DragonFly bugs List (threaded) for 2009-05
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DragonFly bugs List (threaded) for 2009-05
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Re: kernel modules installed in wrong place?

From: YONETANI Tomokazu <qhwt+dfly@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 08:39:10 +0900

On Sat, May 23, 2009 at 11:47:36AM -0700, walt wrote:
> I just pulled from the git mirror at theshell.com and built world,
> and also kernel -- but using the old-style method of running 'config'
> from /usr/src/sys/config and then compiling in the sys/compile directory.
> The building went fine, but the 'install' target put the kernel modules
> in / instead of /boot/modules. (The old modules did, however, go in the
> /boot/modules.old directory.)

I guess you haven't updated the system (other than the source tree and the
kernel) since February, or you're doing it on DragonFly 2.0.x-RELEASE .
If one of them is the case, either installing those files first (which is
usually done by installworld), or explicitly specifying the location of
these files in the source tree on the command line should help.

  make -m /usr/src/share/mk install
or to install just modules
  make -m /usr/src/share/mk modules-install

The commits 663216ba and 3b25fbd4 have moved some variables which affect
installing kernel modules into /sys/conf, so you need to have newer *.mk
files installed under /usr/share/mk, or explicitly tell make command to
use /usr/src/share/mk.

> Is the old method still supported, BTW?  It's been working well for me
> until today's update.

Yes, but sometimes you need to take care of a few special things,
usually done by the installkernel target.


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