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WMAKE(1)               DragonFly General Commands Manual              WMAKE(1)


wmake -- build DragonFly source in a buildworld environment


wmake [options ...] target ...


The wmake script allows you to build any element within the DragonFly source tree using a buildworld environment. It is extremely useful for debugging or development work. Instead of having to restart the buildworld (even with -DNOCLEAN and -DNOTOOLS it can take a while) this script can be used to immediately build whatever piece of the world you are working on. The wmake utility will accept all options and arguments that make(1) accepts. To install things built with wmake, use: $ wmake install INSTALL=install DESTDIR=/


make(1), build(7) DragonFly 5.5 February 7, 2011 DragonFly 5.5

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