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DSCHED(4)	      DragonFly Kernel Interfaces Manual	     DSCHED(4)


dsched -- kernel disk scheduler framework


The dsched framework implements a disk scheduler framework that can be used to switch disk scheduling policies at runtime for each disk in the system. The dsched framework and the policies for each disk can be man- aged via loader(8) tunables and via sysctl(8) variables.


Tunables can be set at the loader(8) prompt before booting the kernel or stored in loader.conf(5). dsched.policy.default This tunable sets the default policy used for every device that has no policy specified via any of the other tunables. dsched.policy.da0 This tunable sets the dsched policy for the disk da0. The default value is 0. dsched.policy.da This tunable sets the dsched policy for all disks created by the driver da(4).


dsched.debug set the debug-level, 0 means no debugging, 5 for maximum. dsched.policy.default shows and sets the current default dsched policy. dsched.policy.da0 shows and sets the current policy for the disk da0. dsched.policy.SN39A39 shows and sets the current policy for the disk with serial number SN39A39. The following are informative only: dsched.policies shows all available dsched policies, separated by spaces.


dsched_bfq(4), loader.conf(5), sysctl.conf(5), dsched(9)


The dsched framework first appeared in DragonFly 2.5.


The dsched framework was written by Alex Hornung. DragonFly 4.3 August 16, 2010 DragonFly 4.3

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