DragonFly commits List (threaded) for 2009-05
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DragonFly commits List (threaded) for 2009-05
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DragonFly-2.3.1 annotated tag v2.3.1 created

From: Simon Schubert <corecode@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 7 May 2009 00:41:37 -0700 (PDT)

        at  884d2d614cbefa0a53c8d548155957f70bfd504a (tag)
   tagging  33a70342dc4e7f9a4ad7c120a827234a33153ca4 (commit)
  replaces  v2.3.0
 tagged by  Simon Schubert
        on  Thu May 7 09:36:55 2009 +0200

DragonFly 2.3.1
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (DragonFly)


Aggelos Economopoulos (4):
      kill db_print_backtrace()
      teach libkvm about vkernels
      document kvm_open*() support for live vkernels
      Allow USCHED_DEL_CPU for non-superuser processes

Alex (1):
      Fix various clang compile issues

Charlie (1):
      kdump: Add net/if_arp.h include

Hasso Tepper (18):
      Allow the IP_MINTTL socket option to be set to zero.
      Install ncurses_dll.h to unbreak devel/ncursesw from pkgsrc.
      Create destination on copy if it doesn't exists.
      Fix target machine define in compiler.
      Argh, this wasn't meant to be committed.
      Sync DRM code with FreeBSD trunk rev 190433.
      Add a -O option: force one volume.
      Add support for devctl(4) into MAKEDEV.
      Load the right microcode for RS780.
      Add a comment for reminder about nocache.
      Simplify the radeon microcode loading.
      We don't support barriers and spinlocks yet.
      No barriers and spinlocks.
      Use STDERR_FILENO for stderr messages.
      acpi_cpu: fixup for PIIX4E PCI config related to C2.
      Move the code to update cpu_cx_count out of acpi_cpu_generic_cx_probe().
      Rework a CPU C-state selection logic a bit.
      Make dev.cpu.X.cx_usage sysctl also report current average of sleep time.

Joe Talbott (3):
      Update to use kprintf() rather than printf().
      usched_set: Add USCHED_CPU_GET for retrieving the current CPU.
      expr(1): Add support for -- as required by POSIX

Matt Dillon (1):
      Fix permissions check for utimes() - owner can call even if u-w.

Matthew Dillon (105):
      Release Engineering: Add ds macros for 2.2 and 2.3.
      MFC FreeBSD/1.49 - fix misuse of system() and failure if /usr is not mounted.
      Improve the customizeiso step to allow restarts
      nrelease Makefile adjustments: Packages, newaliases, check target, etc
      Adjust the ${ISODIR}/.didbootstrap logic a little, add needed licenses.
      Release Engineering: nrelease build fixes - adjust MFS sizes and .zshrc
      Release Engineering: nrelease and GUI build adjustments
      Release Engineering: nrelease work, more didbootstrap, include pkgsrcs, and more
      HAMMER VFS: Correct a ref count leak in the recent I/O invalidation work
      Release Engineering: Enhance gui PFI to auto-detect xorg or curses
      Fix long-standing bug in boot1 code - can read junk from fake partition table
      Change pkg_radd to postfix DragonFly-x.x.x onto the path.  This will work in
      Fix libstand's filesystem close callback.  The passed file pointer's
      Boot loader fixes - fix recursive malloc()/free() errors, NULL freed fields
      pxe/tftpboot work - Allow multiple responses to broadcast query
      Relase Engineering - Update loader-bootp.conf for new "boot/" prefixed paths
      HAMMER Utilities: Fix @@ formatting used by undo -ad and fix duplicate test
      Allow fractional delay specs for iostats and bstats, set lower limit to 0.001.
      HAMMER Utility: Allow -b to specify bytes per second if no suffix is supplied
      HAMMER VFS: Add missing hammer_rel_volume() call in deadlock/retry case.
      Remove the horribly designed RB_AUGMENT.
      HAMMER Utilities: Use a Red-Black tree to track HAMMER TIDs, use diff -N
      HAMMER VFS:  Allow the form ".@@<snapshot>"
      HAMMER Utiliites: undo can now detect all prior replacements of a file.
      VKERNEL - Fix entry into ddb when running a SMP vkernel.  Fixes stop/cont
      HAMMER VFS - Fix improper cred checks for utimes()
      Adjust checkpoint restore to use same note order as coredumps.
      Fix checkpt's thaw failure error message.
      disklabel64 UFS+HAMMER boot support (was previously just HAMMER boot support)
      Extract PFS null mounts from anywhere in the filesystem, instead of just
      HAMMER VFS - return shorter-form softlinks "@@-1:%05d" when appropriate.
      Fix kernel panic on NULL pointer deref w/ certain ktrace commands, allow -c -f.
      Update cpdup rev to 1.12.
      HAMMER Utility: Change B-Tree, inodes, and dir reblocking params, add rebalance
      Remove conditionals based on #if defined(i386) which wrapped code which was
      HAMMER VFS - Add a B-Tree rebalancing feature.
      HAMMER VFS - rebalancing, zero unused fields in boundary element
      Fix a recently introduced compile time error w/ IPSEC.
      Fix DDB's 'show ktr' command - improper panic and improper scan
      Adjust vnconfig recommendation when creating a new rootimg.
      Adjust the KTR code to use cache-aligned per-cpu structures.
      Make the jg_tos_ok debug check amd64-specific only and fix compiler warnings.
      Fix improper directory following when 'cpu' softlink already exists.
      Misc fixes for cross-building amd64.
      Add a build system for amd64 build/test environments in /usr/src/test/amd64
      Fix an IPI messaging lockup which can occur while in DDB.
      Add an indexing feature to the -t option.
      Adjust patch for qemu build - increase size of gen_opc_buf
      Adjust vfinddev() to return a referenced vnode in *vpp.
      Use atomic_fetchadd_int() in fdrop() instead of the spin-lock.
      cpdup: '#' in cpignore files is no longer interpreted as a comment.
      vkernel: Fix startup race with I/O cothread support.
      amd64 test builds - add additional targets
      Fix quickworld for crossbuilding - use ln -hsf to replace 'cpu' softlink
      Correct elf hash element types for 64 bit ELF.
      AMD64 - Minor rtld syncs from FreeBSD
      AMD64 - Make signals operational, fix reg mappings, fix %fs management, trace
      AMD64 - Remove some debugging.
      AMD64 - More signal handler work.  Signals now appear to work.
      AMD64 - Fixes to make dynamic binaries run
      Revoke reimplementation - primary commit part 1/2.
      Add programs to test revocation of open files in the presence of
      Revoke reimplementation - primary commit part 2/2.
      Require that SRCDIR be specified or exist in the environment instead of
      Redo last commit.  Do not require that SRCDIR be specified.  Set it
      AMD64 - Enhance help target for src/test/amd64 build
      AMD64 Test Environment - add SDL support to the qemu build
      HAMMER - Fix extra TAILQ_REMOVE in HAMMER shutdown code.
      HAMMER VFS - Fix edge case in mirroring code.
      libc: malloc: minor code cleanup (no operational changes)
      CPDUP - Fix lack of error reporting if created target directory cannot stat.
      Replace the old BSD malloc code with a port of our slab allocator.
      Fix vkernel issues - enable ithread preemption, races, and more.
      Fix a bug in krealloc().  Note that krealloc() is very rarely used.
      Increase the number of internal spinlocks available to libc from 20 to 128
      Apply FreeBSD-SA-09:07.libc - fix information leak in db(3)
      FreeBSD-SA-09:05.telnet - fix environment based code execution vulnerability
      Fix an errno leak in libthread_xu's calls to umtx.
      Fix VM panic.  Add required overflow check for MAP_STACK and MAP_FIXED mmaps
      Add missing files from umtx errno fixes commit.
      Fix libthread_xu's use of MAP_STACK.  Guards were not being setup properly.
      Make adjustments to how MAP_STACK works to prevent improper mmap()s.
      Fix logic when using the umtx_*_err() functions.  With these functions
      Don't call vm_map_findspace() when MAP_TRYFIXED is specified.
      Fix the backslashes in a __asm line's interference with an #ifdef
      Add a dummy offset to the arrays generated by genassym to avoid ary[0]
      Fix an installworld failure due to kernel fixes and a libthread_xu issue.
      Add cpdup feature - allow uid/gid/flags changes to fail if running as user
      Use MAP_TRYFIXED instead of MAP_FIXED when mapping the red zone.
      Fix recursive lock in detached close of /dev/tty.
      Fix type-o, the file $syscompatdcldf12 file was not being properly touched.
      Add posix_memalign(), fix minor bug in nmalloc.
      Fix short allocation in libc RTLD for static-compiled programs.
      Split out core kern_clock_*() calls for the clock_*() system calls.
      HAMMER VFS - Better CRC handling, bad-file handling.
      HAMMER Utility: Update mirror-dump, mirror-read to reflect protocol changes.
      nmalloc - Further optimize posix_memalign()
      Fix sticky bit directory handling for deletions.
      The kernel permissions check code was not checking deletability for
      Add kernel-layer support for chflags checks, remove (most) from the VFS layer.
      HAMMER VFS - Refactor merged search function to try to avoid missed entries
      fstest regression fixes - POSIX error codes.
      HAMMER VFS - Limit recursion for long directory chains, update mtime/ctime
      Fix O_NOFOLLOW and do not follow softlinks if O_EXCL.
      Replace Debugger() entry with a kprintf().

