DragonFly commits List (threaded) for 2009-07
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DragonFly commits List (threaded) for 2009-07
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DragonFly-2.3.2 annotated tag v2.3.2 created

From: Simon Schubert <corecode@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 06:20:04 -0700 (PDT)

        at  8776d557d65f970e113964fecc0205708787c597 (tag)
   tagging  be3e42fed85f77160f3a825b3c3f308d3b4e68f4 (commit)
  replaces  v2.3.1
 tagged by  Simon Schubert
        on  Wed Jul 15 15:19:08 2009 +0200

DragonFly 2.3.2
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (DragonFly)


Aggelos Economopoulos (52):
      kill a bit of dead code in nfs
      lock around accesses to uidinfo and varsymset
      Properly protect kernel structures in varsym.h
      sysctl.h should include kernel.h
      import mxge from FreeBSD as is
      get mxge to build, stage 1/many
      get mxge to build, stage 2/many
      sscanf -> ksscanf
      get mxge to build, stage 3/many
      get mxge to build, stage 4/many
      get mxge to build, stage 5/many
      get mxge to build, stage 6/many
      get mxge to build, stage 7/many
      get mxge to build, stage 8/many
      get mxge to build, stage 9/many
      get mxge to build, stage 9/many
      mxge: fix typo
      get mxge to build, stage 10/many
      mxge: fix typo
      get mxge to build, stage 11/many
      get mxge to build, stage 12/many
      get mxge to build, stage 13/many
      get mxge to build, stage 14/many
      get mxge to build, stage 15/many
      get mxge to build, stage 16/many
      get mxge to build, stage 17/many
      get mxge to build, stage 18/many
      get mxge to build, stage 19/many
      get mxge to build, stage 20/many
      get mxge to build, stage 21/many
      get mxge to build, stage 22/many
      get mxge to build, stage 23/many
      get mxge to build, stage 24/many
      get mxge to build, stage 25/many
      get mxge to build, stage 26/many
      get mxge to build, stage 27/many
      mxge: free softc sysctl_ctx
      get mxge to build, stage 28/many
      get mxge to build, stage 29/many
      mxge: initialize firmware length
      get mxge to build, stage 30/30
      mxge: document jumbo buffer hack
      mxge: avoid entering if->if_serializer before it's initialized
      mxge: serializer is held on entry in mxge_ioctl()
      mxge: hopefully fix serializers
      mxge: properly remove the sysctls
      mxge: use normal ethernet mtu by default
      mxge: properly initialize m_pkthdr.len as well
      mxge: call bus_setup_intr() after the if serializer has been set
      mxge: use ether_input_chain()
      mxge: import mxge.4 from FreeBSD
      mxge.4: sync with the status of the driver in DragonFly

Alexander Polakov (1):
      ACPI: Make acpi_pci* compile; they are not used yet.

Antonio Huete (1):
      Add 'hammer info' command that shows extended information about mounted HAMMER fs.

Hasso Tepper (29):
      Make pthread types visible via sys/types.h to conform SUSv3.
      Open source ath(4) HAL code.
      Make it possible to build ath(4) hal into the kernel.
      Remove symbols not in libpthread (libc_r).
      Make openssl define OPENSSL_NO_IDEA if compiled without IDEA support.
      Radeon microcode handling cleanup.
      Add support for RV790 (HD 4890) asics.
      Add regs required for occlusion queries support.
      Check offsets for R300_ZB_ZPASS_ADDR.
      Don't try to setup interrupts for drivers that don't support them.
      Don't panic if drm_rmmap is called with a NULL map pointer.
      krealloc() behaves identically to kmalloc when passed a NULL object pointer.
      Make all G4X chips use the new framecount register.
      Make atomic_load_acq_* and atomic_store_rel_* actually work.
      Hold the lock while we save/restore register for suspend/resume.
      Don't corrupt hardware vblank counter.
      More meaningful timeout for sleep.
      Remove signals for vblank events code.
      Only release irq resources if we were actually using them.
      Add some sysctl info so that we can see what is going on with vblanks.
      Ensure that we always hold the lock when executing vblank_disable_fn().
      Additional vblank cleanups.
      Fix one use of atomic for refcount missed in last commit.
      Keep track of the hardware counter more aggressively
      Initialize max_vblank_count earlier.
      Some more cleanups for vblank code on Intel.
      We shouldn't need to drop and reaquire the lock here.
      Update the sem_init(3) manpage - shared semaphores are supported now.
      "Sync" threading libaries.

Joe Talbott (2):
      sys_wait4(): Use uap->sysmsg_result when calling kern_wait().
      if_vke: Convert from kqueue API to cothread API.

