing ACPI source files to 'files' (for LINT).
      kprintf(9): Add 'h' and 'hh' modifiers (ACPI debug output needs 'h').
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD (FreeBSD 8.0 and OpenBSD 4.6).
      iso639: Sync with Library of Congress list.
      Unbreak buildworld.
      vfs_conf.c: Fix a warning and remove 'nowerror'.
      Unbreak LINT (tick() -> ustick()).
      Fix a panic during snd_uaudio(4) attach.
      games: Massive style(9) cleanup commit. Reduces differences to NetBSD.
      telldir()'s argument is not supposed to be const.
      nrelease: fsck the root filesystem on our USB images.
      Fix kernel build without INET6.
      librt: Add missing MLINKS.
      sys_linux_socketcall(): Add missing return() (fixes LINT).
      openssh/auth2.c: Add a missing include (canohost.h).
      Some devfs(5) related cleanup.
      Some manual page cleanup.
      syscall.9: Fix pathname.
      Raise WARNS in secure/ as high as possible and fix some resulting warnings.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2010a from elsie.
      sched_rr_get_interval(2): Use copyout(9) for the interval argument.
      syscalls.master: List all auto-generated files.
      md5.1: Clean up the last commit a bit.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2010b from elsie.
      periodic.conf.5: Update for pkgsrc checks.
      POSIX says mprotect(2)'s first argument shall not be const.
      Regenerate sysproto.h (forgotten in last commit to syscalls.master).
      make upgrade: Don't remove /etc/upgrade/Makefile_upgrade.inc upon completion.
      it(4): Add it3 also in the other configs, not just GENERIC.
      Move the prototypes of pthread_kill() and pthread_sigmask() to <signal.h>.
      make upgrade: Remove obsolete fortunes2* files.
      ktrdump.8: Fix typo in xref.
      fortune(6): fortunes-o is no longer generated. Remove it from CLEANFILES.
      Put evtranalyze and ktrdump in the already existing i386 check.
      installer: Raise the size proposal for /boot to 768M for HAMMER installs.
      installer: Fix the check for partitions <50GB a bit more.
      kate.4 & km.4: Silence 'make manlint' warnings.
      Sync hifn(4) documentation with FreeBSD, too.
      getnetconfig(3): Remove a temporary warning.
      alc(4): Bring in a manual page too (from FreeBSD).
      newfs.8: Remove tmpfs.8 MLINK.
      libc: Sync asctime.c and localtime.c with tzcode2010a from elsie.
      mandoc(1): Update to 1.9.15.
      setkey(8): Add missing token to fix a yacc warning.
      Adjust the compiler wrapper script to use pkgsrc's clang for CCVER=clang.
      tmpfs.5: Clean up SEE ALSO a bit.
      compilers.conf.5: Add IMPLEMENTATION NOTES for some more details.
      Add unifdef(1) to the bootstrap-tools.
      netsmb: Fix a warning and put smb_usr.c under -Werror, too.
      tmpfs(5): Remove old initialization (overrode prior init of vop_bmap).
      ng_eiface.4: Comment out some xrefs to ng_vlan(4) which we don't have.
      rc.conf.5: Remove bogus mdconfig(8) reference.
      libc/citrus: Forward declare some structs to fix some warnings.
      libc/locale: Use _getprogname().
      Regenerate the pciconf(8) database
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2010c from elsie.
      libc/stdtime: Sync localtime.c with tzcode2010c from elsie.
      Sort the SEE ALSO sections in some manual pages.
      Fix typos in manual pages and user visible messages.
      Add device sg to LINT.
      compilers.conf.5: Clarify some more.
      taskqueue.9: Do some mdoc cleanup & add missing MLINKS.
      mq_receive.2: Add missing space.
      Remove WARNS?=6 from two Makefiles where it is not needed.
      Remove <sys/msfbuf.h> per 'make upgrade'.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2010d from elsie.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2010e from elsie.
      Fix LINT build.
      Actually hook powernow.4 into the build.
      mdoc: Add NetBSD 6.0 (used in wbsio.4).
      Adjust some more to the recent groff 1.20.1 import.
      hammer.8: Fix list.
      fetch.9: Minor fixes.
      lwbuf.9: Add MLINKS and perform some cleanup.
      Fix LINT kernel build.
      Put 4 more kernel files under -Werror (fix x86_64 warnings).
      Add a nullfs manual page (adapted from FreeBSD).
      Some more cleanup after the addition of lightweight buffers.
      vkernel64: Additional adjustments (amd64 -> x86_64, recent commits etc.).
      syscons(4): Base renderer selection on the new mode's memory model.
      syscons(4): Remove (unused) scgfbrndr.c.
      Clean up some specfs remains.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tz{code,data}2010f from elsie.
      mandoc(1): Update to 1.9.19.
      msgrcv.3: No need for .Tn or .Ns here.
      Further adjustments for 64 bit vkernels.
      vkernel64: Fix some warnings and remove nowerror from two files.
      Sort sections in various manual pages.

