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HIER(7)           DragonFly Miscellaneous Information Manual           HIER(7)


hier - layout of filesystems


A sketch of the filesystem hierarchy. / root directory of the filesystem /bin/ user utilities fundamental to both single-user and multi- user environments /boot/ programs and configuration files used during operating system bootstrap defaults/ default bootstrapping configuration files; see loader.conf(5) kernel/ pure kernel executable (the operating system loaded into memory at boot time) and loadable kernel modules; see kldstat(8) modules.local/ local loadable kernel modules and wrapped external firmware images; see firmware(9) /dev/ block and character device files fd/ file descriptor files; see fd(4) /etc/ system configuration files and scripts autofs/ shell scripts to implement special maps and directory services via autofs(5) bluetooth/ bluetooth configuration files calendar/ system-wide calendar(1) files defaults/ default system configuration files; see rc(8) devd/ hardware specific devd(8) configuration files dma/ dma(8) configuration files localtime local timezone information; see ctime(3) mail/ Sendmail control files mtree/ mtree configuration files; see mtree(8) pam.d/ configuration files for the Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) library periodic/ scripts that are run daily, weekly, and monthly, via cron(8); see periodic(8) ppp/ ppp configuration files; see ppp(8) rc.d/ System and daemon startup/control scripts; see rc(8) ssh/ OpenSSH configuration files; see ssh(1) ssl/ LibreSSL configuration files upgrade/ Files relevant to system upgrades /home/ HOME directories of non-root users /lib/ critical system libraries needed for binaries in /bin and /sbin /libexec/ critical system utilities needed for binaries in /bin and /sbin /mnt/ empty directory commonly used by system administrators as a temporary mount point /net/ automounted NFS shares; see auto_master(5) /pfs/ pseudo file system directory (on hammer(5) root file systems) /proc/ process file system; see procfs(5), mount_procfs(8) /rescue/ statically linked rescue tools, see initrd(7) /root/ root's HOME directory /sbin/ system programs and administration utilities fundamental to both single-user and multi-user environments /sys/ the kernel's source code (usually a symbolic link to /usr/src/sys) /tmp/ temporary files that are not guaranteed to persist across system reboots /usr/ contains the majority of user utilities and applications bin/ common utilities, programming tools, and applications dports/ The DragonFly dports(7) collection (optional). games/ useful and semi-frivolous programs include/ standard C include files arpa/ C include files for Internet service protocols bus/ C include files for programming various DragonFly buses c++/ C++ include files compat/ C include files for compatibility with code ported from other operating systems dev/ C include files for programming various DragonFly devices libprop/ C include files for libprop machine/ machine-specific C include files net/ misc network C include files netinet/ C include files for Internet standard protocols; see inet(4) netinet6/ C include files for Internet protocol version 6; see inet6(4) netsmb/ SMB/CIFS requester pcap/ Packet Capture (libpcap) headers; see pcap(3) protocols/ C include files for Berkeley service protocols readline/ get a line from a user, with editing; see readline(3) rpc/ remote procedure calls; see rpc(3) rpcsvc/ definition of RPC service structures; see rpc(3) security/ PAM; see pam(3) sys/ system C include files (kernel data structures) vfs/ C include files for various file systems vm/ virtual memory; see vmstat(8) lib/ archive libraries libdata/ misc. utility data files libexec/ system daemons & system utilities (executed by other programs) binutils227/ bfd-plugins/ linker plugins ldscripts/ linker scripts; see ld(1) binutils234/ bfd-plugins/ linker plugins ldscripts/ linker scripts; see ld(1) lpr/ utilities and filters for LP print system; see lpr(1) local/ local executables, libraries, etc. Also used as the default destination for the DragonFly dports(7) framework. Within local/, the general layout sketched out by hier for /usr should be used. Exceptions are the man directory (directly under local/ rather than under local/share/), ports documentation (in share/doc/<port>/), and /usr/local/etc (mimics /etc). obj/ architecture-specific target tree produced by building the /usr/src tree sbin/ system daemons & system utilities (executed