Jordan Gordeev (46):
      amd64: first steps towards 64-bit pmap
      vga(4): Fix truncation of 64-bit addresses.
      amd64: Fix several "sizeof(size_t) != sizeof(int)" bugs.
      amd64: pmap: sync pmap_kmem_choose() with FreeBSD.
      amd64: varsym: increase varsym set size limit
      amd64: varsym: increase varsym set size limit
      amd64: Fix several "sizeof(size_t) != sizeof(int)" bugs.
      amd64: first steps towards 64-bit pmap
      vga(4): Fix truncation of 64-bit addresses.
      amd64: pmap: sync pmap_kmem_choose() with FreeBSD.
      Fix chunking type to match expected pointer type.  Needed for amd64.
      amd64: pmap: Use consistent names in comments.
      amd64: pmap: Improve comments.
      amd64: pmap: Fix sizes and indices related to the pm_pteobj vm_object.
      amd64: Check that pages freed to the zeroed-pages queue are really zeroed.
      amd64: Fixes for pmap_release() and related functions + other stuff
      amd64: Take red zone into account when handling signals.
      amd64: Fix 'hw.availpages' sysctl.
      amd64: Use 'doreti' to return from syscalls.
      amd64: Implement cpu_prepare_lwp().
      amd64: Print more information when applications segfault.
      amd64: Remove flag 'PCB_FULLCTX' now that it is unused.
      amd64: Remove unneeded asserts. Fixes a bug.
      amd64: Fix saving and restoring of FPU state.
      amd64: Fix booting on machines with large ammounts of RAM.
      amd64: Remove or disable most uses of kprintf0().
      amd64: Fix a bug in cpu_prepare_lwp().
      amd64: Big batch of SMP changes.
      amd64: Fix improper types in description of mptable structures.
      amd64: Allow search_for_sig() to return 64-bit quantities.
      amd64: Don't forget to call mp_probe().
      amd64: Sync mp_bootaddress() with FreeBSD.
      amd64: Map the local APIC.
      amd64: Call mptable_pass2().
      amd64: Help mptable_pass2() find and read the mptable.
      amd64: Update cpu_mfence(), cpu_lfence(), cpu_sfence() for SMP.
      amd64: Fix improper saving of a register.
      amd64: Use the proper form of 'iret' to return from interrupt handlers.
      amd64: Fixes for init_secondary().
      amd64: Fix invocations of setidt().
      amd64: Correct an omission.
      amd64: Properly size an array for SMP.
      amd64: Use proper size for atomic ops.
      amd64: Fix UP kernel build.
      amd64: Change the way I/O APIC's are mapped.
      amd64: Sync header 'int_limits.h' with i386.

Justin C. Sherrill (1):
      s/pkgbox/avalon/g for nrelease, pkg_radd, pkg_search.  Plus pkg_radd fixes.