Matthias Schmidt (7):
      Revert 4dcaa51ba4d4238e035a802067366a28527cd570
      Shift link for 2.2
      Add new option to pkg_search
      Change handbook links
      Sync with FreeBSD
      Add git commit template
      Remove CVS Id from DragonFly fortune file

Nicolas Thery (11):
      Fix hang in dntpd startup when network down.
      Fix typo.
      Fix warning in kernel.
      msdosfs: replace bzero() with M_ZERO.
      Potential fix for panic during shutdown.
      msdosfs: remove useless code.
      msdosfs: Fix error path in deget().
      msdosfs: fix bug in msfdosfs_hashins().
      msdosfs: fix deleted-but-open files handling.
      msdosfs: clean up reference counting
      Mention commit template in committer.7.

Peter Avalos (71):
      Fix typo in cpdup.1.
      Sync libc/yp with FreeBSD:
      Import the uuid_enc_le(), uuid_dec_le(), uuid_enc_be() and uuid_dec_be() functions. These routines are not part of the DCE RPC API. They are provided for convenience.
      Sync lib/libc/string with FreeBSD:
      Don't depend on lcl_mutex being a recursive mutex.
      Make sure that %r honors the LC_TIME t_fmt_ampm.
      Use snprintf instead of sprintf.
      Remove the timezone() function.
      Sync strptime with NetBSD:
      Add routines to convert time_t to/from fixed-bit fields.
      Add the restrict qualifier to strftime(3) and strptime(3).
      Remove unused source files.
      Reduce lock contention for simple cases in stdtime.
      Sync libc/stdlib with FreeBSD (ignoring jemalloc, pts, and gdtoa):
      Add a <fenv.h> implementation.
      Configure gdtoa for DragonFly:
      Replace our strtod with the gdtoa package.
      Sync libc/regex with FreeBSD:
      Sync libc/quad with FreeBSD:
      Sync lib/net with FreeBSD:
      Sync libc/gmon with FreeBSD:
      Don't clobber CFLAGS.
      Add a __printflike.
      Whitespace cleanup.
      Fix a sizeof error in __bt_put.
      Use pread/pwrite instead of lseek followed by read/write.
      Fix format strings and a spelling errors.
      Sync arc4random with FreeBSD:
      Sync assert with FreeBSD:
      Sync confstr(3) with FreeBSD:
      Sync daemon(3) with FreeBSD:
      Fix a few namespace issues in err.c.
      Add a few new errnos and improve documentation.
      Add posix_spawn() and posix_spawnp().
      Sync fmtcheck(3) with FreeBSD, teaching it some new flags and args.
      Sync fnmatch(3) with FreeBSD.
      Make FLT_ROUNDS reflect the dynamic rounding mode and use correct values for LDBL_*.
      Replace frexp(3) with MI code and add a frexpl(3) function to libm.
      Add getfstab(3) and setfstab(3).
      Sync fts(3) with FreeBSD.
      Increase "max" to a more reasonable maximum in getbsize.
      Sync getcap() with FreeBSD:
      Sync gethostname() with FreeBSD:
      Sync getnetgrent with FreeBSD:
      getttyent(3) fixes from FreeBSD:
      Sync glob(3) with FreeBSD:
      initgroups(): Remove unneeded includes and use gid_t.
      Sync sys/queue.h with FreeBSD:
      Sync popen(3) with FreeBSD:
      Sync setmode(3) with FreeBSD:
      Reduce setproctitle's memory footprint on libc.
      Sync stringlist with FreeBSD:
      WARNS: Add a prototype for __sysctl.
      Simplify the return value of sysctlnametomib.
      Sync syslogd with FreBSD:
      Add a tcgetsid() function that returns session id.
      time() C99 compliance:
      Sync times() with FreeBSD:
      Sync ttyname with FreeBSD:
      Revert "Temporary hack out reentrant user database functions."
      Fix some namespace issues with grp.h and pwd.h.
      Clean up sysconf and associated headers.
      Bump libc's version and __DragonFly_version for recent changes made.
      Comment out granpt() from stdlib.h.
      Add README.DELETED to the vendor branch for OpenSSL.
      Upgrade to OpenSSL-0.9.8k.
      Bump the version number for the OpenSSL-0.9.8k import.
      Add the strnlen() function.
      Add wcstof() and wcstold() functions.
      Add the wcsnlen() function.
      Sync libc/stdio with FreeBSD:

Sascha Wildner (222):
      nrelease: Limit the volid to 32 chars, when building from a dirty state.
      nrelease: Re-add cvsup package URL which I accidentally removed.
      nrelease: Whitespace.
      installer: Use unsigned long for holding hw.physmem's value.
      nrelease: Add /tmp to the list of nohistory directories.
      nrelease: Restrict swap size to 8GB for now.
      ubsa(4): Move HARDWARE section below DESCRIPTION.
      installer: Correct typo in a comment.
      zoneinfo & zic(8): Sync with tzcode2009b & tzdata2009b from elsie.
      nrelease: Exclude distfiles as well when we tar pkgsrc.
      Sync several manpages in section 9 with reality and clean up a bit.
      vnconfig: Print better msg when neither regular file nor -S is specified.
      Silence some -Wold-style-definition warnings.
      zic(8) & libc/stdtime: Reduce #ifdefs a bit.
      _null.h: If g++ 4.1 or any later version is used, use __null for NULL.
      uio.h: Move definition of struct iovec to <sys/_iovec.h>.
      Unbreak kernel build and fix some warnings.
      Adjust some perl & tcl related things in various scripts & utilities.
      m4(1): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      m4(1): Oops, WARNS?=6 is in usr.bin/Makefile.inc already.
      Remove WARNS?=6 from Makefiles where it is already in ../Makefile.inc.
      finger(1): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix all warnings.
      find(1): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix all warnings.
      truncate(1): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix all warnings.
      getent(1): Raise WARNS to 6.
      LiveDVD: Fix installer when it is run in the console.
      Add an ioctl(9) manual page.
      man9/Makefile: Add missing backslash.
      ypxfr(8): Ansify, raise WARNS to 3, fix warnings.
      Remove cxconfig, which was never compiled and never installed.
      ypcat(1): Raise WARNS to 6 & fix warnings.
      nl(1): Raise WARNS to 6 & fix warnings.
      ypmatch(1): Raise WARNS to 6 & fix warnings.
      rpcgen(1): Raise WARNS to 6.
      Constify yp_dir in various places (unbreaks buildworld).
      makesyscalls.sh: Remove CVS id handling and clean up a bit.
      make/Makefile: Remove CVS id handling.
      make/Makefile: Adjust hash table creation for pkgsrc.
      amr: style(9)
      asf(8): Fix example and clean up a bit.
      installer: Re-add the TEST_DEV command which was removed accidentally.
      committer(7): Add some lines about MFCing.
      rpc(3): Adjust the manual page's struct XDR to reality.
      umodem(4) depends on ucom(4).
      Silence some pointer arithmetic warnings in the kernel.
      build(7): Mention development(7) in the description.
      libusbhid: Raise WARNS to 6.
      libbluetooth: Raise WARNS to 6.
      libdevstat: Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      libpthread: Raise WARNS to 6 :)
      libstand: Raise WARNS to 2 and fix warnings.
      dhclient(8): Raise WARNS to 2 and fix a warning.
      mount_udf(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warning.
      dma(8): Raise WARNS to 6.
      pax(1): Raise WARNS to 2.
      disklabel(8): Fix amd64 warnings.
      init(8): Fix amd64 warnings.
      rconfig(8): Fix amd64 warnings.
      sockstat(1): Fix amd64 warnings.
      pctrack(8): Fix amd64 warnings.
      dntpd(8): Fix amd64 warnings.
      df(1): Fix amd64 warnings (type widths).
      ls(1): Fix amd64 warnings.
      rcp(1): Fix amd64 warnings.
      pax(1): Fix amd64 warnings.
      sail(6): Fix amd64 warnings.
      Add OFF_MIN and OFF_MAX to limits.h.
      pppoed(8): Fix amd64 warnings.
      atacontrol(8): Fix amd64 warnings.
      Some small fixes.
      Sync em(4) manual page with FreeBSD.
      ioctl(9): Add more ioctl chars plus a missing struct keyword in example.
      Small adjustment to committer(7): cherry-pick takes one argument.
      Add an objcache(9) manual page.
      identcpu.c: Add MOVBE feature string.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009c from elsie.
      shlock(1) manual page: Fix typo
      motd(5) manual page: "Update" the example for DragonFly.
      pax(1): Fix WARNS regression
      pax(1): Remove argument names from prototypes.
      localtime(3) & zic(8): Clean up definitions a bit.
      Install ciss(4) headers to /usr/include so that userland can find cissio.h.
      getc(3)/putc(3): Bump .Dd
      flockfile(3): Update FreeBSD CVS ID, bump .Dd and add some references.
      stdint(7): Update FreeBSD CVS ID and bump .Dd.
      ttyname(3): Bump .Dd
      Use .Dv for ioctls in several manual pages.
      localtime(3): Switch from GMT to UTC as the default time zone string.
      pwd_mkdb(8): Raise WARNS to 6.
      mtree(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and silence all warnings.
      kernbb(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and silence all warnings.
      Remove usr.sbin/dpt which was never built.
      ppp(8): pcomp->slots (u_char) can't be higher than MAX_VJ_STATES (255).
      ppp(8): Raise WARNS to 1.
      ccdconfig(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and silence all warnings.
      gpt(8): Raise WARNS to 6.
      mount_std(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and silence all warnings.
      Miscellaneous mdoc fixes.
      share/misc/iso639: Sync with Library of Congress list.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009d from elsie.
      Remove the formatted version of iwicontrol(8) too per 'make upgrade.
      mtree(8): Silence warnings when compiling with -DBOOTSTRAPPING.
      mptable(1): Make dumping the raw MP table an option.
      pctrack(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and silence all warnings.
      tset(1): Raise WARNS to 6 and silence all warnings.
      committer(7): Mention remote entry for crater and improve wording a bit.
      development(7): Mention mirrors plus some minor fixes.
      stdint(7): mdoc cleanup
      devices.conf(5): mdoc cleanup
      csh(1): Raise WARNS to 2.
      md5(1): Raise WARNS to 6.
      kernconf(5): Add some words about pc64.
      build(7): Add some lines about TARGET_PLATFORM.
      Remove old README.amd64
      Fix a few typos.
      bootpd(8): Remove 'register' and P() and silence -Wold-style-definition.
      mknetid(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings (also -Wold-style-definition).
      makekey(8): Ansify and remove 'register'.
      vkernel(7): Start sentences on new lines.
      objcache(9): Fix wrong function name in the manual page.
      mountd(8): Silence warnings.
      ypset(8): Silence warnings.
      lib/libc/yp: Silence warnings.
      yp_mkdb(8): Silence warnings.
      rpc.ypxfrd(8): Silence warnings.
      rpc.statd(8): Silence warnings.
      rpc.lockd(8): Silence warnings.
      rpc.sprayd(8): Silence warnings.
      rpc.rwalld(8): Silence warnings.
      rpc.rusersd(8): Silence warnings.
      <sys/tree.h>: Add __unused (fixes warning in undo(1)).
      rpc.rstatd(8): Silence warnings.
      Sort SEE ALSO in some manual pages.
      Markup fixes in several manual pages.
      Remove CVS ID from the loader help file.
      pppstats(8): Convert manual page to mdoc.
      usched_dummy: Silence warning
      Use .Va for tunables in manual pages.
      Rename some log() -> dolog() to not conflict with built-in log().
      vkernel: Comment out unused variable.
      sh(1): Fix warnings when compiling with -DNO_HISTORY.
      umount(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix all warnings.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009e from elsie.
      sys/dev/usbmisc/Makefile: Remove duplicate entry.
      getnetgrent(3): Improve markup.
      Use NULL instead of 0 in various places.
      Generally use NULL instead of explicitly casting 0 to some pointer type.
      Generally use NULL instead of explicitly casting 0 to some pointer type (part2).
      indent(1): Sync with FreeBSD and raise WARNS to 6.
      <sys/un.h>: #include <sys/file.h> for struct file.
      Replace all casts of NULL to something with NULL.
      Include <string.h> instead of <strings.h> in various places.
      sh(1): Deconstify unsetvar()'s argument when passing it to change_env().
      newsyslog(8): Silence warning.
      pw(8): setgrent()'s return type is void.
      libncp: Include <string.h> instead of <strings.h> for strlen() etc. prototypes.
      ncplogin(1): Include <string.h> instead of <strings.h> for strlen() etc. prototypes.
      timed(8): Include <string.h> instead of <strings.h> for strlen() etc. prototypes.
      Sync a couple of prototypes (mknod(), mktemp() & friends) with FreeBSD.
      Add MLINKS for getgrent_r(3), getgrgid_r(3) & getgrnam_r(3).
      Some mdoc fixes in various places.
      queue(3): Mention SLIST_FOREACH_PREVPTR (taken from OpenBSD).
      queue(3): Sync MLINKS situation with the manual page.
      semaphore.h: Revert the last commit. NULL is not defined here.
      tcp_{debug,timer}.h & protosw.h: Constify some strings.
      trpt(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      fpgetround(3): Sync manual page with FreeBSD.
      callbootd: Silence warnings.
      libc/include/namespace.h: Add _getprogname().
      xdr(3): Add some missing MLINKS.
      sppp(4): Properly initialize keepalive_timeout.
      i4b(4): Initialize callout handles before first accessing them.
      i4b(4): Reorder includes slightly to silence some compilation warnings.
      rcmd(3) manual page: Add missing .El
      dhclient.conf(5) manual page: Use better mdoc (taken from FreeBSD).
      rpc.lockd(8): Raise WARNS to 3 and fix warnings.
      pciconf(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warning.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009f from elsie.
      posix_spawn_file_actions_init(3) manual page: Fix wrong usage of .Fn
      magic(3): Fix program name extraction from core dumps.
      Move pthread* manpages to lib/libpthread as they are not libc_r specific.
      Remove libc_r from list of Lb values and adjust libpthread manpages' Lb.
      pthread(3): Move pthread(3) manual page to lib/libpthread too.
      lib/libpthread/Makefile: Oops, add missing '\'.
      Fix the way <sys/ioccom.h> is included throughout our tree.
      crontab(8)/mtrace(8): Remove CVS ID handling.
      newfs_hammer(8): Mention the nightly 'hammer cleanup' in the info message.
      Fix printf(3) and friends when printing a float with precision 0.
      development(7): Add some documentation links.
      pcidevs: Add iTVC16
      pcidevs: Regenerate pcidevs.h and pcidevs_data.h
      Add cxm(4), a driver for Hauppauge PVR-250/350 video capture cards.
      bktr(4) manual page: Add cxm(4) reference.
      meteor(4) manual page: Add bktr(4) and cxm(4) references.
      cxm(4): Oops, remove #include opt_cxm.h for now.
      cxm(4) manual page: Fix typos.
      make upgrade: Don't remove /usr/lib/crt[1in].o anymore.
      cxm(4): Silence compilation warning.
      tmpnam(3) manual page: Correct function name.
      Bring in ypclnt(3) manual page (from NetBSD).
      Add strunvisx() documentation (from FreeBSD).
      Add wcstof()/wcstold() documentation (from NetBSD).
      Add strnlen()/wcsnlen() documentation (from FreeBSD).
      Add xdr_int64_t()/xdr_u_int64_t() documentation (from OpenBSD).
      Add fpsetsticky() documentation (from NetBSD).
      Add a definition for POSIX.1-2008 to mdoc.local (from FreeBSD).
      cxm(4): Fix a crash by warning if no firmware is compiled in.
      ypclient(3) manual page: .Pp not needed here.
      unvis(3) manual page: s/RFCxxxx/RFC xxxx/
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009g from elsie.
      Remove unneeded .Pp before .Rs in various manual pages.
      As per POSIX, unconstify if_name in <net/if.h>.
      malloc(3) manual page: Adjust to our new malloc() implementation.
      doscmd(1): Raise WARNS to 6 and silence all warnings.
      Raise some WARNS in usr.bin.
      installer: Remove some OpenBSD specific code.
      installer: Fix typo that prevented the creation of MFS backed partitions.
      installer: Fix various issues related to MFS backed partitions.
      installer: Deactivate "Install extra software packages" option.
      installer: Move the installer from contrib/ to usr.sbin/.
      installer: Sync ASCII Fred with loader menu pic.
      doscmd(1): Still warnings with -DNO_X. Take back WARNS to 1 for now.

