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KCOLLECT(8)	       DragonFly System Manager's Manual	   KCOLLECT(8)


kcollect -- extract kernel-collected statistics


kcollect [-o fields] [-b file] [-d file] [-r file] [-f] [-l] [-g] [-s] [-t time] [-G] [-W width] [-H height] [-w plotfile] [-x gnuplot_options]


The kcollect utility extracts regularly collected statistics accumulated by the kernel. The kernel typically keeps around 23 hours worth of sta- tistics. If no specific output option is specified, a human-readable text dump of the accumulated statistics will be output starting with the most recent collection and then going back in time. The following options are available: -o fields Indicate which fields to extract. If not specified, all avail- able fields are extracted. Unknown fields are ignored. Note that not all commands will filter based on the field list. You may specify space or comma-separated fieldnames. Whitespace is ignored. Use the -l option to get a list of available fields. -b file Dump the data to a dbm database, creating the database if neces- sary. Data is indexed by gmt time, which will be calculated from the ticks. Duplicate tuples are ignored. The database will retain data from prior runs. -d file Load the data from a dbm database instead of loading the active data from the current machine. -r file This will overwrite headers stored in the specified dbm database with the in-memory headers. This can be used to renormalize saved historical dbm files when machine specs change, or if the dbm is somehow missing the header fields. -g Generate gnuplot output for the data. -s Smooth plot output (only applicable to gnuplot). This may make it more readable. Data is smoothed using an exponential average over 10 samples (~100 seconds). -t time Specify the number of seconds worth of recent data to extract. The 'm', 'h', and 'd' suffixes can be used to specify the value in minutes, hours, or days. -x Generate gnuplot output for the data and pipe it to gnuplot for display to X11. -l List all available fields and the field format -f Dump available output then enter a 60-second sleep/collection loop to incrementally collect and output more data. If out- putting to gnuplot, the plot will be updated regularly. However, please note that this is fairly expensive since the plot data has to be completely re-sent to gnuplot on each update. -w plotfile Generate gnuplot output to a .png or .jpg file, depending on the extension of the filename you supply. -G Timestamps for text output will be in GMT instead of localtime. -W width -H height Set the width and height of the output plot for the plotfile or for X. The default is 512x512.




A kcollect utility appeared in DragonFly 4.9. DragonFly 5.5 July 29, 2017 DragonFly 5.5

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