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XPolygonRegion(3)               XLIB FUNCTIONS               XPolygonRegion(3)


XPolygonRegion, XClipBox - generate regions


Region XPolygonRegion(XPoint points[], int n, int fill_rule); int XClipBox(Region r, XRectangle *rect_return);


fill_rule Specifies the fill-rule you want to set for the specified GC. You can pass EvenOddRule or WindingRule. n Specifies the number of points in the polygon. points Specifies an array of points. r Specifies the region. rect_return Returns the smallest enclosing rectangle.


The XPolygonRegion function returns a region for the polygon defined by the points array. For an explanation of fill_rule, see XCreateGC. The XClipBox function returns the smallest rectangle enclosing the specified region.


XCreateGC(3), XDrawPoint(3), XDrawRectangle(3) Xlib - C Language X Interface X Version 11 libX11 1.8.6 XPolygonRegion(3)

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