Sepherosa Ziehau (319):
      pci intr config: Fix an off by one bug
      pci intr config: 'j' is the pin index we want to skip.
      Bring in BUS_DMA_COULD_BOUNCE flag from FreeBSD.
      Fix dma tag boundry calculation.
      - Make sure that alignment constraint is at least 1 (no alignment constraint).
      Fix the number of needed bounce pages' calculation
      Factor out _bus_dmamap_load_buffer2() from bus_dmamap_load().
      Add BUS_DMA_NOWAIT support to _bus_dmamap_load_buffer2()
      Use _bus_dmamap_load_buffer2() in bus_dmamap_load_mbuf()
      Fix warning about uninitialized variable (should be an error)
      Fix parameters passed to bus_dma_tag_create()
      - Split RX/TX mbuf dma tag.
      Remove unused bfe_softc fields
      bfe_list_newbuf() -> bfe_newbuf()
      Rework bfe_newbuf()
      Rework bfe_encap()
      Add bounce page zone.
      Update if_oerrors if bfe_encap() failed and the mbuf was freed
      Count # of boune page reservation failure
      Use _bus_dmamap_load_buffer2() in bus_dmamap_load_uio()
      _bus_dmamap_load_buffer2() -> _bus_dmamap_load_buffer()
      Move bounce_map_waitinglist into bounce page zone
      Use lwkt_token to protect bounce_zone_list
      - Use spinlock to protect bounce zone itself.
      Free the bounce pages allocated and reserved by the busdma map,
      Add assertion to make sure that bounce zone is in sane state.
      Add assertion to make sure that the segment index is in valid range.
      There should be no 2 bytes alignment requirement
      Correct busdma(9) parameters
      Split RX/TX bus dma tag.   RX buffers should to be aligned on 8 bytes.
      Allocate at least one bounce page if the dma tag indicates bouncing
      Increase RE_TXDESC_SPARE to cooperate 9K jumbo frame.
      Bounce page fixes
      Bounce page fix
      Bounce page work
      Change bfe(4) according to recent busdma(9) bounce page fixes
      Factor out bus_dmamem_coherent() to allocate busdma memory.
      bfe(4): use bus_dmamem_coherent()
      bfe(4): Add missing BUS_DMA_WAITOK
      re(4): add missing BUS_DMA_WAITOK
      nfe(4): busdma(9) correction
      nfe(4): Always set high part of the address if the NIC supports
      busdma(9): Add tunable and read-only sysctl node for max # of bounce
      busdma(9): More bounce page bug fixing
      nfe(4): busdma(9) fixes
      busdma(9): Add bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_segment()
      bfe(4): Utilize bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_segment()
      busdma(9): Add bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_defrag()
      bfe(4): Utilize bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_defrag()
      busdma(9): Add BUS_DMA_ALIGNED hint flag
      re(4): Utilize bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_{segment,defrag}()
      nfe(4): Utilize bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_{segment,defrag}()
      xl(4): Allocate parent busdma tag, which is used to constraint lowaddr
      xl(4): Utilize bus_dmamem_coherent()
      xl(4): Split RX and TX mbuf busdma tag
      xl(4): Rework xl_newbuf()
      xl(4): Rework xl_encap()
      xl(4): Remove unused bus_dmamap_sync()
      busdma(9): get rid of bounce_lowaddr, which serves no purpose
      busdma(9): Obey alignment constraint, disabled by default
      busdma(9): Add sysctl node to show whether aligment constraint is obeyed or not
      jme(4): Rely on busdma(9) to do the boundary check
      jme(4): Fix busdma(9) parameters
      jme(4): Utilize bus_dmamem_coherent()
      jme(4): jme_dma_free() is only called on detach path now
      jme(4): Depend on parent busdma tag to apply lowaddr constraint
      jme(4): Utilize bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_{segment,defrag}()
      jme(4): Move TX buffer syncing before setting up TX desc
      bfe(4): Coherent memory does not need to be synced
      xl(4): Coherent memory does not need to be synced
      nfe(4): Coherent memory does not need to be synced
      re(4): Don't sync coherent memory
      jme(4): Don't sync coherent memory
      busdma(9): Use the passed in 'flags' instead of hard coding BUS_DMA_NOWAIT
      busdma(9): Don't record/use boundary in bounce zone
      busdma(9): Update FreeBSD RSCID.
      if_bgereg.h: Remove extra white space
      bge(4): Correct busdma parameters
      bge(4): Utilize bus_dmamem_coherent()
      bge(4): Don't sync coherent memory
      bge(4): Split RX/TX mbuf busdma tags
      bge(4): Rework bge_newbuf_{std,jumbo}()
      bge(4): Utilize bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_{defrag,segment}()
      bge(4): Remove unnecessary bus_dmamap_sync()
      rl(4): Rework busdma(9) related bits
      rl(4): Don't use magic number
      sk(4): Adjust TX path a little bit.
      sk(4): Rework busdma(9) related bits
      sk(4): Adjust RX path a little bit
      sk(4): Utilize bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_defrag()
      msk(4): Correct parameters passed to busdma(9) functions
      msk(4): Utilize bus_dmamem_coherent() and don't sync coherent memory
      msk(4): Utilize bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_segment()
      msk(4): Adjust TX path
      msk(4): Avoid busdma map leakage on error handling path
      busdma(9): Obey alignment constraint by default
      msk(4): Align TX buffer to 8bytes boundary to improve TX performance
      msk(4): Align TX buffer to 64bytes boundary instead of 8bytes boundary
      et(4): Correct parameters passed to busdma(9) functions
      et(4): Utilize bus_dmamem_coherent()
      busdma(9): Add bus_dmamem_coherent_any()
      et(4): Utilize bus_dmamem_coherent_any()
      et(4): Don't sync coherent memory
      et(4): Split RX/TX mbuf busdma tag
      et(4): Utilize bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_{segment,defrag}()
      stge(4): Correct parameters passed to busdma(9) functions
      stge(4): Regroup busdma tag creation; prepare for the upcoming changes
      stge(4): Utilize bus_dmamem_coherent_any()
      stge(4): Adjust the error handling code on stge_dma_alloc()
      stge(4): Don't sync coherent memory
      stge(4): Utilize bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_segment()
      stge(4): Adjust TX path
      stge(4): Remove unnecessary bus_dmamap_sync()
      bce(4): Correct parameters passed to busdma(9) functions
      bce(4): Use coherent for non-buffer data storage
      bce(4): Utilize bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_defrag()
      bce(4): Factor RX desc setup out of bce_newbuf_std()
      bce(4): Adjust RX path to avoid fatal error caused by busdma failure
      bce(4): Remove unnecessary bus_dmamap_sync()
      sis(4): Move software specific fields out of hardware descriptor structure
      sis(4): Rework busdma(9) related bits
      Unbreak LINT build
      busdma(9): Dup i386 busdma_machdep.c to amd64
      busdma(9): Dup i386 busdma_machdep.c to vkernel
      rtsock: Fix !SO_USELOOPBACK support in route_output()
      rtsock: Fix a reversed condition
      rtsock: Minor style change
      route: Add rtsearch_global(), which is used to fix RTM_CHANGE support.
      rtsock: Unbreak RTM_LOCK support by using rtsearch_global()
      rtsock: Use rtsearch_global() for RTM_GET
      rtsock: White space
      rtsock: Fill in the rtm_index field whenever we have an interface pointer.
      rtsock: Break long line
      rtsock: Use M_ASSERTPKTHDR()
      rtsock: Fill in the correct rtm_index for RTM_ADD and RTM_CHANGE messages.
      route: Suppress duplicated rtmsgs generated by rtlookup() in rt_setgate()
      route: Suppress duplicated rtmsgs on route_output(RTM_CHANGE) path
      route: Suppress duplicated rtmsgs on ARP input path.
      backtrace: Use print_backtrace()
      route: Replicate mask_rnhead to each CPU; unbreak genmask support.
      em(4): Sync with Intel's em-6.9.6(FreeBSD)
      em(4): On TX path, make sure that ether header and ip.ip_hl are contiguous.
      em(4): Put back the workaround and related comment for 82542 rev2
      em(4): Free incomplete received packet in em_stop().
      pktgen: Put -DSMP under '.ifdef SMP'
      em(4): Avoid allocating a csum offloading TX desc whenever possible.
      em(4): Turn on/off SPEED_MODE according to the current link speed.
      em(4): Correct the conditions to be asserted
      systat(1): Fix 'systat -ip' support
      em(4): Reduce TX interrupt rate and device's TX desc write requests
      em(4): Make sure that the upper 16bits of ITR is 0.
      em(4): Revoke tunable/sysctl node for RDTR, which is dangerous and deprecated.
      em(4): Add tunable for the 82573 workaround, enabled by default.
      em(4): Don't configure RADV (default is 0), which is deprecated.
      em(4): Adjust RDTR/RADV comment that they should not be used
      em(4): Don't turn on/off TX descs' IDE bit in sysctl.
      em(4): We don't embrace TIDV/TADV; nuke the related bits.
      em(4): We don't dynamicly config txd_cmd; there is no reason to keep it anymore.
      em(4): Don't write ITR, if the NIC is not running yet.
      em(4): Reduce EM_TXDD_SAFE from 50 to 48.
      em(4) manpage: Update according to the recent changes.