Sepherosa Ziehau (4):
      ACPI C-STATE: Function renaming
      ACPICA: Unbreak ACPI_DEBUG_CACHE support
      busdma: Put alignment/boundary check failure logging under bootverbose
      rl(4): Read IDR to extract MAC address for unknown 8139 chips

Simon Schubert (41):
      dma: move config files to source directory
      etc: no need to upgrade dma configs
      move struct timespec into its own header
      Makefile.inc1: make sure that mtree is run for quickworld
      thread libs: move libc_r and libthread_xu to /usr/lib/thread
      getopt.1: getopt is deprecated, add a reference to getopts
      thread libs: migrate the libpthread.* symlinks on upgrade
      thread libs: also remove the static libraries from /usr/lib
      tools/genreadmedeleted: chmod +x
      bsd.dep.mk: don't build .depend every time
      libedit: add readline compat rl_completion_word_break_hook
      core dumps: don't claim we are FreeBSD
      Import gdb-7.0
      gdb: GC old versions
      gdb: add our READMEs
      gdb: add our changes
      gdb: update build infrastructure for gdb-7
      bsd.dep.mk: correctly sequence .depend* and generated sources
      ps: print /dev/pts/* as numbers, not as "pts"
      cmp: honor -x also for special files
      sh: fix spurious newline slips in backquote expansion
      Import gcc-4.4.2
      gcc44: update our READMEs
      gcc44: add our local modifications
      gcc44: drop questionable local modifications
      gcc44: adjust build infrastructure for gcc-4.4.2
      Import binutils-2.20
      binutils220: add our READMEs
      binutils220: add local modifications
      binutils220: add our build infrastructure
      binutils220: hook into build
      imgact_elf: accept .note.ABI-tag sections located anywhere
      imgact_elf: use correct offset when bouncing .note data
      binutils220: don't mix all DPADD into LDADD
      gdb/binutils220: don't terminate bfd target list prematurely
      libm: fnstsw only takes a 16bit argument
      Makefile.inc1: introduce WORLD_BINUTILSVER
      binutils220: the amd64 target is called x86_64
      rename amd64 architecture to x86_64
      rename amd64 architecture to x86_64
      morse: use cos envelope and 8ms ramp time

