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Re: kernel trap 12

From: Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai <asmodai@xxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 12:21:17 +0200

-On [20040717 20:02], Matthew Dillon (dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>    Try this patch to add more debugging info, then track the addresses 
>    that are printed just before the panic down via a 'nm -n' of your
>    kernel.debug.

driverlink has an address which matches nothing (even after stripping part
of the address at the end).

driver has 0xc039a048, which is per a nm -n kernel.debug | grep c039a048

c0399e80 D isa_add_config_desc
c0399e88 D isa_set_config_callback_desc
c0399e90 D isa_pnp_probe_desc
c0399ea0 D M_ISADEV
c0399f58 d M_ISADEV_init_sys_init
c0399f68 d M_ISADEV_uninit_sys_uninit
c0399f78 d isa_methods
c039a048 d isa_driver
c039a060 d isa_isab_driver_mod
c039a074 d isa_isab_mod
c039a080 d _mod_metadata_md_isa_isab
c039a090 d isa_isabmodule_sys_init
c039a0a0 d isa_nexus_driver_mod
c039a0b4 d isa_nexus_mod
c039a0c0 d _mod_metadata_md_isa_nexus
c039a0d0 d isa_nexusmodule_sys_init
c039a0e0 d buf.483
c039a0e8 d isahint_methods
c039a0f8 d isahint_driver
c039a110 d isahint_isa_driver_mod
c039a124 d isahint_isa_mod
c039a130 d _mod_metadata_md_isahint_isa
c039a140 d isahint_isamodule_sys_init

>    It looks like one of the drivers must have an unspecified identify
>    function.  Since there is no default in device_if.m it will crash.

This is my kernel config:

machine         i386
cpu             I686_CPU
ident           PURGATORY
maxusers        0
makeoptions     DEBUG=-g                #Build kernel with gdb(1) debug symbols
options         HZ=1000
options         INET                    #InterNETworking
options         INET6                   #IPv6 communications protocols
options         FFS                     #Berkeley Fast Filesystem
options         FFS_ROOT                #FFS usable as root device [keep this!]
options         SOFTUPDATES             #Enable FFS soft updates support
options         UFS_DIRHASH             #Improve performance on big
options         MFS                     #Memory Filesystem
options         NFS                     #Network Filesystem
options         MSDOSFS                 #MSDOS Filesystem
options         CD9660                  #ISO 9660 Filesystem
options         PROCFS                  #Process filesystem
options         COMPAT_43               #Compatible with BSD 4.3 [KEEP THIS!]
options         SCSI_DELAY=15000        #Delay (in ms) before probing SCSI
options         UCONSOLE                #Allow users to grab the console
options         USERCONFIG              #boot -c editor
options         VISUAL_USERCONFIG       #visual boot -c editor
options         KTRACE                  #ktrace(1) support
options         SYSVSHM                 #SYSV-style shared memory
options         SYSVMSG                 #SYSV-style message queues
options         SYSVSEM                 #SYSV-style semaphores
options         P1003_1B                #Posix P1003_1B real-time extensions
options         ICMP_BANDLIM            #Rate limit bad replies
options         KBD_INSTALL_CDEV        # install a CDEV entry in /dev
options         DDB
options         INVARIANTS
options         INVARIANT_SUPPORT
options         RANDOM_IP_ID
device          isa
device          pci
device          smbus
device          smb
device          fdc0    at isa? port IO_FD1 irq 6 drq 2
device          fd0     at fdc0 drive 0
device          ata0    at isa? port IO_WD1 irq 14
device          ata1    at isa? port IO_WD2 irq 15
device          ata
device          atadisk                 # ATA disk drives
device          atapicd                 # ATAPI CDROM drives
device          atapifd                 # ATAPI floppy drives
options         ATA_STATIC_ID           #Static device numbering
device          atapicam        # SCSI emulation layer
device          scbus           # SCSI bus (required)
device          cd              # CD
device          pass            # Passthrough device (direct SCSI access)
device          atkbdc0 at isa? port IO_KBD
device          atkbd0  at atkbdc? irq 1 flags 0x1
device          psm0    at atkbdc? irq 12
device          vga0    at isa?
device          sc0     at isa? flags 0x100
device          agp             # support several AGP chipsets
device          radeondrm
options         DRM_DEBUG
options         BUS_DEBUG
device          npx0    at nexus? port IO_NPX irq 13
device          sio0    at isa? port IO_COM1 flags 0x10 irq 4
device          sio1    at isa? port IO_COM2 irq 3
device          ppc0    at isa? irq 7
device          ppbus           # Parallel port bus (required)
device          lpt             # Printer
device          ppi             # Parallel port interface device
device          vpo             # Requires scbus and da
device          miibus          # MII bus support
device          fxp             # Intel EtherExpress PRO/100B (82557, 82558)
device          rl              # RealTek 8129/8139
device          xl              # 3Com 3c90x (``Boomerang'', ``Cyclone'')
pseudo-device   loop            # Network loopback
pseudo-device   ether           # Ethernet support
pseudo-device   tun             # Packet tunnel.
pseudo-device   pty             # Pseudo-ttys (telnet etc)
pseudo-device   md              # Memory "disks"
pseudo-device   gif             # IPv6 and IPv4 tunneling
pseudo-device   faith   1       # IPv6-to-IPv4 relaying (translation)
pseudo-device   bpf             #Berkeley packet filter
pseudo-device   vn
device          pcm
device          ohci            # OHCI PCI->USB interface
device          ehci            # EHCI PCI->USB interface
device          usb             # USB Bus (required)
device          ugen            # Generic
device          uhid            # "Human Interface Devices"
device          ukbd            # Keyboard
device          ulpt            # Printer
device          umass           # Disks/Mass storage - Requires scbus and da
device          ums             # Mouse
device          uscanner        # Scanners
device          firewire        # FireWire bus code
device          sbp             # SCSI over FireWire (Requires scbus and da)
device          fwe             # Ethernet over FireWire (non-standard!)

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