      Update busdma(9) manpage according to recent changes.
      em(4): White space
      em(4): We return 0 or errno, but not Intel e1000's error code.
      em(4): Fix comment
      em(4): We don't need in_detach trick.
      em(4): Put back pkt_txclean KTR
      Copy em(4) to emx(4), which supports only 8257{1,2,3} parts.
      em(4): Give preference to emx(4) based on PCI ids.
      iwi(4): Upgrade to use 3.0 firmware and use firmware(9) API to load firmware.
      Update iwi(4) manpage according to recent firmware upgrade.
      Get rid of iwicontrol(8)
      em/emx(4): Fix comment
      em/emx(4): Don't use __predict_false when test m_len against EM_TXCSUM_MINHL
      em/emx(4): Remove dead code; add comment.
      emx(4): Compact transmit path a little bit
      emx(4): Regroup RX/TX ring creation code
      emx(4): Move TX/RX desc ring alloc/free into ring creation/destroy functions
      emx(4): Remove emx_dma_{malloc,free}() and related struct.
      emx(4): Factor out emx_dma_{alloc,free}()
      emx(4): Prepare multi-RX queue support -- group RX related fields together
      emx(4): Prepare multi-RX queue support -- use different struct for RX/TX buffer
      emx(4): Prepare multi-RX queue support -- use extended RX descriptor
      emx(4): Let the hardware strip the ethernet CRC on RX path
      emx(4): this driver does not support 82543
      emx(4): Use E1000_ICR_ macros when check against value read from ICR
      emx(4): Add multi-RX queue support
      emx(4): Add tunable to enable/disable multi-RX queue support
      network: Turn on adaptive MPSAFE for network threads, and MPSAFE for IP and ARP
      em(4): Backport part of 62e0614e4c59f94c83cdf24ebf5995add53f03bf
      em(4): Backport cc8fffade4528dd788a4789998ed3d1e85f9644a
      em(4): Backport part of 62e0614e4c59f94c83cdf24ebf5995add53f03bf
      em(4): Enable RX after RDH is configured (backport from emx(4)).
      jme(4): Move JME_RSS_DEBUG into opt_jme.h
      emx(4): Move EMX_RSS_DEBUG into opt_emx.h
      rss: Add RSS kernel option; Add IFCAP_RSS iface capability
      emx(4): Support IFCAP_RSS
      jme(4): Correct SIOCSIFCAP ioctl handling
      ifconfig(8): Remove string of if_flags, which will never be adopted.
      emx(4): Fix comment
      Add static ARP support.
      ip_demux: Test IN_MULTICAST() if RSS kernel option is not enabled.
      ip_demux: Wrap INP_MPORT_HASH_{TCP,UDP}() around INP_MPORT_HASH()
      rss: Add Toeplitz hash function
      rss: Add RSS_DEBUG kernel option
      ip_demux: If RSS kernel option is set, use Toeplitz hash function
      Defer ethernet mcast/bcast address detection to ether_input_handler()
      802.11: Clear M_PROTO? flags before calling ifnet.if_input
      Duplicated M_PROTO1 in M_COPYFLAGS
      Define M_ETHER_BRIDGED to M_PROTO1
      Add M_LENCHECKED mbuf flag.
      ether_input: Factor out ether_vlancheck()
      ether_input: Add M_ETHER_VLANCHECKED
      bridge: If we could enter bridge_input, then M_ETHER_BRIDGED will not be set.
      ether_demux: Add comment
      tcp_wrapper: Make sure that the buf has more than 1byte, before calling fgets()
      bce/bge(4): Allow txcsum/rxcsum to be set individually
      ale(4): Don't read/write 1000baseT specific MII registers on 10/100M only device
      atphy: Reset PHY after extracting MII capabilities, since reset will
      toeplitz: Add toeplitz_get_key() and nuke toeplitz_get_keyseed()
      jme(4): Get key from Toeplitz code
      jme(4): Using code logic to create redirect table.
      Rename lwkt_portfn_t to pkt_portfn_t
      netisr: Add pktinfo struct; add new netisr method to find msgport using pktinfo
      ether_input: Factor out ether_dispatch()
      mbuf: Add M_HASH mbuf flag and use the 'pad' field in pkthdr as 'hash'
      ether_input/rss: Pass packet info to ether_input_chain.
      ether_input/ktr: Add ether_input_chain end KTR into several proper places.
      jme(4): Don't mess with M_PKTHDR
      toeplitz: Hash function renaming
      toeplitz: Promote net/toeplitz.c to 'standard' file
      jme(4): Disable TXCSUM by default to improve bulk data transmit performance
      jme(4): Pass packet info to ether_input_chain()
      ip_demux: Add ip_mport_pktinfo() to map IP packets using packet info
      jme(4): Allow stats to be writable
      jme(4): Don't deliver packet info if the packet has unknown layer3
      ether_input: Gather some RSS debug statistics.
      emx(4): Correct RSS configuration.
      emx(4): Pass packet info to ether_input_chain()
      netisr: Set M_HASH and pkthdr.hash if software calculates the packet hash.
      ip_dooptions: Don't abuse ipforward_rt
      em/emx(4): Add 82571EB Bypass to the supported device list.
      ip_forward: Don't cache IP forwarding route.
      ipflow: Flush ipflow if a new route is successfully added.
      ipflow: React to local address change quickly.
      ipflow: Add macros to check ipflow refcnt, which is more expressive
      bridge(4): if_snd.ifq_maxlen does not need explicit setting
      systat(1): Correct TCP statistics reporting
      altq: ifq needs protection here; not ifnet
      mbuf: Don't discount the objcache limits required by non-pkthdr mbuf
      serializer manpage: Remove IS_SERIALIZED(), which is available only if
      Use ETHER_IS_MULTICAST, which is more expressive.
      ether_input: Defer promiscous packet discarding until vlan is processed
      vlan(4): Support IFF_PROMISC and IFF_ALLMULTI
      ether_input(): Remove unapplied comment
      altq_cbq: In restart, release ALTQ serializer to avoid dead lock
      netgraph/i4b: sppp struct should start with arpcom, so netgraph could work
      Unbreak GENERIC building
      sln(4): Include <sys/param.h>
      Split ifnet serialize step 1/many: Add if_{serialize,deserialize,tryserialize}()
      Put ifnet.if_serializer assertion under FIX_SERIALIZE_ASSERT
      Let emx(4) install its own ifnet serialize functions
      Merge altq_cbq fix defc2f8f8d209ca94cc6f3d0a8f64c465258a43f
      Split ifnet serializer step 2/many: Add if_serialize_assert() function
      Split ifnet serializer step 3/many: We no longer need to hold RX
      Factor out lwkt_serialize_array_{enter,try,exit}()
      emx(4): Add serialize/deserialize functions which just skip main serializer
      Split ifnet serializer step 4/many: Add IFNET_SERIALIZE_MAIN, which is
      pktgen: Use ifnet_{serialize,deserialize}_tx()
      ifnet serializer split: Whack ifnet.if_serializer if driver supplies
      Put lwkt_serialize_array_{enter,try,exit}() into its own header file;
      Add description about sysctl nodes under net.link.ether.inet
      Allow users to turn off certain arp logging.
      Add some new DLTs found in libpcap-1.0.0
      tcp_timer: Add assertion to make sure that tcp timers are only accessed
      tcp/ipv4 mapped address: Make sure that tcp_output is done on inpcb's owner CPU
      tcp/ip4 mapped address: Add tcp6_soport()
      pktgenctl: Update according to recent libc changes
      Add ifpoll, which support hardware TX/RX queues based polling.
      ifpoll: Put iteration of polling handlers under crit section.
      ifpoll: Let callers of sched_* enter/exit crit section
      ifpoll: crit_{enter,exit}() -> crit_{enter,exit}_gd()
      ifpoll: Put pollmore under crit section
      ifpoll: Expose kernel time fraction; currenly for debugging only.
      ifpoll: Use rdtsc() whenever possible to calculate time related states.
      ifpoll: Reorganize TX/RX polling sysctl tree
      ifpoll: Fix comment
      emx(4): If error happens, we must hold all of the serializers instead
      ifpoll: Unbreak UP LINT building
      serializer: Revoke PROFILE_SERIALIZER kernel option
      emx(4): __cachealign struct emx_rxdata
      Add HPET cputimer.
      acpi.4: Add debug.acpi.enabled; mention hpet there
      Fix comment
      acpi_timer: Timer name change.
      Prepare lapic timer: Patch the hardware bug in nForce2 chipset,
      hpet: Bark loud if 1024B hpet register space couldn't be mapped
      lapic timer: Add lapic timer calibration code.
      lapic timer: Save lapic timer frequency
      lapic timer: Disable C1 Enhanced mode on AMD K8 Family Revision F
      Remove dead apic timer code.
      lapic timer: Reimplement set_apic_timer using lapic_timer_oneshot
      i8254: Adjust cpu_initclocks() a little bit.
      Move sysbeepstop_ch initialization to the beginning of cpu_initclocks()
      lapic timer: Setup AP lapic timer's divisor
      lapic timer: Add necessary bits for lapic timer interrupt delivery
      lapic timer: Add lapic timer interrupt delivery testing
      systimer/cputimer: Add {systimer,cputimer}_intr_enable()
      lapic timer: Improve lapic timer testing
      lapic timer: Finish the lapic timer support
      lapic timer: Correct AMD C1E handling
      Unbreak VKERNEL compile: Add missing symbol
      lapic timer: Improve lapic timer vector code
      hpet: Veto Sx state transition, if hpet is the sys_cputimer, since
      Allow one shot timer to be switched on a running system between i8254 and
      acpi: Select proper one shot timer based on CPUs' C3 state.
      Add tunable to _not_ register i8254 interrupt if lapic timer is used.

