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DragonFly commits List (threaded) for 2005-12
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cvs commit: src/etc network.subr

From: Simon Schubert <corecode@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 06:43:28 -0800 (PST)

corecode    2005/12/24 06:43:28 PST

DragonFly src repository

  Modified files:        (Branch: DragonFly_RELEASE_1_4)
    etc                  network.subr 
  MFC rev 1.3:
  date: 2005-12-24 06:27:47 -0800;  author: corecode;  state: Exp;  lines: +6 -4;
  MFFreeBSD rev 1.155 and 1.156:
  revision 1.156
  date: 2004-08-28 00:58:02 -0700;  author: yar;  state: Exp;  lines: +4 -3;
  Avoid double appearing of cloned interfaces in the output
  from list_net_interfaces() when network_interfaces=auto.
  Rationale: Since the auto case is special, the lesser evil
  had to be chosen among not adding cloned interfaces to
  _tmplist or removing duplicates from _tmplist after adding
  cloned interfaces.  Since list_net_interfaces() must not use
  /usr/bin tools, the former "evil" appeared clearer and much
  more efficient.  (See the PR audit trail for discussion.)
  PR:		conf/63700
  Reviewed by:	brooks
  MFC after:	5 days
  revision 1.155
  date: 2004-08-27 05:11:47 -0700;  author: yar;  state: Exp;  lines: +1 -1;
  Fix a typo in a variable name.
  Revision  Changes    Path   +6 -4      src/etc/network.subr


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