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1.4 Installation Quirks

From: nida@xxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 22:08:53 -0500


I'm not sure if this belongs here, on kernel, or elsewhere.  If it's not here
please let me know, and I'll move it over to the right place.

I just got done installing the 1.4 release on my LabThug server.  For the most
part, it went smoothly.  However, there were a few quirks I came across that I
figured should be posted for others to read.  I also did not see them mentioned
in the errata.

1)  The password fields for root and other users generate an error message if
the user enters any of the following characters:


However, all of these characters can be used by passwd and can be used to
authenticate a user at the login prompt.  I verified this by entering the above
characters (in the above order) for a dummy account and then logging in using
that account's credentials.

2)  Installing / Removing the additional software generates an error because the
pkg_* files are not where the installer believes them to be.  These commands
either fail with 127 (when the pkg_* apps are called directly) and/or 1 (when
/usr/sbin/chroot is called first).  When viewing the log, the error is always
"no such file or directory."  I believe the problem is due to the fact the
commands being run are /usr/sbin/pkg_* instead of /usr/pkg/sbin/pkg_*, where
the applications really reside.

3) the /usr/pkg/{bin|sbin} directories are not put into the path for newly
created users.  These directories do not appear to be in the /usr/share/skel
files either.  These directories do appear in root's files.

The good news is that I could work-around all these problems and my LabThug
server is now running 1.4 :-).  I'm going to start adding the pkgsrc versions
of the 3rd-party applications I use and will report back any problems in that
process (and cc tech-pkg right?).



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