Simon Schubert (34):
      nrelease: prevent leaking of env vars into pkgsrc build
      sh: use _PATH_DEFPATH instead of hand-rolling the default path
      sh: export the default PATH instead of keeping it private
      define _PATH_DEFPATH to be reasonable, including sbins and /usr/pkg
      tcsh: export PATH if using the default setting
      hammer boot2: reset file offset each time we're looking up a new inode
      telnetd: filter potentially dangerous env vars passed from telnet client
      telnetd: filter potentially dangerous env vars passed from telnet client
      fsck_msdosfs: check next cluster index for validity before using it
      mtree: create usr/include/dev/misc/ppi to properly install headers
      syntax cleanup to unbreak code highlighting
      libopie:  on update, 0-pad the sequence integers to keep seed length
      ktrdump: print ktr data using vfprintf()
      cleanup: typo in comment
      undo: for one-shot operations, pass in the last tid and not tid_max
      undo: use MAX_TID for tid_max, or else HAMMER won't find the latest change
      undo: don't run diff between last tid and tid_max
      don't loop printing the diagnostic "waiting for lwps to exit"
      stay in tstop() as long as the process is stopped
      signals: stop all threads of a process before taking a checkpoint
      signals: rework when CURSIG/issignal can stop a thread for tracing
      signals: rename CURSIGNB to CURSIG_NOBLOCK and unify implementation
      usched_dummy:  just proceed if the current thread is trying to acquire curproc
      gcc:  add /usr/lib to the startfile search path
      csu:  move crt files to /usr/lib
      csu:  adjust readme
      ktrdump: remove debug output
      ktrdump: ignore ts=0 when searching for earliest_ts()
      nanosleep: don't overwrite error with copyout success status
      ncal: hilight current day
      ncal: always generate full lines to enable today hilight in year view
      ncal: interpret a `.' as current year
      ncal: specify month with -m month argument
      Roll DragonFly 2.3.1

