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Re: can't use trackpoint under Dragonfly

From: Johannes Hofmann <Johannes.Hofmann@xxxxxx>
Date: 18 Jul 2004 20:55:43 GMT

The trackpoint works fine here on a T42p. 
Did you enable moused in /etc/rc.conf?
I also switched off the touchpad in the BIOS, though I don't think it is


Johannes.Stiegler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> After having cleared my first problem i'll send the next one.
> As i'm using an IBM thinkpad and i want to use X i trying to set up my 
> trackpoint. There aren't any problems under other BSDs and i think there wasn't 
> a problem when using Dragonfly installed over FreeBSD 4.10, but with the Release 
> i'm not able to use the trackpoint. First i tried to run X.org from ftp.
> fortunity.net, but this doesn't work for me (just the trackpoint didn't). Then i 
> tried to install the XFree86 package,  but the trackpoint is still not working.
> Hope you can help me.
> Johannes
> (if these questions are wrong in bugs and belong rather to the kernel list 
> please tell me)

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