Matthew Dillon (194):
      Add a dummy offset to the arrays generated by genassym to avoid ary[0]
      Fix an installworld failure due to kernel fixes and a libthread_xu issue.
      Add cpdup feature - allow uid/gid/flags changes to fail if running as user
      Use MAP_TRYFIXED instead of MAP_FIXED when mapping the red zone.
      Add sanity check: Assert (gd_spinlocks_wr > 0) prior to decrementing it.
      Removing debugging kprintf() in PTE race check.
      Add missing call to sysctl_ctx_init(), fixing a boot-time panic.
      Add missing vnconfig -u fixing a build error when doing a make from scratch.
      Fix a simple code bug when dealing with a raced vnode in hammer_get_vnode().
      Fix bug in recent commit - fcntl(... O_ASYNC) on tty's got broke.
      vkernel now autoprobes vkd0s1a as well as vkd0s0a to locate the root fs.
      vknetd - add features, allow ip to be set in unsecure mode, allow addr 0.
      Add cothread_delete() to the vkernel cothread API.
      Use the new cothread_delete() API in vke_stop().
      vkernel - Fix races in stopsig() and ipisig().
      Add a vkernel test environment build
      Instrument contigmalloc() failures to provide better information.
      Save creds on nfs_open() for later read/write/etc.
      libkvm - use the proper format %lx for kva, which is an unsigned long.
      Supporting amd64 /dev/kmem requires allowing apparently negative lseek offsets.
      amd64 - Fix compiler warning.
      Miscellanious protection around pthread calls to avoid signal reentrancy.
      vkernel - more crit section work to avoid pthread reentrancy.
      CAM fixes - queue empty tests, sim refcount, add XPORT_AHCI enum.
      CAM Enhancements for AHCI driver work, import some structures from OpenBSD.
      Add entries to pcidevs for AHCI products and regenerate.
      Add typedefs for pci register integral types, taken from OpenBSD.
      Minor string description changes to match READ_CAPACITY_16
      bus_dma_tag fixes and enhancements.
      Add definition for ATAPI_READ_CAPACITY_16 (same as ATAPI_SERVICE_ACTION_IN)
      Add prototype for bus_dma_tag_getmaxsize().
      AHCI Driver port from OpenBSD to DragonFly - Initial commit
      AHCI Driver - add initial ATAPI support, suppy fake SENSE for DISK support.
      scsi_read_capacity_data_long -> scsi_read_capacity_data_16
      Fix amd64 build and UP build issues with recent commit.
      AHCI - Hook up sense information from rfis for ATAPI commands
      AHCI - Add conditional logic for wcache and rahead, enhanced reporting, fixes
      AHCI - Add conditional logic for wcache and rahead, enhanced reporting, fixes
      AHCI - Normalize console reporting of the port scan to make it easier to read.
      AHCI - Hot Plug support, ATAPI IDENTIFY, CAM bus scan issues, etc
      Add the AHCI driver to the kernel module build subsystem and to LINT
      vmstat - Add another byte of width for Csw, Trp, Sys, Int, and Flt.
      systat - fix bug in vmmeter when switching to it via ':pv'.
      AHCI - Hotplug.  Increase timeout for BSY check, FIS adjusts for softreset, CAM
      AHCI - Implement ahci_xpt_poll() - fix livelock during shutdown/reboot/panic
      USB - umass - fix reentrancy issues when rescanning the bus.
      AHCI - properly initialize ccb_xa.flags in softreset, make poll code robust
      AHCI - Fix a polled command issue.
      USB - Fix polling code
      USB - Add support for xfer-restart-before-callback
      DDB - Do not generate endless stream of CRs if console not attached
      USB - Properly handle the 'wait' flag when getting a char from the keyboard
      Correct missing 'STD' clause in entries for syscalls.master 450-452
      vmstat enhancements - Fall-back to kilobytes and megabytes if field too wide
      AHCI bug fixes & enhancements.  port_init, port_stop, port_start, etc.
      AHCI - Improve hot-plug sequencing.
      AHCI - Add some small delays in the reset sequence.
      AHCI - Better reset sequencing, bug fixes
      AHCI - Initial Port Multiplier support + misc fixes, and major reorg.
      AHCI - DHRS interrupt does not stop command processing.
      AHCI - Try to salvage port on PM target failure.
      CAM - Silence console spew on bus-rescan
      AHCI - Add Port Multiplier HOTPLUG support
      CAM - add xpt_action_async()
      AHCI - Fix CAM reentrancy problem, work-around HW async notification issue.
      AHCI - follow fixes to CAM
      CAM - Add missing protocol for xpt_action_async()
      AHCI - Implement parallel port scan and thread each port interrupt.
      AHCI - Fix a bug in ahci_port_intr() when blockable == 0.
      AHCI - Port multiplier plug/unplug work, tuning, cleanup, bug fixes.
      AHCI - fixes to ahci_port_init()
      AHCI - Fix PM probing issues, wait 10 seconds on physical port insertion
      AHCI - fix minor bug in last commit.
      AHCI - Port Multiplier bug fixes
      AHCI - Implement better timeout semantics, fix bug in error handling, softreset
      AHCI - Bug fixes - primary port probe and TFD flushing.
      AHCI - Minor console output spew cleanup
      AHCI - Add kenv "boot.hint.ahci_disabled", and add a boot menu option for it
      GENERIC kernel build - build-in the AHCI driver.
      AHCI - Add hint.ahci.force150.  Force negotiation at 1.5GBits.
      Set tty ownership on pty open (temporary until devfs is integrated)
      AHCI - Add additional information in the CMD TIMEOUT message.
      AHCI - add new kenv "hint.ahci.nofeatures"
      AHCI - go back to reading the EINFO register, check for unexpected EINFO bits
      AHCI - augment ahci_pm_check_good() to handle targets larger then pmcount.
      AHCI - separate pmreg.h out, always zero the FIS in ahci_ata_get_xfer()
      CAM - Change XPORT_AHCI to XPORT_SATA.
      SILI - Silicon Image 3132 driver, initial commit
      AHCI - Bring fixes in from SILI.
      AHCI - Remove DIAGNOSTICs
      BUSDMA - Add bus_space_kva()
      Fix kernel compile error in last commit due to lack of types.h in some sources
      SILI - Work around hardware LRAM bugs part 1/2.
      DEVS - Clean up some reference counting issues
      PCIDEVS - Add vendors
      SILI - Work around hardware LRAM bugs part 2/2.
      disk subsystem - Fixup dev->si_* fields for XXXs0, e.g. da0s0
      CCD - Allow ccd to be kldunload'd.
      Fix amd64 compile issue: I386_BUS_SPACE_IO -> AMD64_BUS_SPACE_IO.
      SILI - Get read log page 10 working, improve error handling.
      SILI - Reorganize the probe code, fix CAM startup issues, remove debugging
      SILI - Fix port re-insertion probe problems when coming out of DET_INIT
      AHCI - Intel fixes, error processing fixes.
      SILI - Minor fixes and adjustments.
      AHCI - Correct prdbc warning.
      HAMMER UTIL - Add minor verboseness to "show"
      HAMMER UTIL - Add -C cachesize option to improve the 'show' command.
      HAMMER (and kernel) - Fix cpu-bound kernel thread issue.
      HAMMER UTILITY - reorg cache, add -C, document blockmap and show command.
      iostat - Increase the tps field width from 3 to 4.
      HAMMER VFS - Add hinting capability to block allocator, hint B-Tree
      HAMER VFS - Cache additional b-tree nodes in directory.
      cpdup - Do not create a .tmp file and rename if the target does not exist.
      HAMMER VFS - Implement inode number matching against the directory hash
      fdisk - allow media sizes larger then 2TB
      disklabel - expand warning if the media is too large.
      kernel diskmbr handling - Detect maxed out slice ds_size field.
      usb - More interrupt livelock fixes.
      usb ehci - Fix machine freezes from shutdown race
      HAMMER Util: Fix missing check on fopen result.
      usb ehci - Fix machine freezes from shutdown race (missing commit)
      AMD64 - Fix many compile-time warnings.  int/ptr type mismatches, %llx, etc.
      AMD64 - More %llX format fixes
      USB - Fix compiler warning.
      AMD64 - Support -m32 by conditionalizing 32 and 64 bit typedefs.
      libstand - remove iaddr_t, do not assume long double is a power of 2, clean up
      rcng - add rcng script to fixup kern.bootfile
      rcng - add fixbootfile to Makefile for install
      CAM/UMASS - use xpt_action_async() to ensure asynchronous scsi bus scan.
      CAM - Auto unit number start based on device
      HAMMER UTILS - Add to the newfs_hammer documentation.
      HAMMER VFS - Take reserved space into account when reporting statvfs data
      nrelease - img build - A usb stick will now probe starting at da8
      nrelease - img file - use boot0cfg to set packet mode
      AHCI - Reduce console spew
      SILI - Cleanup, remove broken KKASSERT and remove DIAGNOSTICs
      CAM - Unconditionally print out the serial number
      AHCI - Add serial number support, strip whitespace.
      SILI - Add serial number support, strip whitespace.
      SILI - Add the SILI driver to the general module build
      SILI - Fix assertion panic during error handling.
      SILI - Increase hard -> soft PM target delay to 5 seconds
      AHCI/SILI - Remove unused ScsiTypeArray array
      udp6 - Fix multicast and other issues
      HAMMER VFS - version 2 work - move directory entries to inode localization
      HAMMER VFS - Fix umount panic on buffer flush race
      HAMMER UTIL - show command now includes inode capability field.
      HAMMER - newfs_hammer - format with highest production version available
      HAMMER VFS - Export highest supported production version with sysctl.
      AHCI/SILI - Do manual chipid check to PMs with fake ports
      libthread_xu - implement pshared for sem_init
      Update the sem_init(3) manpage - with additional info on the pshared impl.
      HAMMER VFS - Make the same changes to statfs() that were made to statvfs().
      pcidevs - Add entries for Intel ICH6 and ICH7 series chipsets.
      AHCI - Move some intel-specific magic writes to intel-specific code.
      AHCI - ATAPI adjustments.
      SILI - ATAPI adjustments.
      AHCI - Fix embarassing bug for non-NCQ disk accesses > 128G
      SILI - Fix embarassing bug for non-NCQ disk accesses > 128G
      file descriptor enumeration - Fix races
      HAMMER - Formalize the maximum number of volumes (256).
      frevoke - More fixes to fdfree()
      USB - Fix mis-cast in EHCI producing garbage on console
      AHCI - Set AE before doing hard reset (HR).
      BOOT2 - adjust hammerread code to understand the new directory localization cap.
      mbwtest - Attempt to detect the L3 cache.
      VKERNEL - vkernel test build, build SMP
      JG64 - include ahci, sili, and usb devices
      AMD64 - stop the backtrace if the stack address is too low.
      AMD64 - Enable floating point context switching
      AMD64 - Fix bug in pmap_release_free_page()
      AMD64 - Fix trapframe, intrframe, and user mode cpu accounting.
      AHCI - Do not try to attach as AHCI unless INTEL part identifies as AHCI
      AMD64 - Fix native-built sys/boot install
      AMD64 - Enable module building, sync i386 headers etc as needed.
      AMD64 - Use ld -r to generate .ko for modules.
      libc - use a valid pointer for malloc(0).
      AMD64 - Include NULLFS in JG64
      AMD64 - Fix identcpu.
      CAM - disable cache synchronization by default for USB attachments.
      libutil - add getdevpath()
      Add /sbin/getdevpath utility - userland convenience utility for getdevpath(3).
      procfs - fix incremental reads of /proc/*/rlimit
      getdevpath - add _PATH_DEVTAB_PATHS
      vrevoke/single-user - fix more revoke issues.
      pipe - pre-MP work, remove direct map and sfbuf features
      Document various get-time functions and vfs_timestamp() as MPSAFE.
      pipe - pre-MP work, change indexing to circular FIFO rindex/windex.
      pipe - Make pipe r/w MPSAFE, add kern.pipe.mpsafe (disabled by default)
      pipe - Fix piperd/pipewr deadlock in mpsafe case
      clocks - Add fine-grained spin delay function via TSC
      pipe - replace use of DELAY() with a better solution, add features.
      SYSPERF - update pipe1, pipe2
      pipe - fix UP build error.

