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Problems with clock on 1.1-CURRENT

From: "Freddie Cash" <fcash-ml@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 11:32:11 -0700 (PDT)

I'm seeing this issue on two different laptops, at various different
times after a boot.

I've installed 1.0 via the 1.0a installer CD.  CVSup'd to the latest
sources yesterday afternoon.  Everything works nicely except for one
major problem:  under a "heady load", the clock will go crazy (30
seconds on the laptop is less than 1 second on the wall clock) and
processes will go into hyperspeed.  "Heavy load" is compiling the
world (P166) or loading KDE (Celeron).  Once the clock goes crazy, the
laptops are useless and must be rebooted to reset the clock.

I've had this problem on a Pentium 166 MMX laptop with 80 GB RAM and a
2.1 GB HD (pre-1.0) and on a Celeron 1 GHz laptop with 256 MB RAM and
a 20 GB HD (1.1-CURRENT).  This problem occurs with ACPI enabled and

Not sure what other info is needed.  Let me know what would be
relevant and I'll post it.

Freddie Cash, CCNT CCLP        Helpdesk / Network Support Tech.
School District 73             (250) 377-HELP [377-4357]
fcash@xxxxxxxxxx               helpdesk@xxxxxxxxxx

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