Stathis Kamperis (36):
      Polish cdev example
      Return EBUSY if we're detaching a vn with vnode refs to it.
      aio_write(2): fix capital letter in the middle of sentence
      getc(3) and putc(3): macros are functions now
      getc(3) and putc(3): document xxx_unlocked() functions from FreeBSD
      sysconf(3): document _SC_PAGESIZE sysconf option
      flockfile(3): import manual page from FreeBSD
      stdint(7): import manual page from FreeBSD
      Comment on the purpose of _Exit()
      isatty(3): mention return values and error codes
      ttyname(3): mention error codes
      stat(2): sort error codes
      vnconfig: cleanup a bit
      vnconfig -l: handle gracefully missing regular file
      vnconfig: raise WARNS and fix resulting warnings
      Test commit bit
      Test commit@ mail
      committer(7): fix typo
      vkernel(7): mention how to autologin as root
      ddb(4): mention 'show ktr' command
      vnconfig -l: print an error if supplied vn is unknown
      vnconfig: remove unnecessary casts
      vnconfig(8): document -S default size modifier
      vnconfig(8): remove code with no effect
      Add missing MLINKS for {getchar,putchar}_unlocked functions
      Add missing MLINKS for strto{f,ld} functions
      Add missing MLINKS for bus_dma(9)
      Add missing MLINKS for fts(3)
      fts(3): fix typo in MLINK
      build(7): mention Makefile_upgrade.inc
      vmstat(8): align columns when reporting stats with -m
      clocks(7): tsc frequency is found with hw.tsc_frequency now
      clocks.7: Mention HPET cpu timer.
      posix_memalign.3: Import manual page from FreeBSD.
      posix_memalign.3: Add implementation notes from malloc.3

