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XSetScreenSaver(3)              XLIB FUNCTIONS              XSetScreenSaver(3)


XSetScreenSaver, XForceScreenSaver, XActivateScreenSaver, XResetScreenSaver, XGetScreenSaver - manipulate the screen saver


int XSetScreenSaver(Display *display, int timeout, int interval, int prefer_blanking, int allow_exposures); int XForceScreenSaver(Display *display, int mode); int XActivateScreenSaver(Display *display); int XResetScreenSaver(Display *display); int XGetScreenSaver(Display *display, int *timeout_return, int *interval_return, int *prefer_blanking_return, int *allow_exposures_return);


allow_exposures Specifies the screen save control values. You can pass DontAllowExposures, AllowExposures, or DefaultExposures. allow_exposures_return Returns the current screen save control value (DontAllowExposures, AllowExposures, or DefaultExposures). display Specifies the connection to the X server. interval Specifies the interval, in seconds, between screen saver alterations. interval_return Returns the interval between screen saver invocations. mode Specifies the mode that is to be applied. You can pass ScreenSaverActive or ScreenSaverReset. prefer_blanking Specifies how to enable screen blanking. You can pass DontPreferBlanking, PreferBlanking, or DefaultBlanking. prefer_blanking_return Returns the current screen blanking preference (DontPreferBlanking, PreferBlanking, or DefaultBlanking). timeout Specifies the timeout, in seconds, until the screen saver turns on. timeout_return Returns the timeout, in seconds, until the screen saver turns on.


Timeout and interval are specified in seconds. A timeout of 0 disables the screen saver (but an activated screen saver is not deactivated), and a timeout of -1 restores the default. Other negative values generate a BadValue error. If the timeout value is nonzero, XSetScreenSaver X Version 11 libX11 1.7.2 XSetScreenSaver(3)

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