Michael Neumann (41):
      Implement -y "force yes" option for hammer utility.
      Simplify logical expression
      priv: Narrow down privileges
      priv: Introduce PRIV_VM_RESIDENT and use it
      priv: Narrow down privileges
      priv: Narrow down privileges; new PRIV_JAIL_CREATE
      priv: Narrow down privileges
      Fix typo
      priv: Narrow down privileges
      priv: Narrow down privileges
      priv: Narrow down privileges
      priv: Reactivate and use PRIV_SETDOMAINNAME
      priv: Narrow privileges
      priv: Refactor kern_mknod and narrow privileges
      priv: Introduce prison_priv_check()
      priv: Reduce some uses of PRISON_ROOT
      priv: Remove some uses of PRIV_ROOT/PRISON_ROOT
      priv: Introduce and use PRIV_VFS_CHMOD
      priv: Use PRIV_VFS_LINK
      priv: Use PRIV_VFS_CHFLAGS_DEV
      priv: Introduce and use PRIV_VFS_REVOKE
      priv: Use PRIV_NETINET_RAW
      priv: Comment PRIV_NETINET_RAW as FreeBSD does
      priv: Use PRIV_NETINET_RAW
      priv: Introduce and use PRIV_VFS_SETATTR in xxx_setattr()
      Remove duplicate line
      priv: Refactor UFS quota permissions
      priv: Sync ext2_quotactl() with ufs_quotactl() implementation
      priv: Use PRIV_VFS_SETGID
      priv: Use PRIV_DEBUG_UNPRIV in procfs
      priv: Define and use PRIV_HAMMER_IOCTL
      Simplify expressions
      priv: Define and use PRIV_VARSYM_SYS
      priv: Define and use PRIV_SETHOSTNAME
      priv: Define and use PRIV_PROC_TRESPASS
      priv: Finally get completely rid of PRISON_ROOT flag.

