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Re: Undefined reference to 'select()'

From: walt <wa1ter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 04:10:16 -0700

On Fri, 16 Jun 2006, Matthew Dillon wrote:

> :...
> :>
> :> Firefox, fam, and musicbrainz are three examples and I thinks there are
> :> others as well.
> :>
> :> select() is defined in libc, and I can see with ktrace that the linker
> :> finds libc okay -- but it can't find 'select'.
> :>
> :> Anyone else seeing this?

> :There was some changes to select recently but I can't find the commit-
> :message, however I've found Alexey Slynko's mail to submit which you can
> :read here:
> :http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/mailarchive/submit/2006-06/msg00003.html
> :
> :Make sure you have the latest version of the sources and try again, you
> :might have updated at a bad moment.
> :
> :--
> :Erik Wikström

>     This happened to me too a few days ago.  I think it was due to the
>     sys/selinfo.h / unistd.h changes.  I did a followup commit a couple of
>     days ago to try to fix it by changing the way prototypes were
>     conditionalized.

I just cvsup'd again and deleted /usr/obj and rebuilt world and kernel
and then I even deleted /usr/include/* and reinstalled the headers --
and I still get the undefined select() error  :o(

Erik and Matt, have you tried building the sysutils/fam package in the
last two days?  I pick that package because it fails after only a minute
or two -- no waiting :o)

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