by users) share/ architecture-independent files calendar/ a variety of pre-fab calendar files; see calendar(1) dict/ word lists; see look(1) web2 words from Webster's 2nd International words common words papers/ reference databases; see refer(1) doc/ miscellaneous documentation legal/ License files for vendor supplied firmware dsynth/ dsynth(1) scripts examples/ various examples for users and programmers games/ ASCII text files used by various games i18n/ internationalization databases; see iconv(3) info/ GNU Info hypertext system libg++/ libg++'s genclass prototype/template class files locale/ localization files; see setlocale(3) man/ manual pages misc/ misc system-wide ASCII text files termcap terminal characteristics database; see termcap(5) mk/ templates for make; see make(1) nls/ national language support files; see nls(7) sendmail/ sendmail configuration files; see sendmail(8) skel/ example . (dot) files for new accounts syscons/ files used by syscons(4) fonts/ console fonts; see vidcontrol(1) and vidfont(1) keymaps/ console keyboard maps; see kbdcontrol(1) and kbdmap(1) scrnmaps/ console screen maps tabset/ tab description files for a variety of terminals; used in the termcap file; see termcap(5) terminfo/ compiled terminfo(5) database files vi/ localization support and utilities for vi(1) zoneinfo/ timezone configuration information; see tzfile(5) src/ BSD, third-party, and/or local source files bin/ source code for files in /bin contrib/ source code for contributed software crypto/ source code for contributed cryptography software etc/ source code for files in /etc games/ source code for files in /usr/games gnu/ Utilities covered by the GNU General Public License include/ source code for files in /usr/include lib/ source code for files in /usr/lib libexec/ source code for files in /usr/libexec nrelease/ files required to produce a DragonFly release sbin/ source code for files in /sbin share/ source for files in /usr/share stand/ source code for files in /boot sys/ kernel source code tools/ tools used for maintenance and testing of DragonFly usr.bin/ source code for files in /usr/bin usr.sbin/ source code for files in /usr/sbin /var/ multi-purpose log, temporary, transient, and spool files account/ system accounting files acct execution accounting file; see acct(5) at/ timed command scheduling files; see at(1) jobs/ directory containing job files spool/ directory containing output spool files backups/ misc. backup files crash/ default directory to store kernel crash dumps; see crash(8) and savecore(8) cron/ files used by cron; see cron(8) tabs/ crontab files; see crontab(5) db/ misc. automatically generated system- specific database files empty/ empty directory used by sshd(8) for privilege separation games/ misc. game status and score files hammer/ per PFS (pseudo file system) snapshots directory for hammer(5) file systems log/ misc. system log files wtmpx login/logout log; see wtmpx(5) mail/ user mailbox files msgs/ system messages database; see msgs(1) preserve/ temporary home of files preserved after an accidental death of an editor; see ex(1) quotas/ filesystem quota information files run/ system information files describing various info about system since it was booted dhcpcd/ for storing files by dhcpcd(8) hooks ppp/ writable by the "network" group for command connection sockets; see ppp(8) resolvconf/ state directory for resolvconf(8) utmpx database of current users; see utmpx(5) sem/ rendez-vous files for POSIX named semaphores; see sem_open(3) shm/ files associated with POSIX shared memory objects; see shm_open(3) rwho/ rwho data files; see rwhod(8), rwho(1), and ruptime(1) spool/ misc. printer and mail system spooling directories dma/ undelivered mail queue; see dma(8) ftp/ commonly ~ftp; the anonymous ftp root directory mqueue/ undelivered mail queue; see sendmail(8) output/ line printer spooling directories tmp/ temporary files that are kept between system reboots vi.recover/ the directory where recovery files are stored yp/ the NIS maps


This manual page documents the default DragonFly filesystem layout, but the actual hierarchy on a given system is defined at the system administrator's discretion. A well-maintained installation will include a customized version of this document.


apropos(1), find(1), finger(1), grep(1), ls(1), whatis(1), whereis(1), which(1), fsck(8)


A hier manual page appeared in Version 7 AT&T UNIX. DragonFly 6.5-DEVELOPMENT February 19, 2023 DragonFly 6.5-DEVELOPMENT

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