Peter Avalos (36):
      Remove old versions of OpenSSH.
      Move openssh-5/ to openssh/.  We don't need a versioned directory.
      Add README.DELETED to the OpenSSH's vendor branch.
      Upgrade to OpenSSH-5.2p1.
      Remove old versions of file.
      Move file-4/ to file/.  We don't need a versioned directory.
      Add README.DELETED to file's vendor branch.
      Upgrade to file-5.03.
      Allow pre-2.3 systems to build the new version of file.
      Remove dead code (_ARCH_INDIRECT) from <machine/asm.h>.
      Define an END() macro for use in i386 and amd64 assembly code.
      Sync with i386's _fpmath.h:
      Update some of the amd64 parts of libc:
      Add amd64 assembly versions of div(3), ldiv(3), and lldiv(3).
      Add MD, optimized versions of string functions for amd64.
      Remove old versions of less.
      Move less-4/ to less/.  No need for versioned directories.
      Add README.DELETED to the vendor/LESS branch.
      Upgrade to less-429.
      Remove GNU cpio.
      Remove old versions of libarchive.
      Rename libarchive-2/ to libarchive/.  No need for it to be versioned.
      Add README.DELETED to libarchive's vendor branch.
      Upgrade to libarchive-2.7.0.
      Remove old versions of libpcap.
      Move libpcap-0.9/ to libpcap.  No need to version the directory.
      Add README.DELETED to libpcap's vendor branch.
      Remove old versions of tcpdump.
      Move tcpdump-3.9/ to tcpdump/.  No need for a versioned dir.
      Update to libpcap-1.0.0.
      Add README.DELETED to the tcpdump vendor branch.
      Upgrade to tcpdump-4.0.0.
      Remove tcpslice(1).
      Stop building multiple versions of telnet.
      bootpgw:  Use err(3).
      Oops!  Actually install /usr/libexec/telnetd.