Stathis Kamperis (46):
      syscalls.master: Fix typo in comment.
      mqueues: Port POSIX message queues from NetBSD.
      mqueues: Add system calls.
      mqueues: vfs_subr: Add vaccess() method consumed by POSIX mqueues.
      mqueues: kern_descrip.c: Make badfo*() functions non-static.
      mqueues: Add librt (realtime library).
      mqueues: kdump: Ad-hoc translation for mq_open().
      mqueues: Hook into the build system.
      librt: Remove extraneous \ in Makefile target.
      librt: Use WARNS in Makefile instead of tweaking CFLAGS.
      mqueues: Remove unused variable.
      mqueues: Remove left-over commented out code.
      mqueues: Remove left-over commented out code.
      mq_*.2: .Nx -> .Dx
      mqueues: Implement S_TYPEISMQ() macro.
      mqueues: Mark syscalls as MPSAFE.
      mqueues: Add support for _SC_MQ_PRIO_MAX in sysconf(3).
      mqueues: Add support for _SC_MQ_OPEN_MAX in sysconf(3).
      Whitespace removal.
      mqueues: Let the world know we support them.
      sysconf.3: Sort variables alphabetically.
      sysconf.3: Document _SC_MQ_{OPEN, PRIO}_MAX.
      Garbage collect ghost sysctl.
      Garbage collect ghost sysctl.
      HAMMER Utility - Fix typo in var declaration.
      Allow null mounts to accept -o update
      libm: Import nearbyint{,f}() functions from FreeBSD.
      libm: Fix typos in Makefile comments.
      aio: Make sysconf() report correct value.
      realpath(1): Return EINVAL if filename is NULL pointer.
      realpath(1): Return ENOENT if filename is empty string.
      realpath(1): Fix style(9) violation from previous.
      mqueues: Garbage collect dead function prototype.
      nice(3): Return EPERM if increment is negative.
      mqueues: Return EINVAL upon invalid timeout request.
      mqueues: Remove duplicate code.
      mqueues: Partially sync with NetBSD.
      mqueues: Fix deadlock situation.
      mqueues: Reduce diffs with NetBSD.
      mqueues: Add sysctl for max message count in a queue.
      HAMMER Utility - Extend output in 'snapls' directive.
      HAMMER Utility - Handle PFS#0 case in 'snapls' directive
      awk(1): Increase input field separator width.
      libm: Hook cprojl.c into build.
      conj.3: Mention conjl.

Thomas Nikolajsen (16):
      rc.d/{initrandom,random}: Remove unneeded output
      hammer(8): version 3 doc update
      hammer(8): pfs-status: list correct snapshots default for HAMMER version 3+
      hammer.8: version 3 update, mandoc(1) clean
      hammer: hammer_recover_stage2() may only be called for read-write mounts
      busdma: Put alignment/boundary check failure under bootverbose
      man pages: remove reference to /usr/share/doc/{psd,smm,usd}
      hammer info: align display, include PFS#0 & show correct snapshot count
      hammer: minor doc update
      kernconf.5,config.8: minor cleanup
      hostname.1: Fix markup
      ktrace.2: Add description of kern.ktrace_suid
      ps: Sync usage() to SYNOPSIS
      hammer viconfig: remove 2nd 'rebalance'
      hammer cleanup: HAMMER version 3+ slave PFS fix
      hammer: update Version 4 description

Ulrich Spörlein (5):
      larn(6): remove unused (and stale) holidaysfile
      fortune(6): Fix wording and typos
      fortune(6): Sync improvements with Free/Net/OpenBSD; deduplicate
      fortune(6): Merge fortunes2 into regular fortunes
      fortune(6): fix more typos, whitespace, remove dupes

User (1):
      Import OpenSSL 0.9.8l

YONETANI Tomokazu (16):
      amd64 - mpt(4) should use {,u}int32_t for S32/U32
      Unbreak building vkernel by not linking against -lthread_xu.
      leftover from 0202303b: fix critical section mismatch.
      AMD64 - add missing assignments to fix garbled backtrace.
      Revert "AMD64 - add missing assignments to fix garbled backtrace."
      Fix kernel build for UP+KTR
      Fix kernel build with IPFILTER but IPFILTER_LOG
      kernel - use matching type for res; this fixes x86_64 build
      Merge SUBDIRS and SUBDIRS3 and their LSYM* versions.
      HAMMER Utility - Fix snapshots migration for non-default directories
      mptable - use fixed-size integers in the structures; fixes x86_64
      mptable - prepare to raise WARNS
      mptable - factor out the MP_SIG lookup code
      mptable - raise WARNS to 6
      nrelease - leftover from transition to building from pkgsrc tree
      nrelease: replace cvsup with pkgsrc/net/csup

DragonFly BSD source repository

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