Thomas Nikolajsen (19):
      Fix typo.
      sh.1: Fix markup.
      strfile.8: Add missing `C' flag to SYNOPSIS.
      ccdconfig: Improve markup & sync usage()
      diskinfo: Add description of flags, fix SYNOPSIS and sync usage()
      jscan: Fix SYNOPSIS and sync usage()
      uuids.5: Fix error and improve wording
      vnconfig: Fix printing of inode
      installer: change `atacontrol' to `natacontrol'
      rc.d/nfsclient: delete obsolete flag for rpc.umntall(8)
      nrelease: clean up Makefile and sync man pages & Makefile.usr
      Makefile.usr: add path to pkgsrc-all tar file
      ficl: unbreak testmain build
      nrelease: kernel moved to boot, make kernel.BOOTP there
      libstand.3: add HAMMER and MS-DOS filesystems and improve mark-up
      battd update: fix some errors and improve battd.8
      sys/types.h: Add protection of typedefs
      Revert "kdump: Add net/if_arp.h include"
      kdump: Add net/if_arp.h include

YONETANI Tomokazu (5):
      Add two variables to adjust where to install kernel and modules.
      Set the default DESTDIR to /var/vkernel when the platform is vkernel.
      Mention the variables added by 3b25fbd435d9ee6d47af7128014528e2fadfb5e5
      Fix side-effect of a80e869f; -net has been treated as
      Add `set -o tabcomplete' to /bin/sh

DragonFly BSD source repository

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