Sascha Wildner (135):
      Sync the aac(4) manual page with FreeBSD RELENG_6_2.
      pkgsrc.7: mention /usr/Makefile
      pkgsrc.7: Reference pkgsrc-wip's sourceforge URL
      installer: Remove some unused defines.
      installer: def_capacity is not used, remove it.
      installer: Set WARNS to 1 for now.
      malloc.3: Add missing section in .Xr.
      smp.4: List the SMP options in the SYNOPSIS.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD
      Sync libfetch(3) with FreeBSD.
      Sync fetch(1) with FreeBSD.
      installer: ../Makefile.inc is included via bsd.init.mk, no need to repeat.
      lex(1): Make WARNS cover libl too.
      locate(1): Set WARNS from locate/Makefile.inc for all subdirs.
      tip(1): Set WARNS from tip/Makefile.inc for all subdirs and fix a warning.
      lint(1): Set WARNS from xlint/Makefile.inc for all subdirs.
      Raise some WARNS in usr.sbin/.
      crunch: Raise WARNS to 1.
      crunchgen and friends install to /usr/bin, so move here.
      usr.sbin/i4b: Remove #warning about ncurses deficiency and raise WARNS to 1.
      lpr(1): Connect filters.ru/ to the parent Makefile.inc and fix 2 warnings.
      mrouted(8): Raise WARNS to 1 and fix two warnings.
      nscd(8): Raise WARNS to 2.
      tcpdump(1): Raise WARNS to 2.
      timed(8): Set WARNS from timed/Makefile.inc for all subdirs.
      zic(8) & zdump(8): Raise WARNS to 2 and silence a warning.
      installer: Rename fn_subpart.c to fn_subpart_ufs.c.
      Oops fix crunchgen path.
      window(1): Sync with NetBSD (which is cleaner than FreeBSD's).
      resident(1): Fix i386 warning (introduced when fixing amd64 warnings).
      ipfilter(8): Include <sys/dirent.h> instead of <sys/dir.h>.
      Put WARNS?=6 in usr.sbin/Makefile.inc (like in usr.bin/ etc.).
      installer: Remove some dead code and raise WARNS to 2.
      installer: Fix amd64 warning.
      <netipx/spx_debug.h>: Constify spxnames[].
      netstat(1): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      asf(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      tzsetup(8): Raise WARNS to 2 and fix a warning.
      makewhatis(8): Fix amd64 warning.
      atmarpd(8)/scspd(8): Fix amd64 warnings.
      undo(1): Fix amd64 warnings.
      pkill(1): Silence amd64 warning.
      gzip(1): Fix amd64 warning.
      aacvar.h: Fix typo in AAC_ON_AACQ_MASK.
      ath(4) HAL: Adjust/fix a few build related things.
      ath(4) HAL: Set AH_SUPPORT_AR5416 to 1 for now (unbreaks buildkernel).
      newvers.sh: Take the src/ dir as an argument instead of hard coding it.
      etc/rc.d/sendmail: Actually execute sendmail_precmd().
      ath_hal.4: Update a bit for the recent HAL update (taken from FreeBSD).
      vknetd.8: Start sentences on new lines.
      vknetd.8: Document Matt's recent changes to vknetd(8).
      vknet.8: Fix typo.
      Remove .sh suffix from the last 3 rc scripts that had it.
      Adjust objformat.1 and getobjformat.3 to the current state of affairs.
      objformat(1): Fix comment typo and trailing newline.
      libkvm: Raise WARNS to 2 and fix warnings.
      libthread_xu: Use -Wl,... for passing linker options.
      hammer.8: Fix typo.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009h from elsie.
      ath(4): Really unbreak MODULES_WITH_WORLD building.
      ugensa(4): Fix handling of Huawei modems.
      Remove remaining host.conf(5) traces.
      contrib/tcp_wrappers: Fix fix_options()'s return type.
      rpc.rquotad(8): Remove bogus #include <varargs.h>.
      localtime(3): Silence the last i386 warning in libc.
      rc.sendmail(8): Fix typo.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009i from elsie.
      posix_spawn.3: Sort by section number, then alphabetically.
      nrelease: Tar the src tarballs for the CD/DVD from the root of the src tree.
      mount(8): Add an 'ignore' option.
      Add missing ahci_pm.c to sys/conf/files.
      Fix several 'cound' typos.
      sed(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
      sed(1): Remove the old regression tests.
      sbin/hammer/cmd_mirror.c: Stick with style(9) bracing style.
      Adjust the LiveDVD's beastie.4th too for the AHCI option.
      Add an ahci(4) manual page from OpenBSD (with some adaptation).
      ahci.4: Fix typo.
      Build the packages for our our LiveCD/DVD with options "dri" & "inet6".
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009j from elsie.
      Add sys/boot/pc32/boot0sio to the build.
      Raise WARNS level of several libraries.
      libmd: Raise WARNS to 2 and fix a warning.
      pnpinfo(8): isolation_protocol() takes no arguments.
      diff(1): Commit our patches to contrib/ and get rid of -I-.
      pnpinfo(8): Oops, add missing semicolons.
      make upgrade: Remove GNU cpio's info file, too.
      Add sili(4) and drm(4) manpages (from OpenBSD and NetBSD, respectively).
      Adjust hammer.sh for the new "fixbootfile" rc script.
      subr_diskmbr.c: Fix some warning fixes.
      lastcomm(1): Sync with FreeBSD's RELENG_6.
      rc.conf.5: Document 'fixbootfile'.
      Properly terminate some quotations in several manual pages.
      utf2.5: Terminate quotation.
      Add Colemak keyboard layout.
      Make sili(4) compilable into the kernel and add it to GENERIC & LINT.
      nrelease: Sync the LiveDVD kernels with some recent changes.
      installer: Raise the absolute minimum disk size to 2GB.
      installer: Add UFS /boot & HAMMER ROOT support.
      Regenerate the pciconf(8) database
      installer: Fix debugging function call.
      sem_init.3: Some little mdoc cleanup.
      installer: Move the 'chflags nohistory ...' commands behind the cpdups.
      installer: Use disklabel64 for the UFS only install, too.
      hammer.sh: Sync with some of the recent installer changes.
      Add a wrapper script to allow "foreign" compilers into our build system.
      Remove extra whitespace and fix types in some manual pages.
      rc.d/mountd: Bring in some fixes from FreeBSD
      installer: Fix configuration of a HAMMER system with UFS /boot.
      installer: Remove part that wasn't meant to be committed.
      ffs.3: Fix SYNOPSIS.
      hammerread.c: Fix WARNS regression (unused variable).
      pciconf(8): Sync with FreeBSD's RELENG_7_2.
      sys/bus/pci: Remove left over inclusion <sys/cdefs.h>.
      pci.4: Sync with FreeBSD RELENG_7_2.
      pciconf(8): Fix some warnings.
      hammer.8: Comment out rebalance which is not part of cleanup yet.
      Remove hardcoded -g in several Makefiles.
      Remove obsolete kernel options: PCI_ENABLE_IO_MODES & PCI_QUIET.
      pci.9: Sync with FreeBSD.
      pthread*.3: Sync the pthread manpages with FreeBSD.
      sigwait.3: Add missing '.'
      pthread_barrierattr.3: Remove empty section.
      pthread_once.3: Fix typo.
      getdevpath.[38]: mdoc cleanup
      Remove crunchgen(8).
      kmod.mk: Remove some dead code supposed to handle modules' manual pages.
      libtelnet: Fix some mis-usage of NULL and raise WARNS to 2.
      priv.9: Update for recent changes.
      telnet.1: Remove unnecessary .Pp
      mxge.4: Some small changes.
      telnet: Fix a bug (really use the return value of tty_istrapsig()).
      mxge: Add opt_inet.h to the Makefile.
      mxge: Clean up Makefile a little more.

