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INITRD(7)         DragonFly Miscellaneous Information Manual         INITRD(7)


initrd -- initial ramdisk image as early userland


The initrd is a small initial ramdisk image that packs a minimal init(8), basic rc(8) scripts, and many other statically linked tools, such as various mount(8) utilities, lvm(8), cryptsetup(8), tcplay(8), as well as some networking tools. The initrd is a nice early userland and is required to help mount the root partition residing on an encrypted device or LVM. The statically linked tools are known as the ``rescue tools'' and shipped at /rescue. The inclusion of such rescue tools makes initrd can provide with a powerful rescue environment to fix severe problems, e.g., the root partition cannot be mounted. Users can also choose to boot into the rescue mode from the bootloader menu. The initrd is a md(4) image formatted with the UFS(5) filesystem. It is created by the ``initrd'' target of the build(7) framework, and is compressed and installed at /boot/kernel/initrd.img.gz. The following configurations should be added to /boot/loader.conf to make use of the initrd image: initrd.img_load="YES" initrd.img_type="md_image" vfs.root.mountfrom="ufs:md0s0" Then, the ``vfs.root.realroot'' kernel environment variable can be configured to specify how to mount the real root partition. Its general syntax is: vfs.root.realroot="<type>:[arg1[:arg2[:...]]]" Currently, the supported types of real root partition are: local, crypt, and tcplay. The local type allows to mount any local filesystem that does not require any special setup apart from the initial discovery and calling the mount(8) program. The general format is as follows: vfs.root.realroot="local:<FS-TYPE>:<DEVICE-PATH>[:<OPTIONS>]" The crypt and tcplay types allow to mount volumes supported by cryptsetup(8) and tcplay(8), respectively. The device will be set up after asking the user for the key, and this volume will then be mounted as the root. The general formats are as follows: vfs.root.realroot="crypt:<FS-TYPE>:<DEVICE-PATH>:<MAPPING-NAME>[:<OPTIONS>]" vfs.root.realroot="tcplay:<FS-TYPE>:<DEVICE-PATH>:<MAPPING-NAME>[:<OPTIONS>]"


/boot/kernel/initrd.img.gz Location of the compressed initrd image.


vfs.root.realroot="local:ufs:/dev/vg00/lv0[:OPTIONS]" vfs.root.realroot="crypt:ufs:/dev/ad0s0a:secvolume[:OPTIONS]" vfs.root.realroot="crypt:hammer2:/dev/serno/XXXXXX.s1d:root[:OPTIONS]"


md(4), loader.conf(5), build(7), cryptsetup(8), lvm(8), tcplay(8)


The initrd manual page first appeared in DragonFly 5.3.


The initrd manual page was written by Aaron LI <aly@aaronly.me>.


The initrd image occupies about 10-15 MB wired memory and cannot be freed after chrooting to the real root partition. DragonFly 5.3 June 2, 2018 DragonFly 5.3

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