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DEVATTR(8)             DragonFly System Manager's Manual            DEVATTR(8)


devattr -- tool for displaying devices and their associated properties


devattr [-AhM] [-p property] [-d device] [-m key:value] [-r key:value]


The devattr tool is for displaying a list of devices and some associated properties such as their name. This tool exposes the same functionality provided by the devattr(3) library, namely the filtering capabilities offered. The options are as follows: -A Excludes aliases from the listing. -h Displays a help message. -M Continue monitoring after initial scan. Program continues monitoring for changes and does not exit until killed. -p Only display the specified property. This can be can be specified multiple times and combined with all other options. -d Only display devices with name device. When used with -p, only the specified properties of device are listed. Can be specified multiple times. Allows wildcards. -m Only display devices whose property key matches with wildcards value value unless the key-value pair starts with ~, in which case the match is inverted. Stacks with -p, -d, -m. Can be specified multiple times. -r Behaves similarly to -m, but matches with regex.


List all devices named 'pts/0': devattr -d pts/0 List all devices whose major number is 64: devattr -m major:64 List all devices whose name is 'pts/0' and major number is not 64: devattr -d pts/0 -m ~major:64


devattr(3), udevd(8)


The devattr command appeared in DragonFly 2.9.


Nolan Lum DragonFly 4.5 September 29, 2016 DragonFly 4.5

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