Sepherosa Ziehau (150):
      pktgenctl: Update according to recent libc changes
      Switch one shot timer, if user allows C3 state to be entered.
      Count inter-processor and LAPIC timer interrupts
      Expose per-cpu vmmeter through vm.cpuX.vmmeter
      systat(1): Add "vmmeter" command to show per-cpu statistics
      Use nq version of systimer_init_periodic() when initialize interrupt
      Remove lapic_timer_test
      Enable lapic timer by default.
      Cleanup systimer.h
      tcp timer: Remember tcpcb owner thread's msgport, so timer message could
      Add interrupt cputimer interface.
      More clock cleanup:
      Unbreak buildworld
      Duplicate platform/pc32/isa/clock.c to platform/pc64/isa/clock.c
      vkernel, not qemu
      aac(4): Break out of the loop, if the command could not be sent.
      systat(1): Display external interrupts (non-ipi, non-lapic timer interrupt)
      Revert "More clock cleanup:"
      amd64: Sync isa/clock.c with i386's
      - Staticize cpu_initclocks()
      aac(4): Functions called on the interrupt processing code path is not MPSAFE
      ioapic: Fix destination setting.
      ioapic: Allow user to specify irq's destination CPU
      Document hw.irq.X.dest in loader(8) manpage
      tcp timer: Don't try stopping timers if timer message is not created.
      tap(4): Add ifclone support
      tap(4): Correct reversed logic
      tap(4): More fixes to tapuponopen.
      systat(1): vmmeter -> pvmmeter
      ifpoll: Rework systimer related bits after lapic timer could be used.
      ifpoll: Move status sysctl tree to net.ifpoll.0
      ifpoll: Add sysctl nodes for TX and status polling fraction.
      ifpoll: Adjust status polling's cached pollhz iff we are on CPU0
      ifpoll: Let callers of {st,io}poll_clock() hold critical section.
      acpi_cpu: Split C-State support out of cpu driver.
      acpi_cpu: Override resource alloc/release methods.
      acpi_cpu: Let cpu driver install ACPI-CA notify handler; C-State driver
      ACPI P-State support step 1/2: Extract information from ACPI objects
      ACPI P-State support step 1.5/2: Add CPU driver for AMD 10h family processors
      ACPI P-State support step 2/2: Add CPU driver for AMD 0fh family processors
      ACPI P-State CPU driver: shorten function name
      route_output: Correctly set family according to the rtinfo.rti_dst
      route_output: Fix RTM_DELETE rtentry leakage
      icmp: Bring in reply_src and reply_from_interface sysctl nodes.
      ACPI P-State: Using priority messages
      Defer LAPIC mapping from pmap_bootstrap() to mp_enable()
      Remove mp_capable; mp_enable() uses cpu_apic_address.
      mptable_pass1: Don't set ncpus to 1; it has already been setup.
      Save EBDA address before mp_probe()
      Defer mptable_pass1() from mp_probe() to mp_enable()
      Reorder MP probing
      mp_probe(): Return physical address of the MP float pointer struct
      Change mptable mapping mechanism during mptable parsing.
      mp_probe() -> mptable_probe()
      Correct mptable_pass[12]() function comment
      Get rid of global variable 'boot_cpu_id'
      MP table related static function renaming
      ACPI P-State probing: Put _PCT evaluation error logging under bootverbose.
      Implement ACPI MADT parsing
      Add mp_set_cpuids(), which links CPU's logical id to its apic id
      Fallback to ACPI MADT CPU enumeration, if BIOS does not provide MP table.
      MADT MP probe: Rework cpuid mapping, and cpuid to apicid mapping
      Correct the logical_cpus calculation in mptable_hyperthread_fixup()
      Remove bsp_apic_ready
      Staticize mp_nbusses
      Put mp_nbusses and bus_data under APIC_IO
      MP table: Do preliminary checks before claiming that the MP table is valid
      MP table: Pull lapic related information extraction into seperate function
      Add lapic_init() to map local apic
      Add APIC_ID to extract apic id from local apic id field
      Rearrange mptable_lapic_enumerate() by factoring out mptable_lapic_default()
      mptable_lapic_enumerate(): Fix comment
      NAPICID 16 -> 256.
      MP table: Remove global variables for HT fixup
      Use mptable_iterate_entries() in mptable_pass1()
      mptable_default() only configures ioapic stuffs
      Let mptable_pass2() call mptable_default()
      Pull IMCR setting out of mptable_pass2()
      Use mptable_iterate_entries() in mptable_pass2()
      ACPI MADT: Add madt_iterate_entries()
      ACPI MADT: Check existance of BSP in madt_check()
      ACPI MADT: When locating lapic address, take Local APIC Address Override
      Use madt_iterate_entries() in madt_pass2()
      Merge mptable_check() into mptable_probe()
      MP table: Don't mix lapic/ioapic/imcr configuration information extraction
      MP probe: Get rid of cpu_apic_address
      Move lapic_init() into apic/mpapic.c
      Introduce lapic enumerators, which is used to probe and config lapics
      ACPI MADT: Don't use the "Initial APIC ID" in cpu_procinfo(cpuid.1)
      IO APIC: Mask the interrupt signal before trying to clear IRR by switching
      MP table: Test 0xe0000 when searching MP float pointer structure
      Sync PCI code with FreeBSD 7.2
      pci: Don't test whether acpi module is loaded; acpi-pci is not ready to go yet
      Revoke kreallocf()
      pci: Put back APIC_IO PCI interrupt routine workaround
      pci: device_identify method returns int
      pci: Bring back part of dbcd0c9b8a52c489e134c81386c900b1338da9e4
      pci: Bring back b0486c83a8f6492dcc8941711cccc6cc3d2dea03
      pci: Bring back 978400d3b04daf8f91ba8bb2dcc382a37ef632f4
      pci: Bring back 72876ce0680bbb61ce6bedfb36f18004c36e99fc
      pci: Bring back 3f607eb6e6bf8981c33dc29fd477005f364fa9ce
      pci: Put back header gardian in header files
      pci: Reorganize PCI capabilities' extraction
      pci: Put back PCI Express related bits
      pci: Remove PC98 code
      pciconf(8): Update PCIC/PCIS macro names accordingly
      pci: Log a message if PIR checksum failed
      pci: Don't allow PCIBIOS PCI-PCI bridge to attach if APIC_IO is defined
      pci: Remove debug left overs
      pci: Fix up bunch of warnings
      cbb(4): Rework secondary bus number setup; aware of PCI domain
      cardbus(4): Merge resource allocation changes (for new PCI code) from FreeBSD
      pci: Don't clear BAR if resource reservation failed.
      pci: White space cleanup
      pci: Move legacyvar.h to bus/pci/i386
      pci: pcib_owner no longer exists
      pci: Resurrect COMPAT_OLDPCI; mainly to unbreak LINT building
      agp/drm: Adapt according to the recent pci code change
      pci: Partly restore original unknown device information logging.
      pci/amd64: Duplicate pci/i386 to pci/amd64.
      ACPI P-State: Get rid of 'H' suffix
      ACPI package: Factor out acpi_PkgRawGas()
      ACPI P-State: Wrap ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS in struct acpi_pst_res
      ACPI C-State: Move rid allocation into ACPI CPU and save rid for each C-State
      acpi_bus_alloc_gas: Constify gas parameter
      ACPI P-State: Try allocating resource for CSR
      ACPI P-State: Add init method for CPU driver.
      ACPI P-State: Implement CPU driver for Intel CPUs
      Intel P-State CPU driver: Support ioport control/status registers
      ACPI P-State: Allow # of member CPUs in the CPU domain less than required
      Bump __DragonFly_version after introducing PCI domain
      Turn on PG_N (nocache) when mapping ioapic
      Move to the interrupt's destination CPU before tearing down the interrupt
      fast intr: Don't dispatch to the BGL owner, if BGL could not be holden;
      Remove unsued code in kern/kern_intr.c
      Remove unused code in pc32/ipl.s
      Use IOAPIC_WINDOW in pc32/apic_ipl.s
      APIC vector: Compact redirect entry's mask bit setting and clearing
      Use genassym to replace magic numbers in pc32/apic_{vector,ipl}.s
      IO APIC: Get rid of apic_pin_trigger
      IO APIC: Get rid of apic_imen
      Remove unused code in pc32/apic_vector.s
      Remove unused code in pc32/ipl.s
      ACPI MADT: Hide debug prints under bootverbose
      IO APIC: Assign pins dedicated to PCI in the early stage.
      pci: Add MPTable Host-PCI/PCI-PCI bridges drivers.
      Use same interrupt vector handler for fast/slow interrupt handlers
      MPTable PCI interrupt routing: Verbose logging if an ISA IRQ is to be tried.
      amd64: Copy MPTable PCI interrput routing code from i386
      Get rid of PCI_MAP_FIXUP and opt_pci.h

