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Re: cvs commit: src/gnu/usr.bin/cvs Makefile.inc src/gnu/usr.bin/cvs/cvs parseinfo.c.patch root.c.patch src/gnu/usr.bin/cvs/lib Makefile config.h.proto save-cwd.c.patch

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 19:04:43 -0800 (PST)

:Simon Schubert wrote:
:>   Log:
:>   Switch to cvs-1.12.13
:Seems that i suddenly have problems with ssh+compression with this cvs 
:cvs -d localhost:/home/dcvs -z1 co -d cvs src/gnu/usr.bin/cvs
:hangs after cvs/lib/Makefile, but with -z0 it works.  very weird.  sorry 
:for that broken import.
:can we fix that or should i back it out?
:   simon

    Hmm.  Lets see if we can avoid backing it out, perhaps by restoring
    the original src/gnu/usr.bin/cvs non-contrib hierarcy and patches
    under a different name and then simply changing the higher level
    Makefile to point to the old version.  Then you can work on getting
    the new version operational without a lot of trouble and the final
    switch can be accomplished with the flick of a switch (one line
    Makefile edit).

    We are quickly approaching the next release.  We shouldn't do anything
    major from this day until we roll the new branch (probably a week 
    or so).

					Matthew Dillon 

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