Simon Schubert (13):
      gcc-4.1: correctly generate libstdc++ gthr.h headers
      ncal: always generate all lines for a month in cal mode
      undo: always collect history of the file
      undo: free temporary filename
      libc_r: map initial stack red zone with MAP_TRYFIXED
      stdint.h: rearrange declarations into separate files
      libthread_xu: disable use of version script
      gcc34: fix spello in comment
      undo: don't double free path
      libc: consolidate pthread stub functions
      drm: adapt and use drm_close
      drm: add support for Intel G41
      nrelease: don't mkdir bootstrap workdir

Stathis Kamperis (11):
      Add syscall.9 adapted from OpenBSD.
      nlookup.9: Remove references to namei() which we don't have.
      kdump(1): Fix add hoc translation for setpriority.
      sh(1): Reset getopt(3) before executing built-in commands.
      nice(3): Return new nice value.
      pthread_attr.3: Document pthread_attr_{get,set}_guardsize().
      Add missing definition for RLIMIT_AS resource.
      getrlimit.2: Markup fixes.
      libm: Import fmax{,f,l} and fmin{,f,l} functions from FreeBSD.
      libm: Import fdim{,f,l} functions from FreeBSD.
      math.3: Mention f{max,min,dim}.

DragonFly BSD source repository

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